Dec 2, 2010

The New PKRA World Champion ANDY YATES Kiteboarder Profile

Fastest Sailor in the World! Rob Douglas "interview"

Nov 25, 2010

Kitesurf Wipeouts from THE UNKNOWN ROAD DVD

Nov 12, 2010

Ben Wilson Noise Features Video

Lewis Crathern jumped Brighton Pier

After jumped the Worthing Pier, Lewis did it again, bur this time jumped over the Brighton Pier

Nov 9, 2010

Rob Hila - Cabarete

Brunotti YZ pro 2011

Brunotti launches the new Youri Pro with a fresh design, reshaped tips and Flexcomfort footpads. The best selling freestyle kiteboard of the Brunotti Boards collection is refined even more for 2011.
This board is a result of a successful collaboration between Boardshaper Jinne Sietsma and PKRA killer Youri Zoon.

The quad-channel bottom, down-the-line-traction and power control is like never before. The triple concave between the foot area has been added for earlier and enhanced planning speed. A relatively parallel outline, rocker designed for speed, and wide tips ensure the boards tracks hard and is stable even with the hottest of landings. Complete with the new Flexcomfort footpads, for maximum comfort, foot protection, and board control.

The Youri Pro 2011 continues to be manufactured with a full WoodCore, which has proven to be the most durable and resilient construction in the market.

130 x 39
133 x 40(new)
135 x 41 (new)

Mr Ruben Lenten presents the S-Loop

Nov 3, 2010

BenWilsonSurf partners with Resin 8 surfboards

Resin8 marketing director Ruarri Spurgeon said “Ben Wilson has a special passion for surf kiting and his new company BenWilsonSurf has a strong strategy for delivering performance, value and quality to its customers. The Resin8 team is excited to be working with him.”

“I’ve been riding Resin8 boards for a long time, and have found them to be leading edge in design and what they are capable of with the kite in the surf.” says Ben Wilson. “As the kite scene grows in popularity, so does the demand for high quality kiting equipment and the board is one of the most important components of this experience.”

Ruarri said “Ben is the leader in surf kiting and his techniques are heavily influenced by surfing. Our collective plan is to offer some new products that will benefit the kite surfing world by combining Ben’s expertise and feedback, with our knowledge of board design”
The Resin8 boards have been built for speed and has facilitated surfers to ride some of the biggest and best breaks around the world, however pushing themselves further into the kite surfing sphere enables them to take kiting to the next level.

Ben added, “The stresses on a surfboard whilst kiting are much higher than contemporary surfing. Resin8’s proven technology in construction quality combined with unbelievable feel will enable me to push the boundaries and continue my relentless search for perfection.
This latest signing reconfirms Ben Wilson Surf’s association with leading surf companies and the crossover of kitesurfing and surfing. “It’s only a matter of time before more surfers see the value of adding a kite to their quiver. I am proud to be working with Resin8 and excited that we can use the one board for both sports

Oct 31, 2010

Rob Douglas smashes Speed Record

Records have been smashed all month long at this event; along with a new world speed sailing record we now have a new female record, and the first lady over 50 knots, with Charlotte Consorti posting a speed of 50.43 knots.
Sebastien Cattelan is the new European champion with 55.49 (1st to 55 knots).
New South African record set by Basil Cambanis with 50.75 knots.
New Namibian record set by Stefan Metzger with 48.57 knots.
New Solvinian record set by Jernej Privsek with 46.60 knots.

The fastest sailors of the 2010 Luderitz Speed Challenge are shown below:
1st - Rob Gouglas with 55.65 (USA)
2nd - Sebastien Cattelan with 55.49 (France)
3rd - Alex Caizergues with 54.93 (France)
4th - Sebatien Salerno with 54.28 (France)
5th - Sylvain Hoceini with 52.90 (France)

Ozone Catalyst 2011

Oct 19, 2010

2011 NOBILE kiteboarding online

Nobile published their 2011 website. For this new season they will some new boards: 2HD, Flying Carpet and Wood Skim.
Also new for the upcoming season is the kite Koinobori T5 with a pretty interesting graphics and flight characteristics.

Oct 12, 2010

Iksurf Mag October 2010

The latest Iksurf Mag is now available online on

This month, a great interview with Ruben Lenten as well as the crew behing all the F-one kiteboarding movies...

Kiteaid repairkits

Nothing like having to end your session early due to equipment failure. Kiteaid delivers kits to repair your kites. Looks pretty professional to me. Luckily I switch kites so fast that they dont get the time to wear out .

