Dec 27, 2008

Alvaro Onieva in "Monster"

Onieva filmato l'estate scorsa e Fuerte.

Alvaro Onieva - Monster from Kitemovement on Vimeo.

Cabrinha Rival 2009

Nuova tavola da Cabrinha; primissima immagine:

Sub-freezing kiteboarding

Sub-freezing kiteboarding 2. Latvia. Lilaste. from drande on Vimeo.

Dec 24, 2008

Tanti Auguri da Kitesurfing blog!!

GIN 2009

Nuovi kite per la GIN: lo Zulu 09 e' uno sle quattro cavi per wave style e freeride; lo Nazca e' un C kite puro con 5 cavo strutturale per gli amanti del wakestyle!! Primissime foto in esclusiva:

Dec 22, 2008

Surf Wave Pool Japan (off topic ma merita)

PKRA to meet with IKA in January 2009

The Professional Kiteboard Riders Association (PKRA) formally requested a meeting today with the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) through its Executive Secretary Markus Schwendtner to have face to face discussions regarding several issues that the PKRA and IKA have raised since IKA’s formal recognition by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).

PKRA Tour Manager Mauricio Toscano said in his letter to Schwendtner that, “the point I wanted to get across was about the PKRA’s reputation for having some of the highest quality kiteboarding events and competition levels in the kiteboarding world. This has come about because the PKRA, from the beginning, has created its freestyle rules and regulations by the riders themselves. This has developed and progressed the sport in a direction that the riders believe to be the best for competition. Therefore the Freestyle judging has been developed to reward the hardest, most difficult maneuvers, based on the riders’ beliefs. The level has become increasingly complicated, to the extent, that it takes a panel of professional judges to identify every maneuver and grade it correctly. The PKRA has formed such a professional body of judges, and periodically holds judge’s clinics and rider’s meetings to improve on the overall system. Unfortunately, other organizations have not done the same and that is why we feel that best professional riders choose to compete exclusively on the PKRA tour and at its events.”

While the PKRA has remained silent since the IKA was given recognition by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), the PKRA has been weighing and investigating all possible aspects of this development prior to releasing any statements. PKRA has been in constant communication with Schwendtner regarding its position in joining the IKA and where it stands with ISAF but current developments call for more elaborate talks.

PKRA feels that IKA’s approach of unifying the competitive sport of kiteboarding, although an ambitious undertaking, could be a step in the right direction to help grow the sport. However, there are still many challenges that need to be addressed.

“It is also very unfortunate that an organization such as the IKA is reverting to use threatening and strong arm tactics to rush or force the PKRA to join the IKA as evidenced by the open letter published by IKA on some websites, hence we need to establish a face to face meeting with the IKA authorities,” reiterated Toscano.

The PKRA will release further information should the IKA accept the request for a meeting in January, at which time the PKRA will also release its proposed 2009 schedule for the World Tour.

[Source: PKRA]

Dec 18, 2008

Kitewave intro

Revolt 2

F One presenta il Revolt 2:

Disponibile primo semestre 2009.

New hadlow pro 5.5 mq

The 5.5m is a new size for the 2009 signature model. It’s been designed for lighter riders and for pro-kids, it also excels in big winds and in the waves for experienced adult riders.

Dec 16, 2008

Pulido ritorna ad Airush

La neo campionessa PKRA Gisela Pulido, ha firmato con Airush per il 2009, ovvero la brand con la quale aveva iniziato la sua carriera professionistica nel mondo del kitesurf partecipando ai mondiali KPWT. Utilizzerà molto probabilmente gli C kite Generator, anche se tutti siamo profondamente convinti che davvero non sono i materiali a fare la differenza per la giovane spagnolina.

Dec 10, 2008

Brunotti Boards Movie 2009

Brunotti Boards 2009 from Hanglos NL on Vimeo.

How to do: 720 to blind M.Bloomvall

Wave Cam Peter P. Waveriding in Sud Africa

German and Italian kitesurfing federations join the IKA

The German Kitesurf Association (GKA) and the Federazione Kitesurf Italiana (FKI) have become the first national affiliated members to the IKA.

