Sep 23, 2008

Close Up Kiteboarding trailer

Close Up Kiteboarding takes you into the world of kitesurfing!
In this Rockumentary, the exhillerating lifestyle and sport comes to life, as the worlds best riders present themselves, their way of living and their way of riding.
Aaron Hadlow, Kevin Langeree, Ruben Lenten, Petr Tyushkevich, Bruna Kajiya & Cesar Portas show you the coolest tricks and give you the backgrounds on the essence of kiteboarding.
What is it like to be a pro-rider, to travel the world and compete at the toughest competition?
You will see it all at this DVD.
Besides the top athletes, the industry leaders will give you their piece of mind, amongst them Robby Naish (legend) and Olaf van Tol (PKRA racedirector).
Take on this journey through kiteboarding, enjoy the action, get indepth backgrounds on the sport, by imagery taken at the worlds most beautiful locations.