Kiteaid is proud to introduce to you our technilogically advanced products for repairing kites. Our sail repair product has innovated the way a kite can be repaired professionally without the hassle of costly stitch work. We use the best materials available to ensure a quick and easy repair everytime while on a kite trip.

Luderitz Speed Challenge 2010

3 National Records broken on 1st Day of Luderitz Speed Challenge The 1st National Speed Record broken within minutes of the start of the Luderitz Speed Event 2010 on what was expected to be simply a training session in anticipation prior to the big winds forecast for next week.
Kite surfer Gavin Broadbent smashed the existing New Zealand national record within 13 minutes of the first day of the 2010 Luderitz Speed Challenge on Friday 8th October at 2nd Lagoon, Luderitz Bay, Namibia. After only 3 runs his official average speed over 500m was recorded at 44.51 knots – the previous record being 40.68 knots.

70 minutes later, also on his 3rd run, Swedish windsurfer Anders Bringdal broke the Swedish National Windsurfing record. The existing record was 41.96 and his official recorded speed was 42.9 knots.Australian Kite surfer Tim Pumpa was the 3rd competitor of the day to set a new national record – Best Kite Speed record for Australia with an official speed of 40.72 knots. The previous record was 33.94 knots.
All new records are still to be ratified by the World Speed Sailing Record Council (WSSRC).

As predicted by the event organizers, Sebastian Cattelan and Sophie Routaboul, this event promises to be the most exciting speed sailing event in the history of the sport. For all the latest updates check out the official Luderitz Speed Event website

Check the movie of day 1 here:

The Official Website :
Pictures of this event :

Oct 7, 2010

Ben Wilson signs with FCS

FCS today announced the signing of world renowned kitesurfer Ben Wilson. Ben now joins the Global Team alongside professional surfers; Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Julian Wilson, and the Hobgood brothers. The partnership will include the production of a signature FCS Ben Wilson fin designed specifically for wave kitesurfing!

Aug 4, 2010

F-One Bandit 4 spy photos

Dominic Moore was able to test the prototype of the new F-One Bandit 4.

 F-One Bandit 4

I’ll keep it brief, and you didn’t hear this from me right, but the F-One Bandit 4 is nearing completion. It’s a little later this year; Raphaelle Salles and Silvan (boss and designer of F-One respectively) always make stacks of prototypes, and this year, they’ve surpassed even themselves.

 F-One Bandit 4

I flew the 9m with a surfboard and twin tip in a good blow for about 1hour. I’ll be doing a full review in primo conditions this September on the F-One press trip in Mauritius, and the report will go into Kitesurf Magazine.

 F-One Bandit 4

OK – so primary changes:

1. Thee struts
2. Different C-profile. Not more C, not less C, just curved in different spots
3. A new bar with a re-designed safety is in the offing, BUT the 4 still works perfectly with the 3 bar
4. Wingtips are much more squared off
5. Not so fat in the middle, fatter in the tips, but still a delta.

In flight:

1. More urgency to the steering – many will prefer the Bandit 4 handling to the Bandit 3. Put this lively feel down to the wider tips
2. Easier to hit the boost button with it
3. Same massive wind range as the Bandit 3
4. Even smoother and more forgiving when powered / in choppy conditions than the Bandit 3
5. Better kiteloops; the Bandit 3 was good, but the 4 flies up even faster to the zenith and gives you a nice lift on the way down

 F-One Bandit 4

In the short time I had to fly it, the 4 feels to have all the versatility of the 3, but the last few remaining quirks that were putting off die hard hybrid or C fans have been ironed out. I was most impressed with the direct feel of the 4 over the 3. I personally anticipate it will be an even better kite in the waves for this.

 F-One Bandit 4

Brief details over. Expect the same stellar build quality and Dacron Force Frame and Integrated Struts, oh and EVO bridle. Here are a few shots I grabbed, REMEMBER THESE ARE PROTOTYPES so there are no graphics and that’s why there are so many bridle connection points on them.

North 2011 Rebel

Callumn from North UK talks us through the features on the new 2011 North Rebel.

Jul 19, 2010

To accompany the new release of my website, Launch is a movie of a few good days on a small, fun Spring time swell in Hawaii. - Launch from Reo Stevens on Vimeo.