Intention of national affiliated membership is to build a strong base of national associations taking care of the development in their respective countries.

A national associations sub-committee is currently set up to discuss development if international rules etc.

The number of national associations joining the International Kiteboarding Class Association is growing, and all national associations are invited to join in, to get their national events included into the world ranking and to become member of the nation associations sub-committee to give further input for the development of the class.

[Source: IKA]

Hadlow megaloop in South Africa

Dec 9, 2008

Kiteloose 2009

Ufficializzato il Record di Velocità

The International Sailing Federation - ISAF - that they will support a decision by the WSSRC to ratify a claim for the Outright World Sailing Speed Record by a Kite-board.

In accordance with this, the WSSRC announces the ratification of a new Outright World Record:

Record: Outright World Sailing Speed Record.
Board: Fone Prototype Speed. Fone Bandit Dos Speed 7sq m kite.
Name: Alexandre Caizergues. FRA
Dates: 4th October 2008.
Start time: 15:35:00.84
Finish time: 15:35:20.06
Elapsed time: 19.22
Distance: 501m
Current: 0.1kts
Average speed: 50.57kts
Venue: Luderitz, Namibia.

Previous record: 2008. Sebastien Cattelan. 50.26 kts

John Reed
Secretary to the WSSR Council

"Zero Conduct" by Alvaro Onieva

Dec 2, 2008

How to do: KGB

by Leander Vyvey

IKA and KPWT enter broad cooperation agreement

IKA e KPWT insieme per il 2009

"The International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) and the Kiteboard Pro World Tour (KPWT) today announced that they have entered a long term cooperation. All events of the KPWT tour will be sanctioned by the IKA and count towards the first officially ISAF sanctioned world championship title.

“This agreement launches a new era of kiteboarding – a significant step forward in the development of the sport in general and unified rules and rankings in particular” said Markus Schwendtner, Executive Secretary of the IKA, which has recently become an ISAF international class.

“We are happy to work together with the KPWT, the first professional kiteboarding tour, and especially with Frederic Gravoille, who brought up competition kiteboarding about ten years ago.” Schwendtner continues.

“Our organizations complement each other in a perfect way, with our experience over the past years and the IKAs connection to the international sailing community we are sure to be able to properly develop both rules and disciplines, lift kiteboarding to the next level and gain reputation. We have been working on building up kiteboarding since 1998, and it is a great opportunity for us to become our tour officially sanctioned by IKA and ISAF. This is a big step for kiteboarding and the KPWT, 2009 will see a very exciting series for the World Championship Title,” Frederic Gravoille, tour manager of the KPWT states.

The agreement includes the sanction of the KPWT tour events as well as the development of world wide unifed rules and ranking systems. The IKAs intention is to unify the international kiteboarding community under the well respected umbrella of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), which officially approved a kiteboarding world championship title for the first time in 2009.

Details about the upcoming rules and ranking system for 2009 are expected to be published in the next weeks, as well as the schedule for the 2009 world cup."

[Source: IKA]

Hawaii North shore sessions: 8ft rock piles

[source: LF TV]

Dec 1, 2008

Kite Maintenance : 10 tips

10 regole per la cura del vostro kite by

"There are always questions going around on how to care for your kite. Whilst caring for your kite involves very little maintenance, following a few simple guidelines will increase the longevity of your kite.

1. Sand. The number one enemy. Before packing down your kite, be sure to wipe off all the sand from your kite. Sand causes abrasive wear on kite materials and can result in worn through kite cloth.

2. Don't pack down a wet kite. Washing your kite isn't really that necessary - but if you do decide to wash your kite every now and then make sure your kite dries properly before packing it down. Packing down a wet kite can cause mildew and smelly odors, and in some cases even cause the colors to run.

