Jul 30, 2009

Ponta Preta - Third chapter of the story of riding roots in Cabo Verde

Jul 29, 2009

Day 4 - PKRA St Peter Ording 2009 - Palmolive Kitesurf

CORE kiteboarding: Somewhere In The Indian Ocean

Jul 25, 2009

Naish Torch 2010 Naish Torch 2010Bild%201.png tailles: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16

Naish Torch 2010Bild%201.png sizess: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16

Kitenow #14 – Special edition about Galinhos

The Issue 14 of the Brazilian kitesurfing magazine, Kitenow, is dedicated to a hidden paradise called Galinhos.
Galinhos is a small fishing village located in Rio Grande do Norte and is one of the best spot for kitesurf of the country.
The conditions to practice free style are awesome and you can find several sport for sail in the river or at the sea.

kitenow issue 14

Click on photo above to read this issue of Kitenow and know more about Galinhos

Jul 24, 2009

North board 2010

We already showed you some photos of the new North Kiteboarding Team Series.
Take a look at some images of the boards that North Kiteboarding will bring to us for the 2010 season: Jaime, Select and Xride

2010 North Kiteboarding TEAM SERIES CORE

2010 North Kiteboarding JAIME

2010 North Kiteboarding XRIDE

2010 North Kiteboarding SELECT

2010 North Kiteboarding TEAM SERIES

2010 North Kiteboarding TEAM SERIES

Anteprima Naish 2010


Jul 22, 2009

2010 Best Waroo


NOT MAKING THE CUT - Ben Wilson from BenWilsonSurf on Vimeo.

Aaron Hadlow and Bruna Kajiya wins PKRA Fuerteventura

The british Aaron Hadlow and the brazilian Bruna Kajiya are the winners of the 2009 PKRA Fuerteventura kitesurf competition.

Aaron Hadlow and Bruna Kajiya won the 2009 PKRA Fuerteventura kitesurf competition

The final standings of this kiteboarding event are:


2009 PKRA Fuerteventura men's podium

1 – Aaron Hadlow
2 – Kevin Langeree
3 – Youri Zoon


2009 PKRA Fuerteventura women podium

1 – Bruna Kajiya
2 – Joana Litwin
3 – Karolina Winkowska

Eclipse Surge – Sneak peak Video

Jul 20, 2009

PKRA Fuerteventura 2009 – Single elimination

The single elimination of the 2009 PKRA Fuerteventura event finish.
The winners are Kevin Langeree and Bruna Kajiya.




1 – Kevin Langeree
2 – Youri Zoon
3 – Aaron Hadlow



1 – Bruna Kajiya
2 – Asia Kitwin
3 – Karolina Winkowska

Jul 18, 2009

Liquid Force 2010 slideshow

Beautiful sequence

New C kite for Eclipse Kiteboarding

Eclipse Kiteboarding are realeasing a new C kite for the Freestyle and wave user who still prefer this type of kites.
Here is what Felix Pivec says about it.
Hi Guys

So here are a few pics of the New Surge.
Managed to get out on the 7m and 9m today and handed it out to a majority of riders riding in the loop and fixed.
Majority of people that tried the 7m and 9m today noticed that was -

-Very stable.

-Has a lot of power for its size.

-Fly's forward and sits in a real sweet spot for wake and wave riding.

Feel free to ask any question.

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Mitu Monteiro on the Web!

Mitu Monteiro, the prodigy from Ponta Preta in Cabo Verde riding for F-One, finally had the opportunity to put his name on the web!
His new web site is not 100% finished yet, but you will find loads of videos whislt waiting for it.

klik voor een grote versie klik voor een grote versie
So to keep up to date with Mitu just visit www.mitumonteiro.com

Crossbow 2010 in slideshow

2010 North Board range

Finally some information about the 2010 North boards.
This season North will have 4 models, all of them produced in Austria:

  • young blood 125×36
  • super mario style 131×40
  • mallory style 133×41
  • cesar style 135×42



New for 2010 are the footpads. Esthetically they look the same, but you can choose pads to feel between: soft, medium or hard.



Also new are the S-Bens fins


Source: boardshop.at

Insane Kitesurfing Teahupoo Action with Moe Goold

Kevin Langeree in Tarifa '09

Kevin Langeree in Tarifa '09 from KevL on Vimeo.

Cabrinha Custom 2010

Octane il futuro REV?

Jul 13, 2009

Martin Vari interview

Martin Vari from Vari Kites

Past, Present and Future: Three Time World Champion Martin Vari
Full Name: Martin Vari
Nick Name: Tino
Date of Birth: 27/2/82
Place of Birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Weight: 160 Height: 5’9’’
Sponsors: Vari Kites

Martin Vari became world champion at the height of trick innovation on the PKRA World Tour, winning the overall in both 2001 and 2003. Vari was one of the first to push wakestyle tricks to the forefront in a contest environment, integrating both old school and new school into his repertoire. With two world freestyle titles under his belt he passed the reigns to current world champion Aaron Hadlow. Vari moved onto new challenges and became one of the sport’s surf pioneers and won the first ever PKRA surf contest in 2007. Now in 2009 he has embarked on his biggest challenge yet, his own kite brand, Vari Kites. —John Bryja

Early Days

In 1998 I went on a windsurfing trip to Maui. I saw a few two-line kites out, and the only person making it look good was the master Lou Wainman himself. It definitely got me wanting to try it out. The next day I took a lesson, but didn’t quite like the feeling. I guess the kites were too primitive. The two lines got all messed up and I was learning at the same time as the instructor. [Laughs]
A few months went by until I got a kite in my hand again. It was in Margarita at a windsurfing contest, Chip Wasson was there with a Wipika four line kite. I begged him to let me try it. It felt much better. I was hooked. I ended up buying a F-One foil with my uncle and spent all summer doing down-winders. Two months later I moved to Hawaii for school. Those were amazing days. I spent every afternoon at the beach. I was seriously hooked.