Launch has a bit of nearly every riding style: unhooked/strapped/switchstance, unhooked/strapless/switchstance and hooked/strapless/backside. There’s no “one way” to ride waves, just get out and have some fun.

Filmed by: Chuck Harlan, Intro FXs by: Jason Wanstrath, Edit by: Reo Stevens and music by: Every Move a Picture – Signs of Life.

To keep up with the latest news and videos, follow on Twitter, Facebook and

Naish 2011 – Race kite & kiteboard

Course racing is getting more and more popular. Aware of this, Naish Kiteboarding developed a a Kite and a kiteboard dedicated to Course Racing.The kite will be the new Charger and the board will be the Venturi

2011 Naish Charger
2011 Naish Charger

2011 Naish Charger

2011 Naish Venturi
2011 Naish Venturi

Check out this trailer of the 2011 Liquid Force gear.
Some of the Liquid Force Team riders (Craig Cunningham, James Boulding, Núria Gomà, Chris Burke, Josh Mulcoy, Brandon Scheid, Petter Johnsen, Julien Fillion, Lulu Vroman, Jason Slezak, Mauricio Abreu) riding the new gear in Cape Haterras.

Jul 11, 2010

North Boards 2011

VIDEO: This is Kiteboarding

This is Kiteboarding from Scribblevision on Vimeo.

2011 Cabrinha S-Killit

The 2011 Cabrinha surfboard range will be similar to the 2010 range.

2011 Cabrinha S-Killit

The construction of the 2011 Cab Surf range of boards:

  • EPS core
  • 160g glass re-inforcement on the deck covering the middle section
  • 200g glass reinforcement covering back footpad area
  • 220g glass reinforcement covering the front footpad area
  • 0.6mm wood in the deck
  • Carbon reinforcements

The new SKillit will be available with or without graphics in

  • 5′6″ x 19.5″ x 2 1/8ths”
  • 5′ x 18.5″ x 17/8ths “

May 24, 2010

May 20, 2010

Capo del Capo 2010

Classifica Nissan WaveMaster-Capo del Capo 2010 KITESURF:
3′ Abel LAGO
4′ Gabriele ANTONETTI
5′ Salvatore FENU
6′ Daniele CONCAS
9′ Pietro PACITTO / Gianluca MARCIS
11′ Simone PANFILI / Filippo MITA
13′ Enrico GIORDANO / Alessandro TABAK
15′ Davide CALATRI / Roberto RICCI

May 9, 2010

May 7, 2010

Felix Pivec kitesurfing Hawaii

IKsurfmag 20 Online

The Airush Wake Skate is the first of a new generation of kite specific wake skates that combines a kite specific rocker and a true wake skate outline to create an ideal strapless board for skate inspired tricks, terrain park riding and strapless freestyle.

2010 North Fuse

Apr 19, 2010

Pura Vida Costa Rica (Teaser)

Freeride Team trip Cosa Rica February 2010.
Filming: Ruud Overwater
Camera: GoPro HD

Big Windy - trailer

Big Windy is the new release from Bilderback Productions.

This new kitesurfing video features Moehau Goold, Davey Blair, Reo Stevens, John Amundson, Josh Mulcoy, Mauricio Abreu, Ian Alldredge, Bertrand Fleury, Marc Ramseier, Guilly Brandao, Tuva Jansen, Kristin Boese and Pete Cabrinha.

Mar 30, 2010

Gisela Pulido Interview in Hua Hin Kiteboarding World Cup

Maui Legacy – Wainman Hawaii

Stance did a story on Maui, and what is Maui without Lou Wainman & Niccolo Porcella.

Stance - Maui Legacy - Wainman Hawaii from WainmanHawaii on Vimeo.

Mar 16, 2010

Mar 11, 2010

Mar 8, 2010

Cabrinha Raceboard

Some photos of the upcoming Cabrinha Raceboard

2010 Cabrinha Raceboard

2010 Cabrinha Raceboard

The Dirty South – Teaser

The Dirty South - Teaser from BENWILSONVISION on Vimeo.

Ozone 2010 C4 designer talk video

Designer corner and action video of the new Ozone C4.

Ozone 2010 C4 from OZONE on Vimeo.

Feb 18, 2010

Bertrand Fleury joined Wainman Hawaii

Bertrand Fleury Joined Wainman Hawaii

After a couple year riding for Takoon, Bertrand Fleury decided to search for a new adventure and recently he signed with Wainman Hawaii for the 2010 season.