3. Rig and pump up on the beach. Walking towards the beach from a soft lawn usually means you'll encounter tar, lamp poles, dustbins and walkways on the way to the beach - all posing a threat to your kite. Kite lines snag around poles, kites scrape on tar - this all adds up to unnecessary hard wear on your kite. Rigging on the beach will keep your kite in much better shape in the long run.

4. Avoid Self Launching. Self launching on bows and C shape kites add a lot of wear to your kite in the long run. Each time you self launch your kite, contact is being made when your kite briefly scrapes along the surface of the beach.

5. Kite pump. When packing down your kite pump, remove the hose and store it seperately. Storing the hose with the pump normally puts the hose at risk from bending and forming holes on the bend, causing a leaky hose.

6. Bar and lines. Keep your lines knot free, and wash your bar in fresh water after each session. A knot in a line weakens the line by more than 50% and puts you at risk for a line break. Washing your bar in fresh water prevents the salt water from eroding your lines.

7. Avoid bladder twists. Make sure your kite is laid out flat before you start pumping up. Letting your kite unroll itself while you pump up is a bad habit as this causes bladder twists to form in your leading edge.

Also make sure to not put the pump nozzle too far down your kite valves as this stretches the valves.

8. Use your kite bag. Don't store or transport your kite without its bag, especially when it's in your car. Board fins and any other objects easily pierce through kite material. Use your bag to keep your kite at bay from sharp objects.

9. Waves. If you drop your kite in the waves, let go of your kite. If you don't the waves will stretch your material, and if the wave is big enough it will tear your kite. As long as you put tension between yourself and the kite there is a good chance that the wave will tear your kite - let go and enjoy the swim.

10. Sun and wind. Don't ever leave your kite flapping in the wind, and don't leave it in the sun. Too much sun causes your kite to become brittle and loose its color, whilst a flapping kite causes surface fatigue.

Following these 10 simple tasks will help you keep your kite in better shape for longer."

The Wizards of Oz

The Wizards of Oz from Flysurfer Kiteboarding on Vimeo.

Fun in the Snow

Epic Kiteboarding Mag n.1

Ocean Rodeo 2009 presentation video

2009 Ocean Rodeo Rise Venturi and Zen 129x39 Jeremie Tronet Pro board from Ocean Rodeo on Vimeo.

Nov 26, 2008

Trailer Stance DVD 34

Hoe to do: Nosepress bs 180

...sempre Dre ci spiega come far il Nosepress backside 180:


Nov 25, 2008


click for larger version

Ozone 09 nuove foto

Altre foto dettagliate sui nuovi kites di Ozone a questo LINK

Nov 23, 2008

Kitesurf Wallpaper

Tanti wallpaper per il nostro cpu disponibili nella pagina dedicata di Kiteworld Magazine.

Nov 21, 2008

il kitesurf riconosciuto a livello mondiale??!! Sembra di si...

Sembra che le intenzioni ci siano, leggetevi questo articolo:

For the first time in history, the 2009 kiteboarding world championship title will be sanctioned by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). This became possible by approving the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) as official class association during the quadrenual ISAF general meeting in Madrid last week. From now on, Kiteboarding is on par with other parts of international sailing as the “Volvo Ocean Race” or the “Americas Cup”

To Markus Schwendtner, executive secretary of the IKA, this is an important step towards the positive development of this young sport: “Giving the world championship rights to the IKA clarifies the structures in international kiteboarding and ensures same reglementation for national and international kiteboarding competitions. It has now become possible to compete under consistant and recognized rules. Thereby the sport becomes more attractive and transparent to athletes, spectators and the media”. In the past, international kiteboarding competition took mainly place within two private world tours. Thus there have been two world champions, elected by different sets of rules.

The world wide unified rulebook used by the IKA paves the way for a global world ranking with one conjoined world champion. The ranking is intended to include the present world tours, independent organisers and national events. “National competitions become more important, because active sailors can collect valuable points for the world ranking already on a national level. Furthermore, access to the formula one of kiteboarding becomes accessible for a broader base of sailors”, illustrates Thilo Trefz, organiser of the German “Kitesurf-Trophy”.

