Sep 29, 2009

Interview of Bruna Kajiya for

Hanglos has had the chance to organise an interview a few months ago with the world famous Brazilian rider Bruna Kajiya. As you will probably be aware, Bruna has been on top of her game for the last few years. We have been able to ask her a few things about what she is up to, her riding style, the PKRA and much more on exclusivity for Hanglos.

This year there has not been has much events on the PKRA tour than over the last few years. Have you got any special plan like traveling or having a break from checking in every two weeks in a different hotel?
This year it’s been a lot more relaxed since we have a few stops less then usually so I got to spend a lot more time in only one place witch was a relieve, I also have more time to do things with my sponsors and that’s great. But I enjoy competing and I wish we had a couple more events on the year, right now we have 6 and I think 8 would be the right number.
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Who is your biggest threat on the Tour, which girl do you have to look out for?
My competition on the Tour this past year was Gisela, we are always really close to each other but at the same time with such different styles, it’s a interesting things to watch…2 complete different riders, with different approaches trying to get to the same spot.

What’s your latest move?
My latest move is the back mobe, I had it a year ago already but I never managed to control it and now I’m getting there so I’m stoked with it.
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We understand that you want to push girls into a more powered style like Aaron does with the guys. Do you think that girls are getting there?
I like to believe that they are, I see girls with strong personalities and visions that stick to the hard core kitting and try to push it everyday and that’s awesome. On the Pkra you can see other girls with really powerful style like Karolina Winkowska and more girls like her keep showing up to the stops and surprising us. You have recently been to the Triple S in Cap Hatteras (USA).
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Does it mean that we are going to see you hitting the sliders more often now?
Defiantly! I had a blast on the Triple S with all the sliders and the kicker and I wish we had more spots like Hatteras to ride on the obstacles.

Wakestyle with binding is quite popular at the moment.
Do you enjoy riding with bindings?

Yes, I enjoy it a lot but I don’t get to do it as much as I want since I have to be constantly training for the Pkra stops and on the comps. I have to ride with footstraps.

You use to be sponsored by Naish quite a few years ago then went on to ride for Best Kiteboarding and recently moved over to Flexifoil. Why did you decided to move to Flexifoil? What do you think of the Hadlow Pro kite and Flexi?
I had great years on Best but it was time for me to seek kites that have a better fit with my riding style. Best was more concentrated on the bow kites so the Yarga didn’t have much budget to be developed and improved and when you are competing on the World Tour you need the best gear for high performance riding. That’s what I found in Flexi and the Hadlow Pro, and I’m very happy riding with them.

What is the most difficult thing as a Pro Kiter. Travelling or competing?
For me is travelling, being away all the time and some times in bad hotels, changing location every week….it can get pretty hard. Competing becomes something you get use to and you develop your own techniques to do it so it’s not that hard….the hard part is preparing for it .
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A few very good kiteboarder like Kirsty Jones or Christine Boese are almost only focusing on waveriding nowadays. Is it something you want to push or is it simply not your thing at the moment?
I enjoy wave riding and it is defiantly something I plan to do it on the future but while I have the energy and motivation to be on the freestyle scene I’ll focus on that.

Any advice for girls who want to be Pro kiter like you?
Be patient because tricks need time to learn and to shape, always have your goals in mind to keep you motivated and never forget to have fun with it…it sounds weird but loosing track and missing the fun on riding happens a lot to Pro riders.

Are you based in Brazil all year around?
I’m based in Spain for the first half f the year and there my favourite spot is Tarifa, it’s amazing how much you learn when you ride there because you go from light wind Poniente to blowing super strong Levante. The other half of the year I’m in Brazil, I kite on the north of Brazil around Cumbuco and no comments need about the spots, just perfect wind 24/7 and no wetsuits!!
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What do you enjoy beside kiteboarding?
I enjoy practicing sports, my favourite one after kiteboarding is surfing, then snowboarding then wakeboarding….and the list goes on...

Bruna Kajiya is sponsored by Flexifoil and fly the Hadlow Pro 2009 (To see the review realised by hanglos click here) and by Maui Magic for all her girly surfwear, wet suit and Harness. To stay in touch with Bruna visit