Sep 30, 2009

San Teodoro E-vento report by

The complete report with pics and video of E-Vento 2009 in San Teodoro, Sardinia, Italy.

Sep 29, 2009

KPWT Morocco Single Elimination results

KPWT Morocco 2009

Thank you again to Dakhla Attitude, Mr Driss Senoussi and Soufiane Hamaini for their contributions towards such a successful event here in Dakhla.

Single Elimination Men:
Jesse Richman (HAW, CABRINHA)
Leander Vvyey (BEL, JN)
Peter Tyushkevich (RUS, FLEXIFOIL)

Single Elimination Women:
Gisela Pulido (SPA, AIRUSH)
Kari Schibevaag (NOR, OZONE)
Kriss Kinn (US,STRIBOG)

Junior Freestyle:
Kamil Gadjinski (POL, NORTH)
Blazej Ozog (POL, NORTH)
Forest Baker (FRA, FLEXIFOIL)

KPWT Morocco 2009

New Balance boards website online

The boards used by Alvaro Onieva, Bruna Kajiya, Petr Tyushkevich, Rui Meira, Karolina Winkowska, Sander Lenten, etc.

Balance kiteboards just launched their new website showing previews of their upcoming 2010 boards:

Team 30: 130 x 38.5
click for larger version

Check out

Interview of Bruna Kajiya for

Hanglos has had the chance to organise an interview a few months ago with the world famous Brazilian rider Bruna Kajiya. As you will probably be aware, Bruna has been on top of her game for the last few years. We have been able to ask her a few things about what she is up to, her riding style, the PKRA and much more on exclusivity for Hanglos.

This year there has not been has much events on the PKRA tour than over the last few years. Have you got any special plan like traveling or having a break from checking in every two weeks in a different hotel?
This year it’s been a lot more relaxed since we have a few stops less then usually so I got to spend a lot more time in only one place witch was a relieve, I also have more time to do things with my sponsors and that’s great. But I enjoy competing and I wish we had a couple more events on the year, right now we have 6 and I think 8 would be the right number.
click for larger version

Who is your biggest threat on the Tour, which girl do you have to look out for?
My competition on the Tour this past year was Gisela, we are always really close to each other but at the same time with such different styles, it’s a interesting things to watch…2 complete different riders, with different approaches trying to get to the same spot.

What’s your latest move?
My latest move is the back mobe, I had it a year ago already but I never managed to control it and now I’m getting there so I’m stoked with it.
click for larger version

We understand that you want to push girls into a more powered style like Aaron does with the guys. Do you think that girls are getting there?
I like to believe that they are, I see girls with strong personalities and visions that stick to the hard core kitting and try to push it everyday and that’s awesome. On the Pkra you can see other girls with really powerful style like Karolina Winkowska and more girls like her keep showing up to the stops and surprising us. You have recently been to the Triple S in Cap Hatteras (USA).
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Does it mean that we are going to see you hitting the sliders more often now?
Defiantly! I had a blast on the Triple S with all the sliders and the kicker and I wish we had more spots like Hatteras to ride on the obstacles.

Wakestyle with binding is quite popular at the moment.
Do you enjoy riding with bindings?

Yes, I enjoy it a lot but I don’t get to do it as much as I want since I have to be constantly training for the Pkra stops and on the comps. I have to ride with footstraps.

You use to be sponsored by Naish quite a few years ago then went on to ride for Best Kiteboarding and recently moved over to Flexifoil. Why did you decided to move to Flexifoil? What do you think of the Hadlow Pro kite and Flexi?
I had great years on Best but it was time for me to seek kites that have a better fit with my riding style. Best was more concentrated on the bow kites so the Yarga didn’t have much budget to be developed and improved and when you are competing on the World Tour you need the best gear for high performance riding. That’s what I found in Flexi and the Hadlow Pro, and I’m very happy riding with them.

What is the most difficult thing as a Pro Kiter. Travelling or competing?
For me is travelling, being away all the time and some times in bad hotels, changing location every week….it can get pretty hard. Competing becomes something you get use to and you develop your own techniques to do it so it’s not that hard….the hard part is preparing for it .
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A few very good kiteboarder like Kirsty Jones or Christine Boese are almost only focusing on waveriding nowadays. Is it something you want to push or is it simply not your thing at the moment?
I enjoy wave riding and it is defiantly something I plan to do it on the future but while I have the energy and motivation to be on the freestyle scene I’ll focus on that.

Any advice for girls who want to be Pro kiter like you?
Be patient because tricks need time to learn and to shape, always have your goals in mind to keep you motivated and never forget to have fun with it…it sounds weird but loosing track and missing the fun on riding happens a lot to Pro riders.

