Jul 8, 2009

JN Chit Chat

Recently JN renewed their board range and they send us the new JN Chit Chat 138×42cm.
We were in the first stop of the Portuguese Kitesurf Championship, in Viana do Castelo, to try the board.
The conditions couldn’t be more perfect, we tested it in several riding conditions, wind was blowing from 14 until 40 knots and we had totally flat water and very choppy water.


Our first impressions of the board were very positive, It’s design rocks!
The board is simply beautiful, graphics are stunning and it feels very light. We measured and it weighted around 2,3 kg.

JN Chit Chat board was Developed by Franz Schitzhofer and currently is manufactured from Austria.
The build quality is excellent, and when you pass your hands on the board you can feel the stiffness of the materials.

JN paid special attention to the weight, flex and resistance of the board. The excellent lightness was achieved due to the honeycomb core laminated with fiber glass. The board has reinforced flex tips, an optimized single concave bottom and carbon fiber layer for balanced flex and torsion characteristics.

To protect the board from little impacts and scratches, JN applied 4mm thin ABS sidewalls and an ICP bottom sheet.

On the water

The set of pads and straps that came with the board are very good. The pads are quite comfortable and with good grip and the adjustable straps are very easy to mount on the board and to adjust to any feet.

We weren’t able to test the board with the JN fins, so we used 2 sets of fins during testing, 4 cm fins and 5,4 cm fins. Personally I preferred to ride it with the bigger fins, but with both sets, the genes of the board were there.

Chit Chat is a stiff board, so you there are some trade offs you have to count in. The pop of the board is very good, it has good upwind capabilities and in the 138cm version landings are a must!
The board is very fast and delivers a precise and direct feedback to the rider.

The core construction, single concave bottom, straight outline and flat rocker with wide and flexible tips, makes Chit Chat an excellent freestyle machine, totally comfortable on flat water, but not so comfortable in choppy water.


The Chit Chat is available in 3 sizes:

  • 130×40cm
  • 134×41 cm
  • 138×42cm

This board is a wakestyle machine when it comes to landings, It is very agile, it turns rapidly, it’s very fast and has great pop.

If your looking for a freestyle or wakestyle board, try the Chit Chat and it might help you to get your riding style to the next level.

Just try it an you will certainly enjoy it!

To know more about the Chit Chat, JN and their dealers visit: jn-kites