Currently he is in Hawaii riding and testing the 2010 gear with the whole Wainman crew and he is stocked with the new gear.

This season, Bertrand will ride for Wainman Hawaii, Oxbow and Dakine.

Slingshot Ignation, Crisis end Darko


Progression and evolution are key elements to building confidence and ultimate success in learning how to kiteboard. Having the right tool at the right price is equally important.

Slingshot showcases the new and improved IGNITION series twin tip board to complete the formula. Benefits of the user friendly outline, quality overall design, affordable price when combined with the KEY kite, and our commitment to superior customer service make the IGNITION twin tip board the perfect answer freeriders.

De Crisis

Progression and evolution are key elements to building confidence and ultimate success in learning how to kiteboard. Having the right tool at the right price is equally important.

Slingshot introduces the new CRISIS series twin tip board to complete the formula. Benefits of the user friendly outline, quality overall design, affordable price when combined with the KEY kite, and our commitment to superior customer service make the CRISIS twin tip board the perfect answer freeriders

De Darko

All NEW for 2010, Slingshot introduces the DARKO board series. The designer series DARKO is the first twin tip to feature FASTRACK, Slingshot’s proprietary mounting system offering endless stance options and a superior rider to board connection.
The DARKO is also the first board that is equipped with the latest core technology PRT (Progressive Flex Technology). PRT delivers an advanced, smooth, steady yet explosive pop to any freestyle minded rider through the innovative vertically laminated wood core.

Be on the look out for the newest high performance riders as they redefine freestyle kiteboarding with the signature DARKO designer series boards.

CREATIVE NOTE: The DARKO creative is based on original line and pencil drawings by Miq Willmott of Tweeqim Creative Lab. His robust history began as the creative vision for metal rock bands such as Motley Crue, moving onto his role as creative director of Hot Wheels and finally opening his own art center with his wife in Portland, Oregon. Miq currently provides art for such brands as Nike, Mattel, Dell Computers and Slingshot.

Lijkt mij dat Slingshot nu wel heel veel boards heeft, maar elk board wordt eigenlijk 'gelinkt' aan een kite nu. De Ignation en Crisis worden aanbevolen voor de Key en De Darko is dan weer gelinkt naar de RPM.

Feb 17, 2010

VaporX Brochure in Online

If you are a fan of Airush take a look at the brochure of the new VaporX.

Airush VaporX

Felix Pivec kitesurfing Firewire kite surfboards in Hawaii & Indonesia

Project +27 1.1

The first in a Series of videos of Aaron Hadlow shot in South Africa By

Slingshot Key HD

The Slingshot KEY HD is the newest kite in the Slingshot line up featuring the Hybrid Delta canopy.

Benefits to the freeride minded rider are unmatched range, superb upwindability, easy water relaunch, instant 100% depower and safety in a clean uncomplicated package.

Bundled with the KEYCHAIN control bar and the IGNITION twin tip board this package represents the best quality,performance and value today. Discover the key to successful kiteboarding with the Slingshot KEY HD/IGNITION package.

Met een aagepaste bar zonder stopper.


• Key HD Kite

• Keychain Control Bar

• Kite Backpack

• Jena J XL Double Pump

• Kite Patch Kit

• Key Quick Start Guide

• Lifetime Rider Service Membership

Feb 6, 2010

iksurfmag issue 19

The Issue 19 of IKSURFMAG is available online.

This issue features:
Pete Cabrinha
Ryland Blakeney
Technique with Christian and Karine
The latest 2010 equipment tested

Click on the photo to read it:

Iksurfmag issue 19

A Year in the Life of a Kiteboarder

Jan 28, 2010

Core Slider Jam Warm Up

The guys are warming up for the Core SLider Jam

Jan 13, 2010

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Chris Tronolone

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Chris Tronolone
By Paul Lang and Ryan Riccitelli

Originally Published in the December 2009 Issue of The Kiteboarder Magazine

I can remember the first time Gary Martin, the Technical Editor here at The Kiteboarder Magazine, came home from the first Surf Expo trade show. He managed to get a promo tape from Airush with some of the very first footage of Lou and Elliot and the rest of the Maui crew throwing it down wakestyle. The video had it all, and Lou Wainman and Elliot Leboe made jumping 30 feet on two line kites look easy as pie. Within a few months, that very first footage progressed into the video that changed my life. I have spoken with many people over the years who say that High is the video that grabbed them by the balls and made them want to learn to kiteboard.


