Sep 15, 2008

Zeeko Notus

Zeeko Kiteboarding is a new kitesurf company, managed by Nicolas Caillou.
Their first kite is almost hitting the market and we bring you the first information about it… It is called Notus.

Notus kite is the last creation of one of the most active R&D department in the kitesurf world since the last five years.
Notus kite is a kind of alchemy between the current tendencies in modern kiteboarding. This new kites will allow you to progress safely and to develop a sporting style thanks to its high reactivity and its power under control.

Here, no radical design without any compromise, the kite is not a full delta design (too slow and to heavy in bar), not a full bow kite (collapsing trouble), not a real-c-shape (weak depower capability), but Notus takes the best of each design to be the real weapon for kiteboarding.
The kite shape associated to the bridling system and the exclusive Zeeko bar allow it to suit all riding styles and make one of the highest performance hybrid kite of the market for unhooked tricks and jumps.

The team had only one target designing the Notus: make a high performance kite with an easy handling.

Especially, the R&D team worked on the ability to use the kite for unhooked tricks and for free-style. Indeed, the kite doesn’t over-sheet, doesn’t stop in kiteloops allowing you to try this trick safely. The constant pulling associated to the wide wind window drive to one of the most performing kite for unhooked riding.

Nevertheless, the pure performance remains high. The narrow tips and the powerful profiles leads to an incredible kite concerning the upwind ability and the hangtime. It is super easy to jump with the Notus kite, handling is immediate to pass high jumps, you just have to sheet in the bar and the Notus kite delivers immediately tons of power allowing to make high jumps and soft landings, no need to “pilot” your kite to jump high.

The Zeeko bar for Notus kites is supplied with 20+4m flying lines.
All sizes are designed to be ridden with these 2 different lengths, increasing the wind range of the kites and optimizing the jumps (24m) or the waveriding (20m) abilities of the kite.
The Zeeko bar included the latest features: trimmable length (46/54cm), a reliable quick release, extension lines to ride with standard length lines or short lines, a clever webbing adjuster, a mini 5th line and, above all, a revolutionary chicken loop dedicated for unhooked riding and twistable.

The shape of the kite allows to an easy relaunching under any circumstances. The narrow tips associated to a new curve of the leading edge help the relaunching. Pulling a back bridle is enough to relaunch the kite in light winds, more the kite goes automatically to the edge of the wind window, ready to be relaunched.

The Notus kite is delivered with the most reliable one pump device of the market, each strut can be isolated using clamps. Fix a bladder is easy, all the one pump device is outside. In order to prevent aging, all the pieces of the one pump device are covered by neopren.

The Notus will be available in 4 sizes: 7m, 9m, 11m and 13m.

Soon we will give you more details about Zeeko and we will test the Notus.
Stay tuned.