Mar 31, 2008

Flip, la nuova tavola do ABoards

FLIP - the youngest brother in the ABoards 2008 board hierarchy - is an excellent choice for beginners as a first board in their journey of kiteboarding. The board is of slightly wider shape and increased length, which in combination with tunnel concave bottom deck will ensure perfect edging and upwind ability.

Mar 30, 2008

Royal Solo

There is a new series of kites from Royal on the way called the Solo. Sizes will be 5-7-9-11-13, all odd sizes as the Eras are all even sizes.

The price will be low and performance will be high. The Solo features a bridle with NO PULLEYS.

Mar 29, 2008

Gaastra kites Italia

Info e curiosità sulla linea Gaastra, in particolare sul Jekill:

Tony Logosz, kite designer Slingshot

Mar 27, 2008

Kitecinema video archivio

............................Check it here:

Forest: soli 13 anni e...

"Now or Never"

Riders: Alex Pastor & Alvaro Onieva


Altra rivista sfogliabile online da tenere d'occhio!!
Ecco il link diretto per sfogliarla virtualmente:

CORE Magazine #3

Nuovo numero di CORE, uno degli online magazine più interessante; per il download cliccate sul sito ufficiale

Mar 26, 2008

Camp per sole donne

LinkSorry guys… this clinic is for girls only but you can go party with them afterward at Scotty’s!

Participants should expect to learn new tricks, such as jumps, rotations, kite loops, riding blind, handle passes or just transitions, in practice and theory. Clear explanations & demonstrations of all aspects, definition of each rider’s personal goals and informal chats, tips and advice.
The max # shouldn’t be more than 10 girls. For complete info, check out

Cable Park: ottimo per il kitesurf

Questo atleta SS inglese spiega come sia utile allenarsi nei cable park per migliorarsi nello stile wake nel kitesurf..

Mar 25, 2008

RSC 2008

Nuovo sito 08 per la RSC Boards:

Intervista a Max Galtarossa shaper Kiteloose

Ultra Flat 17m kite

Il Monsoonz è il kite che vi permette di planare con 8knts secondo i tecnici Wind X.
Ala ultra piatta e performante, più info e foto su:

DVD: Lines

REAL Kiteboarding Presents
A line can be many things; often it's a path...
International Liquid Force Team Rider Jason Slezak has toured the globe riding every condition imaginable. For Fall 2006 through Spring 2008, Jason and kiteboarders across the world have teamed up with John and Alexis Bilderback to shoot the first ever High Definition kiteboarding film. Here's what Jason has to say about the new project.

Mar 24, 2008

Ali Barrett @ Sharm


Il nuovo bow di Genetrix arrivato alla terza edizione:

Mar 23, 2008

AH: Dayz in SA


Lou Wainman Style 08

F-16 con un Bandit e la sua barra con cavi moolto corti:

Mar 22, 2008

Mar 21, 2008

Ministry R Force quad fin

Nuova tavola da wave, la R-Force Ministry; disponibili in 3 misure diverse: 5’10’’ / 6’0’’ / 6’4’’.

Mar 20, 2008

Nuovo sito di Tuva Jansen, atleta Takoon:
Nuova tavola Radical TT da wave, LA BORGNE.

Altre foto e info su

Abel Lago interview

Intervista al Campione del mondo wave KPWT:

1) What is your best souvenir on this KPWT 2007 ?

The Photo on the beach of Moulai (Essaouira) after the wave final. Was my first victory on the KPWT and I will never forget it !!!

2) What was your best / more difficult heat of the season ? Where and against who ?

The wave final in Brasil versus Jose. Was a realy short heat (8min) and I was realy unlucky with the waves selection, and I didn´t have enough time to do my best.

3) Where is your favorite spot to kite ?

In front my house in Galicia, there is always wind and waves. Is not the best place in the world but I have my family and friends there and for me is a dream place.

4) What's your feeling with the 1X Wave World Champion Title ?

I feel that, all the job that I did in the winter training before the events, give a result.

