Feb 25, 2011

2011 Xenon kiteboarding website

Find out what is Xenon kiteboarding experience all about…

Feb 20, 2011

Takoon Chrono

The design of the new Chrono is synonymous with power, upwind ability and hang time.

Takoon CHRONO Kite for Kiteboarding from Takoon on Vimeo.


Feb 19, 2011

Mystic Warriors and the New 2011 Collection

The 2011 Mystic collection, developed and ridden by the Mystic Warriors. Video shot on location around Essaouira, Morocco.

Feb 13, 2011

A day kitesurfing in the WEST!

Ben, Brodie & Dano headed over to West Oz to test some product with Ryland. The waves were small, but the wind was cranking, so the boys had fun!

Feb 4, 2011

Vice 2011 - Fluid Kiteboarding.

Fluid Kiteboarding Vice 2011 Push the limits in high performance kiting.
Push the limits in high performance kiting.
The generation 2 Vice is the hardcore freestyler in the range, riders looking to push the limits in competition riding, handle pass, powerful kite loops and slider action. The unique design of the Vice along with the fifth line support provides an incredibly direct feel, reducing the movement in the kite giving a powerful constant pull through loops and turns.

The Vice also has a higher depower option enabling intermediate riders to get into the latest high end freestyle. The fifth line has been setup as the ultimate safety in 5 line kites, making the Vice a great training device for competitions and progressive riders.

The Vice give’s you maximum pop, fast turning, extreme lift, unmatched stability but also giving the rider more than just a C, a kite that will make it possible for intermediate riders to get the most performance out of the kite without feeling like they have taken on something they can’t handle due to the depower options, safety system, easy relaunch and reverse relaunch.

- 5th line with Y split
- 3 Speed settings Fast - Slow (steeringline)
- 3 Powersettings (frontline)
- Extreme pop
- Fast turning
- Extreme lift
- unmatched stability
- XXL Single Inflation/Deflation

Those who've tested it, are the ones riding it.

Check out all the details www.fluidkiteboarding.com
Fluid kiteboarding. Loop it, slide it, style it, pass it.

F-One Volt

The VOLT is a lot more than a school kite, this kite benefits from 4 years of DELTA C-SHAPE R&D. 3 struts, one pump, original DELTA C-Shape… it combines all the qualities of the Bandit IV to the easiness of use of the Revolt. The VOLT will be released alongside the all new NEXT board in an attractive package. The NEXT is an evolution from the Fluid and 50PRO, with significant gains in smoothness and control thanks to a new concave and the same 2011 board accessories you can find on more advanced boards (Unibox Asymetrical Fins + Platinium Pads & Straps).

Both products will be available in the VOLT PACK.

These products will be available in April.


New reinforcements on the leading edge. Allows the leading edge’s seams to not damage the spi fabric when the kite rubs on a hard surface. In navigation, the VOLT gives you confidence because it provides an early and progressive traction during the first meters with a constant power that you can kill at any time. Controlling your speed and keeping your trajectory is excellent. The VOLT fits all wind conditions and has an exceptional range. Thanks to its three struts, the kite is light. The bar control is precise in order to feel the kite tension and its position in the air, but it’s also very forgiving to riders mistakes.

Because of its Delta C-Shape concept, the navigation is fluid with a predictable flight behavior. It’s also very stable and offers a fast and efficient auto-relaunch.

- 3 struts
- Lines setup identical to Bandit 4
- One pump
- Shorter EVO bridles to optimize relaunch and safety
- Reinforcements


In sizes 135cm 140×40cm and 140×42cm

The NEXT is the ultimate freeride board. It adapts to all conditions of wind and sea. Comfortable and forgiving, it offers a quick and fast planning but then retains a reasonable top speed. With its ability to go upwind and always under control, it is suitable for all freeride riders as well as beginners.

The large sizes 145 and 150 are specialized boards for ultra light wind. Excellent for quick planning and performance you’ll be the first on the water!

With the Unibox fins system and their Response fins, gliding and edging is natural and effortless.

New Takoon Reflex C- Kite

New release from Takoon Reflex kite second generation C-Kite Hybird with 4 struts.






The new Reflex design is focussed on
versatility and control - a very predictable “one
for all kite” to ride in all locations and conditions.
The optimal weight/rigidity ratio is achieved due to
its 4 strut design. Its hybrid C shape and moderate
aspect ratio offer direct bar pressure and unmatched

The Reflex design is hybrid in nature but “C” at
heart. The idea is to provide a direct bar feel which
brings precision piloting and ensures easy progress.
You know at all times where the kite is in
the air without looking at it, and its direct steering
allows you to manouever it to precisely where you
want at all times.

The leading edge bridle provides exceptional shape
support and effective distribution of canopy loads
across the entire kite when depowered, making it
really efficient and safe. The Reflex offers a fluid
ride, makes upwind riding easy and supports a
large wind range.

The specific location of the 4 struts on the Reflex
offers optimal efficiency, the strut-less central
section increases power for fast planning and good
lift when jumping and excellent low end grunt.


5m2 7m2 9m2 12m2
(22<40) (17<33) (15<27) (9<19)

The Reflex provides excellent pop for wakestyle
due to its specialist shape and power generation is
optimised due to its swept-back profile. Unhooked
riding and new school moves become easy as
the kite flies effortlessly without trimming.

The tip design creates an exceptionally reactive
kite with unmatched turning ability, perfect for
wave riding. Its ease of use will give you
confidence to push your limits.

The moderate aspect ratio offers an easy and
stable kite. This provides automatic take off from
the wingtips in every situation. The Reflex offers the
best re-launch ability of any kite in the Takoon

The new Reflex construction gives this kite the best
chance of surviving in demanding conditions. It is
reinforced at all critical wear & tear points and has a
single inflation system for added simplicity.