Sep 26, 2008

A tutti i possessori di Best 09 - BEST 2009 chicken loop notice

Importante, ne vale la vostra sicurezza!!

"We think it's best you check your 2009 chicken loop! A small number of 2009 BEST chicken loops have been shipped with a possible non-functioning quick release mechanism. The problem has arisen where part of the internal section of the chicken loop is injected with "thread lock." A small amount of excess in some cases has seeped out after the injection gluing the eject sleeve to the chicken loop. If you were an early adopter of the 2009 BEST bar or chicken loop you can simply test this by activating the release on the chicken loop and seeing if it releases.

If your loop does not release then follow the simple instructions below to rectify it, or alternatively take it back to your BEST dealer to have them fix the problem for you. The solution is quite simple, and even if your loop is not sticking we suggest you check anyway to see if there is any seeping thread lock as this may soften and become gluey in extreme heat conditions.

1. To check the safe function of the QR push up on the external cuff, if the QR opens the bar is functioning correctly.
2. If the QR fails to open, insert a flat edge screwdriver in between the internal and external parts of the Chickenloop cuff and twist it sideways to separate the two parts. Turn the chickenloop over and repeat on the opposite side.
3. Push the cuff to open the QR, if the cuff opens you have successfully fixed the QR, if it fails to open repeat stage 2 using a little more force.
4. As an extra safety measure any excess glue on the internal body of the Chickenloop, as shown below, should be removed by scalping it off with a flat blade."