Aug 31, 2009

Trip to MARSA ALAM by Riminiriders

รจ possibile prolungare con la SECONDA SETTIMANA a 290 €.

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Kevin Langeree - Rider Profile

first pic: Nobile 010


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Vapor II


Inspired by ambition, innovation, and passion, the Airush design team set out to create the most refined performance freeride and freestyle machine.

With a blend of precision steering, high depower, and increased stability, the Vapor III is a versatile performer that merges improved unhooked performance and heightened boosting characteristics making it perfect for aggressive freeride and freestyle riding.

Available with 45cm or 55cm 5 line cleat adjustable bar

2010 Airush Crest Kite

2010 CREST

Fast through the air and highly responsive, the Crest has been redesigned to make quick turns with less effort offering greater control and performance. A refined canopy profile and shape and a simplified bridle reduce weight and drag making the Crest extremely efficient and stable. Maintaining a strong focus on safety, the Crest offers a significant increase in depower and provides easy relaunch across a wide range of wind conditions.

Featuring iCS Intelligent Canopy Shape technology, the canopy shape is different from the bridle shape, which locks the canopy in place so that when tension is lost in the lines, the canopy opens up increasing the Angle of Attack minimizing the tendency to collapse. This translates into unmatched stability and superior efficiency thanks to a 30% reduction in bridle drag.

2010 Airush Outback Kite


The Outback has been developed for all levels of riders to enjoy the experience of kiting on snow or land. Whether a first time rider or a multi-season veteran, the new Outback offers stability, relaunch ability, depower, and safety into a predictable ram air kite. Designed primarily as an entry-level kite due to its stability and ease of use, the Outback is full of technical features and accommodates all levels of riders looking for an easy to use and stable kite.

By incorporating iCS Intelligent Canopy Shape technology we have been able to increase the stability of the kite as well as improve efficiency and reduce drag giving the rider a forgiving kite that sets the stage for fun.

2010 Airush Generator Kite


The Generator stands alone as the highest performance C-kite. In constant demand by the true C-kite aficionados including our Pro freestyle team and performance wave riders alike, the Generator remains incredibly fast flying and quick turning with a smooth but deliberate power delivery. Predictable and functional, the Generator offers uncompromised C-kite performance in an extremely dynamic and refined kite.

Available with 45cm or 55cm 5 line strap adjustable bar

2010 Airush Varial Kite


After extensive research into the performance characteristics most appreciated by the majority of kite buyers today, we set out with a no-compromise dedication to develop a kite to embody these features while redefining them and establishing new levels of benchmark performance.

A new addition to the Airush Kite family, the Varial sets the new standard in feeling, stability, and performance while enhancing the range, efficiency and lift that riders have come to expect from the new generation kites.

2010 Airush Lithium Kite
2010 Airush Lithium Light Wind Kite
13-15 Lightwind

The Lithium LW features a 13m and 15m version that were developed specifically for performance lightwind riding and to maintain exceptional ease of use and re-launchability. Due to a flatter geometry in the nose section of the LE and canopy, the Lithium LW offers massive low end and amazing upwind
ability in an agile and responsive kite.


The Lithium combines optimal turning, auto-relaunch, depower and new- school safety features in a kite that is simple, fun, and very easy-to-use. Through it’s innovative delta hybrid design, the Lithium offers refined performance characteristics that appeal to a wide variety of users and styles making it the perfect choice for a beginning rider or a seasoned pro.

The Lithium’s 4 strut canopy creates a stable and efficient power delivery while the leading edge has just the right about of sweep allowing for effortless auto-relaunch, pivotal turns and a C-oriented feel on the bar. The V3 Bridle System supports the arc and gives you a refined; yet direct feel when sheeting and provides full depower security. Featuring FrameTech construction and general reinforcements
throughout, the Lithium offers the full package of simplicity, safety, and performance.

Available with 45cm or 55cm 4 line bar

2010 Airush DNA Kite
13-15 Lightwind

2010 DNA

As one of the most popular kites in use at schools around the world, the DNA has gained a large following due to its relaunch, depower and safety characteristics.

Due to the high level of use and harsh conditions that beginners put school kites through, the DNA is the logical choice for any school or beginner.

Available with 45cm or 55cm 4 line bar

2010 Airush Inflatable Trainer Kite

2010 Airush Foil Trainer Kite

2010 Airush Wing Trainer Kite


Inflatable - 2m or 3m

The Airush Inflatable Trainer has been a stand out for learning and training purposes. While maintaining all of the attributes that make it a simple easy to use kite, we have simplified the panel layout and made it more durable and stable.