Are you based in Brazil all year around?
I’m based in Spain for the first half f the year and there my favourite spot is Tarifa, it’s amazing how much you learn when you ride there because you go from light wind Poniente to blowing super strong Levante. The other half of the year I’m in Brazil, I kite on the north of Brazil around Cumbuco and no comments need about the spots, just perfect wind 24/7 and no wetsuits!!
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What do you enjoy beside kiteboarding?
I enjoy practicing sports, my favourite one after kiteboarding is surfing, then snowboarding then wakeboarding….and the list goes on...

Bruna Kajiya is sponsored by Flexifoil and fly the Hadlow Pro 2009 (To see the review realised by hanglos click here) and by Maui Magic for all her girly surfwear, wet suit and Harness. To stay in touch with Bruna visit

Vari kites 2010 Catalog

You can download the new 2010 Vari catalog @ this page:

Sep 28, 2009

2010 Mystic wetsuits

The Kiteboarder Magazine was able to catch up with Mystic at the 2009 AWSI Demo. In this little video you can see the 2010 Mystic kiteboarding wetsuit and impact vest collections.

Sep 26, 2009

Mystic LEN10 model


Firewire surfboard

During last months Felix Pivec worked with Firewire Surfboards on the development of the Felix Pivec Pro model.

About 4 months ago we were approached by Felix Pivec, one of the world’s best kite surfers. We did not know that Felix had been riding our boards for some time and was interested in making some small adjustments for the demands of kite surfing. We jumped at the chance.

We worked closely with Felix refining our hi performance FUTURE SHAPES TECHNOLOGY construction to meet the added durability required for kite surfing, while maintaining all of the performance enhancing benefits of our flex technology.

Firewire Surfboards - Felix PivecFirewire Surfboards - Felix Pivec

The Felix Pivec Pro models are offered in 3 designs, all with foot strap inserts. There are 2 thrusters with continuous rockers from nose to tail for tight arcs on the open face, while the 3rd design offers a slightly flatter rocker with a quad set up for less demanding conditions.

Firewire Surfboards - Felix Pivec

Firewire Surfboards - Felix PivecFirewire Surfboards - Felix Pivec

Source: Firewire surfboards

Sep 24, 2009

Erik Volpe & Ben Wilson with the new Octane

Fresh Water

Antoine Auriol discovering some lakes in the South of Spain.

Ozone C4

Some more photos, taken at the Hood River, of the new Ozone C4.

2010 Ozone C4

2010 Ozone C4


Sep 14, 2009

PKRA Greece 2009 Final Result


The final day of the Paros World Cup 2009 organized and led by Lefteris Maniadakis closed to a perfect day despite the light winds. Weather conditions were warm and sunny with temperatures reaching 25 degrees Celsius.

The mandatory riders meeting got underway at 10:00 am as race director, Olaf Van Tol stated that he would postpone the scheduled events due to the nearly non-existent wind in hopes that the updated forecast would change.


Racers, organizers as well as a few locals decided to make the best of the last hours here in beautiful Paros, Greece. What better way to cool off than to take a dip in the warm Mediterranean Sea. A few sportive individuals went for wakeboarding sessions as well as some off-road fun.

Event organizer Lefteris Maniadakis announced at 2:00 pm that the wind forecast would not increase therefore the competition has sadly come to an end.

The awards ceremony was held on the beach at 2:30 pm. Spectators watched as organizers and supporters presented the awards to all the winners.

A total of 11 races were held during the 5-day event. German rider Kristin Boese (Best) is taking home the championship trophy for the women’s division. Greek first time racer Felicia Constandopoulou (Best) proudly walks away in second place followed by Maria Tampa (Naish, GRC) in third.


As expected, French rider Bruno Sroka (Cabrinha) steels the show for the men’s division, winning all 11 races followed by German rider Dirk Hanel in second place. Julien Kerneur (Takoon, FRA) made a lot of progress throughout the competition managing to take third place in this event.

The National Greek Freestyle competition was a great success. Local rider Mike Chatzilliadis (Flexifoil, GRC) managed to take first place, Iannis Tamvakis (Airush, GRC) take second place followed by George Argiriadis (Flexifoil, GRC) in third.

The first place winner for the women’s freestyle competition went to Maria Kampa (Naish, GRC), Afroditi Balasica (Best, GRC) takes home second place followed by second place women’s racing winner Felicia Constandopoulou (Best, GRC).


A special thank you to all the event organizers who made this competition such a great success.

Paros World Cup 2009 was sponsored in part by PPF Services, Blu Café, Greece Tourism, Paros Kite as well as x-dream.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Race Results (Final):

1. Bruno Sroka (Cabrinha, FRA)
2. Dirk Hanel (North, GER)
3. Julien Kerneur (Takoon, FRA)

1. Kristin Boese (Best, GER)
2. Felicia Constandopoulou (Best, GRC)
3. Maria Kampa (Naish, GRC)

Airush 2010 new website is online!!

PRO's Antoine and Leander kiting Canada: shortclip!