PKRA Magic Moments
The whole period between 2000-2004 stands out. If I had to pick one moment, it was in 2003. At the time we were filming Space Monkeys 2, starting to get into the waves, and at the same time really pushing the freestyle. At the time the moves we were doing were changing month-to-month. There was a tight group of friends that were pushing each other. That summer was the standout for sure. I won most of the events I went to... plus finished filming Space Monkeys 2 in epic Indonesia. That year we also scouted One Eye, which was mind blowing to finally realize that wave riding with a kite had serious potential. Those were the first barrels kiteboarders were pulling into. Then we ended up in Indo, just us: Jeff Tobias, Will James, Jaime Herraiz, Ben Wilson, Bert Fleury, and Marc (Marley) Ramsier. A super cool crew, and we were all experiencing something that changed the way the sport would develop.

All of a sudden I got sucked into the surf side. I was working for RRD, and they really wanted me to follow the freestyle tour, but I was so focused on riding waves. I signed up with Slingshot and was able to focus with Jeff Tobias and Ben Wilson on developing the surfing side of the sport. I think when we filmed Spare Change, that was a defining moment for the future of kitesurfing.
Our goal was to explore what was possible with a kite in the surf. It was clear in our heads that the possibilities were endless. It was only a matter of time until the kite world would realize how fun it was. At the time my ultimate goal was to be able to get a clean barrel with a kite. I did quite a bit of traveling to find the right conditions. I spent two years of my life looking for the perfect wave. Today my goal is to create products that will help more people get involved in the sport. Creating products that are easy, durable and simple to use.

Vari Kites
Vari kites was an idea that I always had in my mind. The company has evolved really fast. But we don’t rush things. We give each phase its natural development. We are here to create smart products. That have a true purpose, are high quality, and simple to use. We are enjoying the ride.
The cool thing about Vari is that it’s the riders working in the company. It’s me going around meeting distributors and helping the shops promote the brand. Or it’s Jeff Tobias answering the phone calls of dealers, and visiting them making sure they have all they need. We are creating a very tight relationships with our dealers. We are here for the long run. And we are only working with people that feel what we are doing.

The Perfect Day
My perfect day starts with an early wake up. I love to wake up in a quiet place and have my time to really wake up, grab some fruit and check the surf. If it’s perfect I can’t help but swim out. If it’s not that great, I sit down on the computer, go over my daily list and start replying to e-mail and phone calls. I have to say that I actually really enjoy this part. I spend around three-four hours on the computer until I do a noon break for going over the latest prototypes, or go to the beach and test any new products. Ideally there are waves and wind and I can go shoot some video and photos. Right after I get back to do the second computer session, Finish up replying to e-mail. If I didn’t get enough water time I go to yoga class and cook dinner with my girl and or friends. After that, getting some action doesn’t hurt right? [Laughs]

The Future
I want to continue to help grow the sport. I was always driven by the innovations. Along my pro career I was into tricks, innovations and pushing the limits of what was possible with a kite. The only way to innovate is to not follow the rest. And I’m stoked at what I accomplished.
Now that I’m on the other side of the industry I have the same drive. I want to innovate and do what others don’t, by pushing the kite designs in different directions, not necessarily making a kite that will jump higher or turn faster than the rest, but one that is more efficient. We made a kite that is as good as any other kite with the purpose of having two kites to cover any condition. I basically use two size kites and I can travel the world. Waves, flatwater, snow, windy, light winds. All I need are two kites. So that is one innovation. Efficiency of the kites. Now riders are sure to be covered with only two kites. The next step in the future will come soon! It’s going to be very exciting.

Wainman Hawaii Tour Netherlands & Belgium

Slingshot Fuel 2010 from UK

Spleene HT-RIP Animation

Jul 11, 2009

Ocean Rodeo Rise 2010

"I’m stoked to offer you the first look at our killer new Rise Venturi with XPD Technology. Continuing with our ongoing goal of making kites more efficient and packing even more power per square meter, here are a couple of key highlights.
1) You’ll note we’ve gone to a 6 strut design, and as such eliminated the center strut. This improves aerodynamics in a critical area of the kite, and reduces weight where you want it least. The end result is a kite with yet more power, greater efficiency, higher stability, and a more rigid canopy less prone to distortion at the top end of its range!
2) XPD Technology. You can see that panels on the LE get exponentially larger when moving from the center of the kite to the tips, and that they mate up perfectly with the 6 strut layout.
Larger panels at the tips increase projected area, reduce drag, and provide direct steering input. The transition to smaller panels at the center better matches the curvature at the trailing edge, and provides better airflow and lift. More power! "

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klik voor een grote versie

Concorso Vari kites...


Vari Kites launches new “video challenge”…FREE KITES and more up for grab!!! Read more…

Takoon Chrono

Takoon Chrono

Takoon Chrono

Takoon Chrono

Best & girls: il primo video