5) 1X Wave World Champion you have established yourself as a world class competitor and Now, what are your plans / goals for 2008 ?

Go for the Overall Ranking in the KPWT. I will have to do all the disciplines but I like the challenge. The human being needs motivations in our life to wake-up every morning.

5) Anything more you'd like to add ? ...

I like to say thanks to all the people to make the KPWT works.
Because every event I feel like I go to a trip with my friends and not a competition.

Mar 18, 2008

Ion 3 online

On line la pagina web dedicata al nuovo kite di Flexifoil:

Mar 17, 2008

PKRA Messico 08 video official video

SS Rev

Tony Logosz , designer di SlingShot, parla del Rev.

Mar 16, 2008

Core online megazine n.3

In questo numero:

*The CORE Slider Jam 08
* Silvester Ruckdaschel Interview
*Cape Verde Travel
*Tom Courts Crib
*Felix Pivec 20 Questions
*Fundamentals with Aaron Hadlow and Ben Wilson
*Self Rescue Clinic
*Killer gallery shots

Mar 14, 2008

SS Fuse

Disponibile la nuova tavola wave di SlinghShot: la Fuse:

Mar 13, 2008

Master of The Ocean 2008 video

Nuovo numero di Kiteboarder magazine

Scaricatelo premendo qui!

Sicily kite tour 08

"La manifestazione di Kitesurf che, intendiamo realizzare, promuoverà lo sport nella nostra regione associando lo sport alla riscoperta delle più belle località della regione, si visiteranno luoghi culturalmente conosciuti ed importanti per la presenza di monumenti importanti,storici ed architettonici.
Con la manifestazione incentiveremo la pratica del kitesurf, la realizzazione di questo evento ci consentirà di creare un sito web con le principali informazioni su tutte le principali siciliane idonee per la pratica sport, conterrà informazioni sulla ubicazione delle scuole di kitesurf, hotel, spot, meteo … tutto ciò sarà realizzato in collaborazione con i gruppi locali dei principali centri di ogni località.
Durante il Sicily Kite Tour 2008 l’organizzazione proporrà se seguenti attività:

· Contest Long Distance
· Esibizioni Free style
· Esibizioni Paramotore
· Prove gratuite Material 2008
· Simulatore Kitesurf
· Gadget ecc…"


Associazione Extreme Sport Sicilia, in collaborazione con Le vie del Vento,, Kite School Salinelle e Residence Santa Maria

Info: /
Cell: (+39) - 333-5349604 Andre Cruz
Cell: (+39) – 329-4474888 Maurizio


Un'altra brand, la tedesca Core kiteboarding, presenta sul mercato un SLE di nome Riot; eccovi qualche foto:

Per ricordare il 2007

Sintesi PKRA 2007

Video: My kitepark 2

Mar 11, 2008

Strapless riding

Bow patent list.




- STAR Kites

- EH Kiteboarding








- FLUID Kiteboarding




(da quest'anno anche SS!)

Mar 8, 2008

PKRA Mexico freestyle results

Freestyle Men:

1. Aaron Hadlow
2. Kevin Langeree
3. Cesar Portas
4. Youri Zoon
5. Alvaro Onieva
6. Alex Pastor

Freestyle Women:

1. Bruna Kajiya
2. Gisela Pulido
3. Angela Peral
4. Susi Mai
5. Karolina Winkowska

Mar 7, 2008

PKRA Mex. giorno 2

Single elimination results:

1- Kevin Langeree (HOL)
2- Aaron Hadlow (ING)
3- Youri Zoon (HOL)
4- Cesar Portas (ESP)

1- Bruna Kajiya (BRA)
2- Gisela Pulido (ESP)
3- Susi Mai (ALE)
4- Angela Peral (ESP)

PKRA Mex. giorno 1

E' stata effettuata la "Long Distance":

PKRA News:

Course Racing Day

Day one of the 2008 PKRA World Tour in Mexico dubbed the Movistar Kiteboard World Cup was an astonishing feat. Warm weather and light wind prevailed during most of the day but the good news was that the wind was consistent between 10-14 knots. The mandatory skippers meeting was held at 10:00 a.m. but the wind did not provide enough fuel for a freestyle competition to be held.