There are always unsung heroes hiding out behind the lens, and Chris Tronolone and his crew at Trononlone Productions have been there every step of the way. It gives me great pleasure to tell this story about a crew of regular dudes who helped put kiteboarding on the map. Led by Chris Tronolone, the kiteboarding movies made by Tronolone Productions have been instrumental in inspiring people to learn to kiteboard and in exposing kiteboarding to a much wider audience than would otherwise know about the sport. – Ryan Riccitelli

It’s been almost a decade. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the last 10 years of kiteboarding?
The first thing that comes to mind is growth. It’s amazing, the amount of growth that we’ve experienced in kiteboarding which was just a novelty, and it’s really exploded into a worldwide phenomena. We’ve got a world tour, guys making free ride videos, and people giving lessons all over the world. It’s gone from a little backyard thing right here on Maui and it’s blossomed into a multinational sport. I’m really proud to have been a part of it.

How did you hook up with Lou Wainman and Elliot Leboe and what was it like putting together some of the very first footage of kiteboarding?
When I first met Elliot, I was shooting some windsurfing, and I was working with him a lot doing testing for a magazine. I first met Lou shooting with Elliot down at Camp One. They would go out, haul ass, and do bump and jump stuff. They would hit kickers and do huge forward and back loops. One day, Elliot called me and said, “Chris, you’ve got to come down and check this thing out, it’s this new thing Lou and I are doing.” I met them down at Sprecks and jumped in the water. They were doing double and triple back rolls and front rolls over my head, and it was amazing. Everything fell into place. We immediately started filming everyday and they had a house right on the beach where we would watch the footage. I knew we were onto something big. Through my affiliation with Lou and Elliot, since I was basically the first to be filming the sport and they were the first radical-style riders, most of the work that would come through would go to us. I was really fortunate, and I owe those guys a lot.

What was your background and had you done anything like this before?
My background as a cinematographer was in surfing and windsurfing. Surfing was a rush, you would get someone doing five-foot airs over your head and barrels were pretty exhilarating. Windsurfing was very exhilarating because they would do really huge airs, but kiteboarding was definitely the apex of it. The stuff that people would do on a kite, even in the beginning, was just mind blowing.

Did you think High, the first film you released, would be as popular as it was? Were you surprised when someone like Bertrand Fleury showed up in Maui because of that film?
I knew I was on to something huge with High because I had distributors knocking on my door before it was even done. As things progressed during the production, filming, and editing of the movie, I was surprised because it seemed like it was really blossoming into something great. When I premiered it in Leucate, France, I was invited to show it at the Cannes Film Festival. Back filming at Kite Beach, I was shooting Awake, and Bertrand showed up and he was speechless. His English was terrible, but he was saying that Lou was his hero and he was here to follow in Lou’s footsteps. This made me feel really proud, and I know it made Lou really proud too. To have people come seek you out because of something you made is a really nice feeling.

Lou Wainman became famous in the sport of kiteboarding, in large part due to his exposure in the Tronolone films. How far ahead of everyone else was he in the early days? Did anyone else even come close?
Lou was 100% ahead of everyone else. He was always ahead of his time. I think that just now some of the guys on the PKRA are catching up to the ability that Lou had in the beginning. It was amazing. He was light years ahead of everyone else. Even Elliot was having a hell of a time keeping up with Lou. Lou set the bar so high, that only now, 10 years later, are other riders starting to reach it.

How is kiteboarding on Maui different now than in was back when you filmed High and Awake?
The main difference between now and way back then is that we barely had a beach when Awake was filmed. We were battling it out with the windsurfers at Sprecks, and now we have like three beaches. We went from nothing, just a small faction of windsurfers, to become our own sport with our own beaches and our own crews.

What is the craziest story that you probably should not mention but you will that you experienced in your filming career?
At the end of High, when I needed to make some money Lou and Elliot offered me $80 to run into Burger King naked, say I had to take a crap, and drop a Whopper out of my ass. I ran outside, did three cartwheels, and ran all the way to Starbucks.

Tronolone Productions has always been a family affair. Who are all the members of the Tronolone Team?
There’s myself; of course my Dad, Sebastian Sr.; Buster; and Sebastian Jr.; and then we’ve got Shanti Berg; Nick; Elliot and Lou, the forefathers of course; and there’s a bunch of other guys too. My wife is my partner, and I’m very lucky to be surrounded by a lot of people who care about me, especially my wife. She’s the best.

