Jun 20, 2008

Intervista a Andre Phillip

Raised: Antigua
Current residence: Antigua, Maui, Dominican Republic, hotels and airports
Years riding: 7
Sponsors: Cabrinha, Kaenon, NPX, kitescoop.com
Years with Cabrinha: 4
Quiver: In the surf, I’m on Rawson surfboards anywhere from a 5’11” to a 6’3”. And if I’m throwing tricks or hitting rails, I’m on my Cabrinha Custom 138 with Hyperlite 3DS bindings.
Travel bag rundown: I normally travel with two board bags. One bag will have a couple Rawsons, size depending on where I’m going, and I’ll normally throw in all my fins, leashes, wetsuit tops and anything else I need to surf. The other bag will have two Custom 138s, Hyperlite bindings, two bars, Switchblade kites from 6 to 12 m2, harness, tool bag.
Places visited in 2007: I started off in Antigua, then went to Barbados, Bahamas, Guadeloupe, Antigua, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, Cape Hatteras, Peru, Maui and Australia.
Favourite place: A few places that I’ve been to that I would always return are Australia, Hawaii, Dominican Republic and French Polynesia.

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