Foil - 2m or 3m

The Airush Trainer continues as a premium trainer kite with a focus on stability, easy relaunch, durability, and ease of use. Perfect to learn or teach the basics of kite control the Airush Trainer easily doubles as a traction kite for land or snow. With improved reinforcements in key stress areas, the Airush Trainer offers endless hours of learning and flying fun in a durable and long lasting package.

Wing 2m The wing trainer is a simple single skin kite that is perfect for learning basic kite control. The Wing Trainer comes complete with a control bar and 20m lines.

Progression: Learn the Best tricks direct from the Best riders in the worl

Aug 27, 2009

Progression Kiteboarding DVD 2nd edition

The new Progression Beginner Instructional DVD (second edition) is now available.
click for larger version

The new DVD includes chapter on the following aspects.

- Location and conditions: Understand your environment and become an observant and knowledgeable kiter
- Equipment and terminology: Overview of all kite styles and how they can make a difference to your progression
- Kite Setup: Breakdown and detailed explanation of kite and bar set up, giving you confidence and independence
- Launching and landing the kite: Understand how to safely start and end your session, using both 4 and 5 line kites
- Body Dragging: Flying the kite to give you the momemtum required to ride and recover your board
- Water re-launch & Self Rescue: Detailed re-launch technique and common problem analysis. Outline of the optimum self rescue process.
- Waterstarts and First Runs: Getting you up on the board and making those first crucial runs
- Riding and Staying Up Wind: Developing your riding technique and stance, mastering comfortable up wind riding
- Change of Direction – Sliding Turn: Learn the steps to keep your board and kite in sync, and your body out of the water
So if you took a kitesurfing course, plan to in the near future or just need a good refresher have a look as those DVDs are really well done as usual.
If you are past the beginner stage, just visit the progression website where you will find all the other instructional DVD they have done for intermediate riders and freestyling!

To watch the trailer of the new Progression Beginner Instructional DVD click here.

Advance Kaiman 3

Advance team spent the last 12months optimizing and developing the Kaiman.
The third model of the Kaiman is already crossing the skies!

Picture 5

In performances the wing has a top speed of flight thanks to the reduction of the aerodynamic resistance form, which will be translated into a greater windward and a range increase in high wind, despite the range in low wind is uncharged.

In turn the Kaiman in large measure has improved in speed from the second half of 360°in fact, in loop, it maintains the same rotation speed without slowing down. We have further cleaned the wing profile and so we have avoided bad deformation for some phases in flight increasing instead others that help the turn and the incident change in particular conditions.

Improved bridal system distribution of tension and its scaling according to the size of wing. Moving forward the profile, and decrease of the camber.

Optimization and development of the skeleton, with redesign of all sections to optimize the pressures with the use of one pump system.

To know more about the Kaiman visit

KPWT Magazine August 2009

The new World Tour Travel Magazine is now available

KPWT Magazine August 2009

Thank you to all the sponsors who have supported me and the tour this year!

I am so excited to see the outcome of all the hard work my team have endured over the last few months!
I have traveled to all the events on the 2009 tour this year and have met some amazing people and seen some beautiful locations!
I have written a travel journal for your viewing, which is available on the website:

It is filled with inside info and what it takes to play a role within the

Please enjoy the magazine with me and I hope I have given you a better understanding of what the KPWT is all about.

Keep in touch

Richard Mellon

Aboards Neoprene Wetsuit

This season Aboards team will have a new product. After the kiteboards and snowkiteboards they will produce wetsuits.
Their first wetsuit will be the ABoards Neoprene Wetsuit 5/4/3, Ultra Soft.

2010 Aboards Wetsuit

Aboards wetsuit is made of Termotex and SCX neoprene that will fit your body perfectly and leaves you really comfortable. It is specially designed for kitesurfers and windsurfers and it’s suppose to keep your body warm and protected. The wetsuit is suited for the wide range of temperatures with thickness 5/4/3. It’s outside coating is reinforced so you won’t be able to damage it easily in a contact with harness, board or other sharp objects. From the inside is supersoft to keep you extra-comfortable while riding.