At about 12:15 p.m., the first Racing event of the season got underway when the wind slightly picked up speed. Another race was held at 2:45 p.m. and the last one at 4:15 p.m. It took the first guy to cross the finish line between 15-20 minutes per race.

Race Director Eric Troostheide managed to come up with a nice course setup – a triangular course that brings the racer closer to the beach with the finish line at the beach.

Tomorrow’s skippers meeting is scheduled at 9:00 am with first possible start at 9:15 a.m. depending on the wind condition. According to Troostheide, “If it’s light then we might start with some more racing then the freestyle event in the afternoon when the wind is suppose to be stronger with a forecast of 14-16 knots, so we are expecting a great day tomorrow.”

So everybody is looking forward to the start of the freestyle event, including the competitors who have prepared a great deal for this season.

“I think we could have a really good show. I think all the competitors are super motivated. I saw a couple of new tricks during their practices but I’m very sure that most of the riders are keeping the good stuff for the competition,” said PKRA Head Judge Sami Gali.

“You can feel that it’s going to be an exciting season, with the athletes thinking one step ahead. Tomorrow is going to be a very important day for the freestyle because we are going to see new styles that we’ve never seen before, if the conditions are right.”

Besides being the head judge for the Freestyle event, Sami is also a competitor in the Racing event under the Best banner but so far has been lagging behind Mexico’s ace racer Sean Farley of North Kiteboarding. Sami’s been working on a prototype board but unfortunately broke it in yesterday’s practice so he wasn’t able to use it in the actual race.
Asked about his performance in today’s event, he commented, “I had a very bad first race. I was the last one at first but I really managed to catch up and finished third on the first race. It’s amazing and I still don’t know how I managed to catch up.”

Farley on the other hand seems to be satisfied with his performance in today’s races, winning the last two of three events after bowing to North teammate Charles Deleau of France in the first race. Back from a six-week long prototype testing with North over in Western Australia, the young Mexican rider said, “Today was really interesting and I got to put all the hard work of the North design team to whatever I was doing. It was a success out there today against the other racers. It was a good result and I was pointing above everybody today.”

Race Results:

Men’s Race 1

1. Charles Deleau (France, North) – 0.7 pts.
2. Sean Farley (Mexico, North) – 2 pts.
3. Sami Gali (Spain, Best) – 3 pts.

Race 2

1. Sean Farley (Mexico, North) – 0.7 pts.
2. Sami Gali (Spain, Best) – 2 pts.
3. Charles Deleau (France, North) – 3 pts.

Race 3

1. Sean Farley (Mexico, North) – 0.7 pts.
2. Sami Gali (Spain, Best) – 2 pts.
3. Charles Deleau (France, North) – 3 pts.

Women’s Race 1 to 3:

1. Steph Bridge (UK, North) – 2.1 pts.
2. Angela Peral (Spain, North) – 6 pts.
3. Susi Mai (Germany, Cabrinha) – 9 pts.

Mar 6, 2008

Guida agli spot sardi

Interessante guida dove vengono descritti i più popolari spot della Sardegna.


...ancora AH video


Mar 4, 2008

F-One Trax video

Best Guroo

Il kite per principianti e scuole secondo Best.


Sizes: 3m, 6m, 9m, 12m

- Low Aspect Ratio

- 3 struts

- Deep profile draft

- Back and front bridle connected via pulley - 2 pulleys

- Separate inflation of each strut and the LE

- Membrane valves in the struts

- Mid bar pressure and mid to long sheeting range for (AOA) Angle of Attack change. This makes the kite easy to fly and forgiving to incorrrect bar input.

- The kite is very stable and will not overfly or backstall.

- Construction is identical standard to our entire 08 range.

In mancanza di vento... Elasticboarding

il sito ufficiale:

Mar 3, 2008