Sep 4, 2008

ForChicasOnly Camp October 08

Follow the cat with the tear and let you take away from the wind and the sand, the light and the sun, the affection and friendship of those people who will be with you each single moment of your unforgettable and unique adventure on the magic island of Fuerteventura….

If you are looking for a change in your routine, a kick start to a fitness campaign or the chance to try a new sport, join us to kite-surf between the sea and the sky, climb the rock, stretch out at sunset, make new friends and have the holiday of a life time.
7 days with ForChicasOnly to find out that nothing is impossible and that the adventure of your life is waiting for you right behind the corner!

For Chicas Only is for girls and women only, for dreamers ready to try something new to realise their wishes and thoughts, is for me and for you.

You can see in the video above a litle bit of the action you will find in the Camp:

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