Feature list:

  • Ultra soft and stretchy riding costume
  • Anatomic construction
  • Minimal muscle stress and freedom of movement
  • Multiple panels of Termotex and SCX neoprene
  • Termotex neoprene for high heat retention ratio
  • SCX neoprene with excellent stretch and flex parameters
  • Towel-like brushed inside jersey
  • Fleecy, soft and warm feeling on skin
  • Blindstitch glued seams
  • Water repellent outside coating
  • Light weight of wet costume
  • Soft outside neck panel
  • Double-neck collar inside
  • YKK metal zipper head
  • Rib-protect shock shields
  • Reinforced elastic croc-skin knee pillows
  • Shin protect pads at inside in front
  • Separate ankle velcro straps
  • Premium TEX-rubber graphics

Genetrix Origin

Genetrix Kiteboarding, the first kiteboarding brand to design flat kite back in 2000 unter the Name of Manta with Martial Camblon as always been pushing the limit of flat kite design and was the first kite brand to pass the 50 knots barriers in October 2008 with Sebastien Cattalen.
For 2010, Genetrix is developing a new kite called the "Origin". Surprisingly it will be a Delta inspired kite. So we can be sure that it has something special for the flat kite brand to go from one type of kite to another! (Remember F-one 3 years ago)
click for larger version
click for larger version
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More info on as soon as the new website is live.

Aug 23, 2009

Alby Rondina in Brasil 2009

...with his new Cabrinha Nomads !!

Airush Vapor 3 video

Aug 21, 2009

Liquid Force CPR system 2010 movie

Introducing the new Center Push Release control system from Liquid Force. See more at

BEN WILSON at home with his 2010 Octane Kites

Ben Wilson spends a few days at home on the Sunny Coast of Australia, hits some sweet waves and puts his new 2010 Octanes to the test.

Aug 20, 2009

2010 Slingshot Octane

The 2010 Octane is the next generation of one of our most successful designs. The REV; but also incorporates the DNA from the original Octane. Making the 2010 SLE Octane a quick, nibble, stable, power horse…

Key standout performance features would be stability in high wind, boost, loft, killer power band and quick smooth steering. Think of the Octane as a highly tuned Rev…

Also new for this year is the 2010 Comp Stick Control Bar. Key features for this would be the industry standard push release safety. Bionic Mickey Mouse Ears swivel, for lush clean front lines. The trim cleat has been sized down and the chicken loop rope has been minimized for better trim control and durability. For those that unhook the Chicken Loop Chassis Self-aligns to be ready to hook back in at a moments notice.

2010 Slingshot Octane from SLINGSHOT SPORTS on Vimeo.

Ben Wilson Kitesurf Accelerator Camp 2009

"This movie is a highlight clip of my recent week in Bali shooting for the Ben Wilson Kitesurf Accelerator Camp.
What an amazing week! The guys learned from the master and “kited” their guts out and I shot the shit out it!! From my perspective the location provided a smorgasbord of exciting and stunning visuals. The consensus from the camp participants was that it was an invaluable learning experience. Much Bintang was consumed!"

Ben Wilson Kitesurf Accelerator Camp 2009 from Jarrod Stillman on Vimeo.

Aug 18, 2009

2010 Dakine Pyro

For 2010 Dakine will keep selling their top harness, the Pyro.
Apparently the only thing that change was the color schema.

2010 Dakine Pyro

Visit to know more about their products.


Naish 2010 Torch promo video

Naish 2010 web site

The World’s Most Complete Kiteboarding Range… is Now Online!

Announcing the launch of the 2010 Naish kiteboarding website. The new site is full of in-depth product descriptions and insane photos. Now all the latest innovations and detailed product information are available to guide you in selecting your new kite gear.



2010 Cult: With a new shape that provides easier and higher performance capabilities.
2010 Helix: Revamped and featuring the revolutionary Sigma/Powerfoil canopy construction.
2010 Torch: The latest version continues to be the best C-shape kite in existence.
2010 Charger: The first ever Geo-Tech Delta Fusion Kite on the market.

Kiteboards: You will also find the most complete line of kiteboards, including the brand new Momentum, specifically designed for smooth landings. Being based in Hawaii it is natural that our line of custom wave boards is the most extensive in the world.

Soft Tech: Be sure to take a look at the new line of harnesses, including the dynamic and colorful KL Pro Freestyle and the 3D-Shaped Pro Waist.

Got a question? Go to the kite Q & A section for all your answers. Now, contact a dealer near you and get out on the water!

Aug 16, 2009

Swell Magazine editie 20 Online!!!

KPWT Dunkerque 2009 - Day 5

It was an exciting day on the KPWT Dunkerque Kitesurf Pro 2009 with some exceptional Freestyle action.
The wind was averaging 16 knots, South West on low tide at 14h00. The sun was out, not a cloud in sight and the spectators were on the beach ready to enjoy the kitesurfing action!