Royal Kiteboarding vid

Royal Kiteboarding latest video highlighting radical Dominican rider Robinson Hilario, stylish Santa Cruz, California rider Joey Pasquali and our product manager and designer Simone Vannucci.
Filmed in over 7 countries worldwide this video clearly shares our desire for creating tools that bring you fun around the world and for all riding styles.

Ruben @ home

Advance Kaiman 3 website

Sep 13, 2009

Australian kitesurfers cross the Bass Strait

Australian kitesurfers Ben Morrison-Jack and James Weight have crossed the Bass Strait to set a new world record in the stormy waters of Tasmania. They took 12-hour to conclude the trip across the 259 kilometer.

2010 Airush boards

Bas Koole was in the Fuerteventura for the 2010 Airush Dealer Meeting.

2010 Airush Boards

2010 Airush Switch2010 Airush X Over2010 Airush 2010 ProToyAirush 2010 Monaro - Sector

Sep 11, 2009

2010 North Kiteboarding website

North just published their new website.


And believe us It’s worth to watch North Kiteboarding new website and check all their gear for the 2010 season.

Visit it at

Sep 9, 2009


Ben Wilson kiting in Indonesia on his new Octane kites.

Catalog Blade 2010

Take a look at the all the Blade’s gear for 2010.


Bandit 3 video Trailer

F-One team riders are already riding the new Bandit 3. Soon the kite will be in your local kites shop.
Until then take a look at the Bandit 3 trailer.

Kitespain n.5

The 5th edition, September edition, of the Spanish online magazine, Kitespain, is online.

Click on the image above to read the magazine or click here to download the pdf version

kitespain #5

Sep 8, 2009

RICK JENSEN USK21 - ultimate - sick - kaos - section

Ozone News: Devlopment News 2010

Bild 1

Ozone News: Devlopment News 2010

As I am sure you are all aware research and development never stops and for 2010 we have some very exciting new kites coming your way.

First off we have just finished the Zephyr, a light wind specific kite. The idea was to try to make a big kite that is fun to ride with handling that is akin to a 13m!!! It is already dominating Course Races all over the globe when the wind is light and our team riders report the ability to jump in under 10 knots. It took a year to develop and quite a few protos for us to find the ideal combination of power and maneuverability but in the end we got it just about perfect. The best part is that you really can ride in winds below 12knots even on a regular size board. If you take a big board then you are riding in sub 10 knots….. no shit!

The next but the most exciting for me is the C4. This our new C style kite with easy re launch, fast handling and pop. The C4 is replacing the Sport for 2010 and so far the feedback is AWESOME from our team riders that have been putting it though the ringer. The fact that the re launch is so good and easy means that you can blow trick after trick and not worry about the kite hitting the water. It is a very easy kite to fly, it has all the attributes of a C kite but without the hassle. I know you are thinking that this already too good but that is not the end of it because the C4 also has loads of de power as well. This makes it the best choice for a progressive rider that wants a freestyle weapon and a wave kite all in one…….

The Edge has been a proven winner this year with all the racers. We are working on improving all aspects of the kite to keep it leading the pack in 2010. We are working closely with our race team to make sure that no stone is left unturned.

Last but not least is PROJECT X. Project X is a kite that replaces the lightXC but so far we have not fixed the name! The lightXC was a great kite but great things can be made better and that is what we are in the process of doing. So far the progress is amazing and we have protos that are very close to the finish item. All we got to do now is stop arguing about the name…… I would like to call it “supercalifraglisticexpialidoucious” but the rest of the guys think that it’s a bit of a mouthful!

From your feedback we are also introducing 50cm bars for all models in 2010, the only exception being the Zephyr that remains on a 54cm bar.

Ok folks that is as much as we are giving away at the moment but keep watching this space….




Sep 4, 2009

Ben Wilson test driving the first ever Aviso/Slingshot 5′8 Celaritas

John Omohundro (founder/owner Aviso boards) flew to Bali to join Ben Wilson for one of Ben’s wave camps and hand deliver the first 5′8 Celeritas out of the tool to him.
Check out the first day of surfing it and kiting it, the waves aren’t epic, but fun enough to get Ben hooked on the board as it’s super light, alive and if his theory of “it will last forever” is correct then potentially one the best constructed and feeling boards.

Video from KPWT Canada 2009

Chrono video Takoon

Kevin Langeree at Triple-C

Video of Kevin Langeree, Naish international team rider, during Triple-C at Gravelines!

Switchblade 2010 la video


Bandit 3 video


Vari Kiteboarding new kite: the Vulcan

The new kite from Vari Kiteboarding was spotted in Kailua.
Vari’s product manager Gabriel Dicio and Jeff Tobias are making the final tests on the new Vulcan.

The first impressions of the Vulcan is that it has an easy relaunch system, fast turning and predictable.

The kite will be presented to the kitesurf community at the Gorge Expo that will take place in the middle of September.

2010 Vari Vulcan

2010 Vari Vulcan

The August09 issue of The Kiteboarder is now online.
Download the Magazine in here