The international kiteboarding scene welcomes the development as well as event organizers around the world, where the approval of the IKA earns positive feedback: “St Francis is very interested in hosting the course racing world championship and have a place holder on our 2009 schedule for a major kite event.” says John Craig, race manager of the renowned St. Francis Yacht Clubs of San Francisco.

The IKA is now looking forward to start negotiations towards a worldwide coordinated regatta schedule 2009. For this purpose the IKA invites all promoters, organisers and associations to cooperate.


Nov 20, 2008

trailer from "Bagus Indonesia"

Road trip in differents islands of Indonesia for a quest of the perfect wave and the most beautiful footage.
Riders :
Tuva Jansen - Bertrand Fleury - Guilly Brandão
Etienne Lhote - Marc Ramseier - Harold Quinquis
Guest : Robby NAISH

BAGUS INDONESIA - shot on RED - 120 fps from Ne3ko on Vimeo.

Kevin Langeree in Brazil and Chile

Wainman Hawaii video: Slacker

Wainman Hawaii - Slacker from Eric Rienstra on Vimeo.

Balance 2009

The new models will be available in 4 sizes:
130×38,5 - recommended for lighter riders and girls (40 to 65 kgs)
133×39 - For riders with weight between 65 and 80 kgs
135×39,5 Onieva - The version for heavier riders(70 to 90kgs) and wider stance (40-44-48cms) recommended for lighter riders and girls (40 to 65 kgs)
137×40 Petr: This model will have wider stances (42-46-50cm) and will be perfect for the hardcore frestylers.

Nov 18, 2008

I colori del Fuel

Visto che come tutti gli anni Slingshot non ha un campionario di colori ben precisi per i suoi kites, su c'è un topic dove gli utenti pubblicano tutte le cromatiche viste ed esistenti dei Fuel 2009. Ecco il link:

Kite con l'orca

Un incontro un pò particolare quello che ha avuto "Matt" a Raglan, NZ, sabato scorso:

QUI l'articolo completo.

Nov 17, 2008

Anemometro fai da te

Tipicamente un anemometro non costa meno di 50 €, ma se non avete molte pretese potete sempre provare a costruirvene uno con una spesa di circa 10 €.

Tutto quello che vi occorre è un computer da bicicletta, nei supermercati si trovano per meno di 10 €, 2 o 3 palline da ping pong, dei bastoncini, un tubetto di plastica, un tappo, colla e silicone.

Per sapere come montare questi pezzi seguite le istruzioni QUI

Jay Factory: un rivoluzionario gancio

Melon S Mobe: il manovrone

Nice Kiteboarding

Giovane azienda prodruttrice di Pads, Straps e bindings per kitesurf. Date un'occhiata al loro sito

Debile Pictures video 2008...

Il video di questa simpatica Crew..

this is debile pictures video 2008... from Benoit Paillard on Vimeo.

Vari Kites: Coming soon

Aggiornamenti per il marchio VARIKITES; adesso scaricabile un minicatalogo in PDF dal sito ufficiale:

Big air

Un estratto dal DVD "Close Up":

North: il kite da scuola Buzz

Nov 15, 2008

How to do: MOBE

Sul sito 2009 di Cabrinha è stata da poco aggiunto una interessante sezione dedicata ai trick; qui Andre Phillip ci spiega il Mobe.

Nov 14, 2008

North Race LTD

Sembra finalmente essere disponibile la tavola da race di North, per gli amanti delle Long Distance o per chi cerca la planata con 7 nodi..

Il quadro da mettere in sala!

Kiteboarding Waves video

Video di wave niente male, ma spicca per il suo "punto di ripresa"...

Nov 13, 2008

Prolimit Hadlow 09

Il trapezio dedicato al 5 volte campione del mondo PKRA Hadlow

Ozone 2009 Instinct Kites

Ozone Instinct 2009 Kites are due for release in January!

