Oct 2, 2009

Kitesurfing: a comprensive guide Dvd

After the Kitesurfing: The Complete Guide the three-time world champion Kristin Boese is now releasing the dvd tutorial Kitesurfing: A comprehensive guide with world champion Kristin Boese.

The DVD contains a complete learning program for kitesurfers of all levels. Starting from the chapter dedicated to the beginners with everything you should know about safety in kitesurfing and all kitesurf basics such as body drags, water stars , kite relaunch, steering and controlling your kite to riding switch and jibe.

Kitesurfing – a comprehensive guide

In the section dedicated to Intermediate rider Kristin introduces us to basic tricks; from chop hop to backroll to riding blind. Everything is explained in a very clear way from the rider perspective with a slow motion part where you can follow the moves of the rider as well as the kite easily. The movie is very well divided into section so you can watch it all following the progression or simply skip to the chapter or part with the trick you want to improve.

In the third part of the movie Kristin takes you to the advanced level where you can learn how to perform unhooked tricks such as back and front rolls, kiteloops and more complicated unhooked tricks; downloop s-bend, kiteloop raley and kiteloop backrool. Every trick is illustrated in slow motion and split in parts to better show the key points.

Finally in the last, expert part you can learn tricks that require a lot of confidence and practice such as blind and wrapped tricks and also aerial handlepasses. As in previous sections all the moves are explained clearly, step by step.

Whether you want o start kitesurfing or you want to improve your level this DVD is something you should most definitely watch. Of course for the beginners some classes with an instructor are highly recommendable. If you are an intermediate or an advanced rider and want to improve you can learn a lot from this great tutorial.

Source: KiteMovement