Nov 3, 2010

BenWilsonSurf partners with Resin 8 surfboards

Resin8 marketing director Ruarri Spurgeon said “Ben Wilson has a special passion for surf kiting and his new company BenWilsonSurf has a strong strategy for delivering performance, value and quality to its customers. The Resin8 team is excited to be working with him.”

“I’ve been riding Resin8 boards for a long time, and have found them to be leading edge in design and what they are capable of with the kite in the surf.” says Ben Wilson. “As the kite scene grows in popularity, so does the demand for high quality kiting equipment and the board is one of the most important components of this experience.”

Ruarri said “Ben is the leader in surf kiting and his techniques are heavily influenced by surfing. Our collective plan is to offer some new products that will benefit the kite surfing world by combining Ben’s expertise and feedback, with our knowledge of board design”
The Resin8 boards have been built for speed and has facilitated surfers to ride some of the biggest and best breaks around the world, however pushing themselves further into the kite surfing sphere enables them to take kiting to the next level.

Ben added, “The stresses on a surfboard whilst kiting are much higher than contemporary surfing. Resin8’s proven technology in construction quality combined with unbelievable feel will enable me to push the boundaries and continue my relentless search for perfection.
This latest signing reconfirms Ben Wilson Surf’s association with leading surf companies and the crossover of kitesurfing and surfing. “It’s only a matter of time before more surfers see the value of adding a kite to their quiver. I am proud to be working with Resin8 and excited that we can use the one board for both sports