The highly anticipated heat between Christophe Tak and Jesse Richman started off proceedings and what a heat it was.
Tak began with a stylish low mobe switch followed by a 313. Jesse looked to be feeling the pressure a little, but landed a smooth double s-bend handlepass that seemed to settle his nerves. He went on to a front mobe, slim chance and blind judge 3 with excellent kite position and good style. Unfortunately today looked to be Tak’s and he went through the motions, performing an array of tricks including a back mobe 5, blind judge 3 and a tomahawk. He progressed into the quarterfinals to face Michael Shitzhofer. (AUS, JN). His dream of reaching his first semi final on the KPWT was ended though by Shitzhofer, who was again looking strong in his heats.

For the women, Gisela Pulido (SPA, AIRUSH) faced Sarah Demdoum (FRA, CABRINHA) in the first quarterfinal.
Gisela looked comfortable and seemed to have rested her knee well after her injury in Germany. She flew through Sarah, who just never seemed to settle in. I think the nail in the coffin for Sarah was an S-Bend Handlepass and a huge 360 by Gisela near the end of the heat. She will go on to face Ania Grzelinska (POL, NORTH) in the first semi final for the ladies single elimination.

At 16h00 conditions got really good and wind had picked up to over 20 knots. The semi final between Vincent Tiger and Shitzhofer looked as if they were both overpowered on their 10meter kites! Getting huge air and strong manoeuvres to entertain the many spectators that had come down to the beach to enjoy the festivities and the kitesurfing!

The other side of the women’s table saw Kari Schibevaag (NOR, OZONE) up against Hannah Whiteley (UK, JN). They both used the wind well to perform a cool board-off each, but Kari landed a very stylish S-Bend to blind that looked to win her the heat, and into her first KPWT Freestyle Final against Gisela Pulido. Gisela again proved too strong for the ladies within the freestyle discipline and took the ladies single elimination in Dunkerque.

The men’s final was between Peter Tyukjevich (RUS, FLEXIFOIL) and Michael Shitzhofer (AUS,JN).
Peter had been consistently strong throughout his heats, knocking out Leander Vyvey in the quarter-finals. His trick of the day must have been a front mobe with a very late rotation and an old school trick that looked to be 5 rotations!
The final was an absolute spectacle between two world-class competitors! Both with different styles, but maintained excellent kite positions when going through the manoeuvres that they thought were enough to take the title here in France.

After the single elimination was completed, the race director decided to take advantage of the good wind and run the juniors division. The results for this will be released tomorrow and lets hope we get another day with good wind!

Women Single Elimination:
1. Gisela Pulido (SPA, AIRUSH)
2. Kari Schibevaag (NOR, OZONE)
3. Ania Grzelinska (POL, NORTH)

Men Single Elimination:
1. Peter Tyukjevich (RUS, FLEXIFOIL)
2. Michael Schitzhofer (AUS, JN)
3. Steve Verelest (BEL, BEST)


Aug 15, 2009

Day 3 - Brazil PKRA Course Racing 2009 Barra do Cunhau

strapless kitesurfing in santa cruz

2010 F-One TT board range

In 2010 F-One will sell 5 twin tips: Trax 5, Tx, Acid, Sk8 and Rookie.

After the great success of the TRAX 4, here’s the new TRAX 5: lighter, thinner rail, double concave and 3D carbon which provides a huge pop and more rigidity in the center.

2010 F-one Twin Tip range

The new TX3 takes part in the shape of the TRAX 4, and it’s is ultra versatile board.

The Acid3, adopts a double concave for more sweetness (always a Freestyle).

F-one board Action

The F-One SK8 is according F-one a board ideal for strong wind, choppy watter and also hit some waves.

The Rookieexcellent board for juniors, start planning early, is easy, handy and has a stance suitable for small jigs.

2010 F-One Rookie

Aug 14, 2009

2010 Royal Solo

2010 Royal Solo

2010 Royal Solo2010 Royal Solo

2010 Royal Solo2010 Royal Solo

2010 Royal Solo2010 Royal Solo

Photos: Kitemovement

Aug 13, 2009

NAISH TORCH 2010 pictures

klik voor een grote versie

klik voor een grote versie

klik voor een grote versie

klik voor een grote versie

Kitenow #15, special Lobitos – Peru

Check out the latest edition of the Brazilian online magazine, Kitenow.
This issue is dedicated to Lobitos in Peru.
Lobitos is a little village in the middle of nowhere but with several first world class waves spots.

Several Brazilian riders went to Peru to kitesurf those great waves around Lobitos.
Click on the image below to read the magazine.

kitenow #15

Best Waroo 2010 walk through

Aug 12, 2009

Preview ZEEKO 2010

For just over a month now, the Zeeko fanily as been flying on the main Montpellier spot with the second generation Notus. You will remember that Zeeko is the new French brand that was sucessfully launched last year.

cliquez pour agrandir
More info really hopefully. In the meanwhile, you can go and visit

Wakeskate Cabrinha