Jan 29, 2009

...bel salto!!

SS RPM: prime foto

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de maatjes op een rij...
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in de lucht
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kijk hoe mega open deze kite staat!
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Airush Vapor info e video

direttamente sul sito ufficiale: http://www.airush.com/products/vapor.html

Jan 27, 2009

CORE online megazine n.5

Il nuovo numero sfogliablie qui: http://www.coreonlinemagazine.com/magazine/issue5/issue5f...


Brunotti kite game


Slide da Buggie

Slide da Buggy. Kitesurftgn from Ketekites on Vimeo.

Bruna Kajiya website

The Brazilian Bruna Kajiya, has a brand new website.
Visit it to know her history, her latest news and see some photos and videos.
Click on the photo above to check it out.

Bruna Kajiya Website

Lenten @ cable park

Ozolnieki 10.08.2008 from uldis zile[bboystyle] on Vimeo.

Island 974 Riders video

Island 974 Riders from KAZ productions on Vimeo.

Jan 20, 2009

Flexifoil Neutron

Flexifoil are releasing a new kite called the Neutron in March 2009. It is aimed “for the riders on all levels.” It is an allround kite.

With no news of the 2009 Atom update it is possible that the kite is replacing the Flexifoil Atom as it keeps in line with the naming trend of “Atom, ION, Neutron.” Flexifoil Atom 09 and ION4 are rumored to have a 4 strut setup, similar to that of the Hadlow Pro 2009.
The Neutron will be available in 3.0m, 5.0m, 7.0m, 9.0m and 12.0m.
Check out the photos!

Jan 15, 2009

Cauipe Slider Pro Action 2008


Wainman Hawaii teams up with Tronolone Productions to present the Rabbit Gang’s Eric Rienstra slackin’ it up at Kitebeach, Maui on the new Blunt boards and Rabbit kites.

Slaker from Kitemovement on Vimeo.

Jan 12, 2009

Jan 8, 2009

Il calendario KPWT 2009

ABU DHABI - March 09
ITALY - May 09
GERMANY - June 09
TURKEY - July 09
GREECE - July 09
PORTUGAL - July 09
FRANCE - August 09
CANADA - August 09 TBC
UK - September 09 TBC
MOROCCO - October 09
BRASIL - November 09

Best Kahoona09

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Best Kiteboarding is proud to announce the latest addition to its 2009 kite line up.

The new Kahoona is the perfect choice for every rider looking for a super stable, easy-to-rig, easy-to-fly kite. A reduced aspect-ratio and swept leading edge make the Kahoona Best's quickest relaunching kite; it is the perfect kite choice for beginners and intermediate riders looking to maximize their progress every session.

A new Redline Safety System delivers instant safety-depower whenever you push the QR or drop the bar. With short bridles and only four flying lines, there is nothing to wrap around the kite should you roll it while relaunching. The Redline Safety System allows you to forget about the kite and concentrate on your riding.

Our Quad-Strut swept-tip design helps minimize drag for faster, easier turning helping to improve low wind ability. Responsive handling, great downwind drift, and auto-relaunch combine to help make the Kahoona the most evolved big-wave surf kite we've ever made.

A new VP2 mini-bridle provides the Kahoona with a large wind range and helps maximize stability in all riding conditions, especially when riding unhooked or overpowered. Single point connections for front and rear flying lines simplify your rigging options and make the Kahoona incredibly quick and simple to set-up even for novice riders.

The Kahoona's auto-relaunch, ease of set-up, large wind range and reliable safety will help make you progress faster than you thought was possible. It comes loaded with ease of use and safety features that are out of this world, at a surprisingly down to earth price.

Kahoona: Progression in every session.
7.5m, 9.5m, 11.5m and 13.5m sizes will be available from March 1st 2009

Jan 7, 2009

Tarifiction (The Movie)

Online il sito Blade 09


Just bindings

Just bindings with lanky D from Sam Medysky on Vimeo.

Il sito GK 2009 online


IKO adopts new Kiteboarding Instructor Training Course online system

IKO LOGOWe’re getting ready to implement a new online ITC system through the IKO website that will make taking an Instructor Training Course that much better!

That’s right - starting February 16, we will be launching an online ITC scheduling system that will offer vastly improved services to our ITC candidates, including an online education system and easy course registration. Here’s a basic outline of how the new system will work:

1. School Manager or registered ITC Organizer places ITC directly online.
2. ITC Candidates register for selected course via the Training Calendar, and pay the IKO training fee through Paypal at the time of registration. The remainder of their course fee is paid directly to the ITC Organizer.
3. Upon registration, Candidates receive online pre-course study material, developed to better prepare them for their ITC course. Candidates then take an online test designed to gauge their pre-course knowledge and skill level.
4. Examiner receives the results of registered Candidates’ pre-test, which will help him to tailor the upcoming ITC course to the needs of his students.
5. During the weeks prior to the ITC, prospective candidates are able to view course registration to see how many spots are still available for each course.
6. Once the ITC has finished, the Examiner can validate his Candidates directly through the same simple online system that was used at registration.

BENEFITS of the New System:
-Online education! Students’ ITC training is now supplemented with online pre-course study, which will allow candidates to get more out of their training experience
-Easy registration: Candidates can register directly through the IKO website, instead of having to contact the course organizer
-Improved service: Quicker post-course validation for candidates

What’s Next?

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing more detailed information about this new system, and how we will all transition between the old and the new. We appreciate your support in making this switch a smooth one, and are certain you will love the new changes to come!

[Source: IKO]

North Carbon Development Board

A prototype saw on the last North meeting that took place in Tarifa.
The shape looks like 2009 Jaime pro… Will North be bringing out a Jaime Pro full carbon board in 2010?