Mar 21, 2009

On The Loose Project

On The Loose it’s Ruben Lenten new project and will be a online TV series.

You can see On the Loose as a platform to show you more than just kiteboarding.
You can see Ruben Lenten, Aaron Hadlow and Gianni Aragno trips, see the nicest spots and introduce you to some of the best kiteboarding friends in the world.

The first episode starts in Cape Town and will follow Ruben and his mates on all his trips through out the year.
On the Loose will also have riders blog entrees, profiles and tips and tricks.

Take a look at it in

Unhooked 2 trailer

Mar 17, 2009

F-ONE Strap Lock 2

Il nuovo sistema di ancoraggio delle straps di F-ONE; sembra moolto simile al sistema visto sulle tavole RRD già qualche mese fa.

info e video qui:

Core magazine n.6

Da non perdere i wallpaper Core; CLICCA QUI

Master of the Ocean 09

Mar 5, 2009

La Tap aiuta i surfisti

«It is an historic day for surfing. I am very proud as I think TAP [Portuguese Airline Company] will offer better services to an heavy travelers class and to a key sport in Portugal», said João Capucho, president of the Portuguese Surfers Association (ANS), as TAP announced new rules on boards carriage.

The decision was taken after several requests and negotiations with ANS. Although not a perfect solution, TAP will apply fee to bags, not boards; moreover, bags weighting less than 10kg will have a 50% discount; finally, keep in mind that a responsibility waiver is also necessary.

TAP’s new boards-on-plane regulation are visionary, when we think of what happened with British Airways, once considered the surfer friendly airline company.

In October 2007, BA simply banned boards on flights.

The British Surfing Association then issued a global petition in order to try reversing BA’s ban regulation.

Take a look at ANS website to get all detailed info regarding TAP’s new surfboard rule.

[Source: surfertoday]

Jake Kelsick video

Ruben Lenten kiteboarding and interview with Paul Cousins in Australia

Ruben Lenten kiteboarding and interview with Paul Cousins in Australia from Kitelife on Vimeo.