What is your roll now with the PKRA?
My job is to produce television shows with Shanti and Buster and get them aired in North America and Europe. I work with Mauricio Toscano and the whole team at PKRA to promote the tour on television and in video.


Are kiteboarding DVDs important anymore? Do they have as much impact and influence as they used to since the evolution of YouTube and other video sites?
Kiteboarding DVDs will always be important because having a tangible movie that you can carry around with yourself gives people pride in ownership and allows people to collect them and riders to sign them. YouTube and internet streaming has definitely changed things because it gives you the ability to release the media immediately, but DVDs will always be important to the sport of kiteboarding.

What are some of the challenges to shooting and producing kiteboarding videos?
Getting the location, conditions, and the riders together. Basically you have to be in the right place at the right time, with the right riders. It also helps to have really good equipment.

What other projects have you been involved in outside of kiteboarding?
I’m currently working on an independent feature film that I’ve written and I’m producing in conjunction with Shanti Berg. I’m also working with a new network called the Extreme Sports Network, which is airing on the Dish Network.

Who have been your favorite riders to shoot with?
If I had to list them, they would be Lou and Elliot, the Space Monkeys Crew of Jaime Herraiz, Will James, Martin Vari, and Jeff Tobias, and also Niccolo Porcella is really fun to work with. He has a great style and a great attitude. Aaron Hadlow, Kevin Langaree, Ruben Lenten, and everyone from the PKRA have also been great. It’s hard to name your favorite rider. Everyone I’ve worked with has been amazing. I love all of you guys.

What type of equipment are you using to shoot now? How does that compare with what you started with?
I’m using Panasonic P2 equipment right now. It varies a lot. Back in the day I used a VX-1000, which was DV and was recorded on tape. Now I shoot full-sized uncompressed HD onto hard drives.

You have been hanging out with and filming Niccolo Porcella since he was 13 or 14. What has it been like watching him grow up in front of your lens?
It’s been amazing. I just edited a sort of nostalgia piece for Wainman Hawaii going from his early days up to the present. Niccolo is actually starring in one of my independent films, so look for a lot more from Niccolo Porcella. He’s an amazing athlete and an amazing person.

Are there any new projects on the way from Tronolone Productions?
We’re coming out with a really bad-ass DVD. You’ll see the ads and the internet promo coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Looking back over the last decade, what do you think is next?
We’ll be seeing more people pulling 720s than just Andre Phillip and Aaron Hadlow. We’ll be seeing 1080s and triple handlepass rotations, bigger wave riding, more barrel rides, and bigger sliders. Basically, we’ll be seeing more of the same, just times ten.

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A Kiteboarder's profile of Nicolas Falcou Shooting in Mauritius Island in 2009
Spot : The Morne

Mystic announces a new era: MYSTIC WOMEN

ION Apex Kiteboarding Harness

The ION Apex Kiteboarding Harness is the new top of the range Kitesurf waist harness for the 2010 season.


Jan 2, 2010

IKA approves European Freestyle Championship Series


For 2010, the International Kiteboarding Class Association (IKA) announces the first official European Championships in Freestyle Kiteboarding.

A tour of five events will determine the best European Kiteboarder in the thrilling discipline of freestyle. Each individual event will also offer kiteboard racing with ranking points counting towards the IKA world ranking to cover two of the most attractive disciplines.

For 2010, the tour starts with stages in Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and at least one more country, and will have a total Price Money of more than 60.000€.

“Due to the fact that the tour will be hosted by existing and well introduced events such as Surf Cup Podersdorf, Kiteboard Open in Nordweijk and Kitesurf WorldCup Sylt, the Kitesurf Tour Europe attracts more than 250.000 spectators and ensures extensive European Media-Coverage via national identification by the media. For the riders, the series offers a great opportunity to compete in a professional set up without major travel expenses”, states Thilo Trefz, CEO of Brand Guides.

Brand Guides, the operator of this first european tour, is an Hamburg/Germany based agency specialized in lifestyle and extreme sports and founder of the german kiteboarding championship series, the Kitesurf Trophy ( which is held with 39 events since 2002.

“It`s a great step to present kiteboarding to the european audience at the most beautiful and popular beaches of Europe. We are happy to utilize Brand Guides` nine year expertise in running high level kiteboarding events for the execution of the Kitesurf Tour Europe”, Markus Schwendtner, Executive Secretary of the IKA added.

The web Site will show the most recent details about the tour, and will be updated on a regular base.