Sep 26, 2009

Firewire surfboard

During last months Felix Pivec worked with Firewire Surfboards on the development of the Felix Pivec Pro model.

About 4 months ago we were approached by Felix Pivec, one of the world’s best kite surfers. We did not know that Felix had been riding our boards for some time and was interested in making some small adjustments for the demands of kite surfing. We jumped at the chance.

We worked closely with Felix refining our hi performance FUTURE SHAPES TECHNOLOGY construction to meet the added durability required for kite surfing, while maintaining all of the performance enhancing benefits of our flex technology.

Firewire Surfboards - Felix PivecFirewire Surfboards - Felix Pivec

The Felix Pivec Pro models are offered in 3 designs, all with foot strap inserts. There are 2 thrusters with continuous rockers from nose to tail for tight arcs on the open face, while the 3rd design offers a slightly flatter rocker with a quad set up for less demanding conditions.

Firewire Surfboards - Felix Pivec

Firewire Surfboards - Felix PivecFirewire Surfboards - Felix Pivec

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