Jul 19, 2010

To accompany the new release of my website ReoStevens.com, Launch is a movie of a few good days on a small, fun Spring time swell in Hawaii.

ReoStevens.com - Launch from Reo Stevens on Vimeo.

Launch has a bit of nearly every riding style: unhooked/strapped/switchstance, unhooked/strapless/switchstance and hooked/strapless/backside. There’s no “one way” to ride waves, just get out and have some fun.

Filmed by: Chuck Harlan, Intro FXs by: Jason Wanstrath, Edit by: Reo Stevens and music by: Every Move a Picture – Signs of Life.

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Naish 2011 – Race kite & kiteboard

Course racing is getting more and more popular. Aware of this, Naish Kiteboarding developed a a Kite and a kiteboard dedicated to Course Racing.The kite will be the new Charger and the board will be the Venturi

2011 Naish Charger
2011 Naish Charger

2011 Naish Charger

2011 Naish Venturi
2011 Naish Venturi

Check out this trailer of the 2011 Liquid Force gear.
Some of the Liquid Force Team riders (Craig Cunningham, James Boulding, Núria Gomà, Chris Burke, Josh Mulcoy, Brandon Scheid, Petter Johnsen, Julien Fillion, Lulu Vroman, Jason Slezak, Mauricio Abreu) riding the new gear in Cape Haterras.

Jul 11, 2010

North Boards 2011

VIDEO: This is Kiteboarding

This is Kiteboarding from Scribblevision on Vimeo.

2011 Cabrinha S-Killit

The 2011 Cabrinha surfboard range will be similar to the 2010 range.

2011 Cabrinha S-Killit

The construction of the 2011 Cab Surf range of boards:

  • EPS core
  • 160g glass re-inforcement on the deck covering the middle section
  • 200g glass reinforcement covering back footpad area
  • 220g glass reinforcement covering the front footpad area
  • 0.6mm wood in the deck
  • Carbon reinforcements

The new SKillit will be available with or without graphics in

  • 5′6″ x 19.5″ x 2 1/8ths”
  • 5′ x 18.5″ x 17/8ths “