Oct 31, 2010

Rob Douglas smashes Speed Record

Records have been smashed all month long at this event; along with a new world speed sailing record we now have a new female record, and the first lady over 50 knots, with Charlotte Consorti posting a speed of 50.43 knots.
Sebastien Cattelan is the new European champion with 55.49 (1st to 55 knots).
New South African record set by Basil Cambanis with 50.75 knots.
New Namibian record set by Stefan Metzger with 48.57 knots.
New Solvinian record set by Jernej Privsek with 46.60 knots.

The fastest sailors of the 2010 Luderitz Speed Challenge are shown below:
1st - Rob Gouglas with 55.65 (USA)
2nd - Sebastien Cattelan with 55.49 (France)
3rd - Alex Caizergues with 54.93 (France)
4th - Sebatien Salerno with 54.28 (France)
5th - Sylvain Hoceini with 52.90 (France)