The 2009 model Ozone Instincts continue with the same naming structure as 2007 and 2008, with an Ozone Instinct Light, Sport and Edge.
Bringing the whole Ozone range in line with similar artwork and designs the Ozone 2009 kitesurfing kites will share similar graphics to the 2009 Snowkites and the new Ozone Yakuza GT .

The kites will feature a new tip profile aiming to achieve a greater direct feel to the kite through the bar. The bar system is getting another upgrade, still retaining the moulded Ozone chicken loop it will now have a through the bar flag out safety system.

[Source: extremekites]

Nov 12, 2008

Slider park crashes

...anche sulla neve non scherzano però:

KPWT Overall rsults


The Kiteboard Pro World Tour 2008 has come to an end yesterday on the beautiful beach of Essaouira. After a year travelling around the world, 7 events, 5 disciplines, more than 100 riders taking part of the Tour and 190000€ prize money in total , the whole caravan of the Tour deserves some time off before next year.

For his 10 year Anniversary, the KPWT had a great season with the arrival of new kiteboarding stars. Congratulations to our 2008 KPWT Overall World Champions Jesse RICHMAN from Hawaii and Ania GRZELINSKA from Poland. They are new comers on the Tour and they really made the sport improve a lot in terms of style and performance.

Many thanks to our sponsors, our local organizers and all the riders who follow the Kiteboard Pro World Tour.

Some surprises and new venues are planned for the future. So get connected and follow the news of the Kiteboard Pro World Tour!




2008 Men Overall World Champion.jpg

1. Jesse RICHMAN (US) – Cabrinha
2. Abel LAGO (SPA) – RRD
3. Antoine AURIOL (FRA) – Kiteloose
4. Leander VYVEY (BEL) – JN-Kites


2008 Women Overall World Champion.jpg

1. Ania GRZELINSKA (POL) – North Kiteboarding
2. Kristin BOESE (GER) – Best Kiteboarding
3. Ainhoa GARCIA (SPA) – Airush
4. Kari SCHIBEVAAG (NOR) - Ozone



2008 Men Junior World Champion.jpg

1. Jesse RICHMAN (US) – Cabrinha
2. Erik VOLPE (ITA) – Challenger
3. Blazek OZOG (POL) – North Kiteboarding
4. Ariel CORNIEL (RD) – EH


2008 Men Freestyle World Champion.jpg

1. Jesse RICHMAN (US) – Cabrinha
2. Leander VYVEY (BEL) – JN-Kites
3. Antoine AURIOL (FRA) – Kiteloose
4. Vincent TIGER (FRA) – F-One


2008 Women Freestyle World Champion.jpg

1. Ania GRZELINSKA (POL) – North Kiteboarding
2. Ainhoa GARCIA (SPA) - Airush
3. Kristin BOESE (GER) – Best Kiteboarding
4. Marine SUDRE (AUS) – Cabrinha



2008 Men Wave Masters World Champion.jpg

1. Mitu MONTEIRO (CV) – F-One
2. Abel LAGO (SPA) – RRD
3. Jan Marcos RIVERAS (RD) – Starkites
4. Jesse RICHMAN (US) – Cabrinha


2008 Women Wave Masters World champion.jpg

1. Kirsty JONES (UK) – Flexifoil
2. Ania GRZELINSKA (POL) – North Kiteboarding
3. Kari SCHIBEVAAG (NOR) – Ozone
4. Ainhoa GARCIA (SPA) - Airush



2008 Men Course Racing World Champion.jpg

1. Jesse RICHMAN (US) – Cabrinha
2. Abel LAGO (SPA) – RRD
3. Antoine AURIOL (FRA) – Kiteloose
4. Erik VOLPE (ITA) – Challenger


2008 Women Course Racing World Champion.jpg

1. Kristin BOESE (GER) – Best Kiteboarding
2. Ania GRZELINSKA (POL) – North Kiteboarding
3. Kari SCHIBEVAAG (NOR) – Ozone
4. Marine SUDRE (AUS) – Cabrinha