Apr 22, 2011

F-One Be my guest Episode 01

Apr 13, 2011

Iksurfmag Issue 26

Apr 12, 2011

Apr 6, 2011

Episode Three: Team Meet Up Down Under

Sam Light hooks up with Naish Riders Jalou Langeree, Flo Daubos and young Australian Ewan Jaspan for a kiteboarding paradise session in Oz. Three guys, a girl and a...kangaroo? wallaby? wombat?...Check out the action!

Apr 5, 2011

PKRA Marocco: results

It was a great final day in Dakhla, Morocco. Riders prepared their 10-14m kites for the continuation of the men and women freestyle double eliminations, which began early this morning under cloudy skies with winds averaging 15 knots. The conditions were stable for the last round of heats.

The women kicked off the final day of competition as Kari Schibevaag (Ozone, NOR) battled Asia Litwin (Nobile, POL) in the first heat of the day. Schibevaag broke her kite leash on her first trick therefore Litwin advanced to the next heat Podium freestyle women against Karolina Winkowska (Slingshot, POL). It was a great heat for the two Polish riders however Winkowska takes the win due to her cleaner landings, kite position, technical difficulty such as a switch blind judge and blind judge 3.

Winkowska advanced to challenge Gisela Pulido (Airush, ESP). Pulido eliminated Winkowska in a 5/0 judge’s decision due to more technical difficulty and variety of tricks such as an air back to blind and a kite loop slim chance which is a very technical trick for women competitors. Pulido went on to the final heat to face Bruna Kajiya (Flexifoil, BRA). It was a close heat with a 3/2 judge’s decision in favor of Kajiya. Kajiya’s power, speed and execution of tricks such as a switch blind judge, air back to blind with a grab and kite loop with a 360 rotation won over Pulido’s kite loop slim chance, switch 313 and front low mobe enabling Kajiya first place in the freestyle double eliminations while Pulido finished in second.

It was an exciting final round of men’s freestyle. Alberto Rondina (Cabrinha, ITA) eliminated Tom Hebert (North, NCL) in the first men’s heat of the day advancing him to the next heat against Andy Yates (Slingshot, AUS). Yates defeated Podium freestyle menRondina in a 5/0 judge’s decision due to his variety of switch tricks, kite position, speed and power such as a S-Bend pass landing toeside (S3), front mobe to blind and KGB to blind. Yates moved up the ladder to challenge Alex Pastor (Airush, ESP). It was a very close heat however Yates takes the win for variety and execution of tricks such as his powered front mobe to blind and S3 over Pastor’s front mobe, blind judge 3, air back to blind, switch low mobe and KGB -180. Yates moved up the ladder to face Youri Zoon (Slingshot, NED) in the men’s final. It was a close heat however Zoon was on fire with his double set of trick combo’s such as a back mobe, 313, blind judge 3 and non-inverted slim chance then a front mobe, switch blind judge 3 and non-inverted slim chance, defeating Yates in a 5/0 judges decision due to variety, technical difficulty and better execution of tricks.Podium wave men

A couple of attempts to resume the wave double elimination came to an end shortly after 2:00pm due to the light wind conditions. An award ceremony to announce the event winners was held at the Dakhla-Attitude campsite where the local press, officials, government executives, as well riders and crew attended.


1. Youri Zoon (Slingshot, NED)
2. Andy Yates (Slingshot, AUS)
3. Alex Pastor (Airush, ESP)
4. Alberto Rondina (Cabrinha, ITA)

1. Bruna Kajiya (Flexifoil, BRA)
2. Gisela Pulido (Airush, ESP)
3. Karolina Winkowska (Slingshot, POL)
4. Asia Litwin (Nobile, POL)


1. Keahi De Aboitiz (Cabrinha, AUS)
2. Airton Cozzolino (North, CPV)
3. Abel Lago (RRD, ESP)

1. Kari Schibevaag (Ozone, NOR)
2. Angela Peral (North, ESP)
3. Ainhoa Garcia (Ozone, ESP)

Nobile Pimp Your Board 2011

2nd edition of our “design and win” competition is now on. Again you may try your graphic skills and design a new look for Nobile 50Fifty board. We have a Nobile 50Fifty (voted “Best Twip Tip of 2010” in Ksurf Magzine Readers Awards) to give away for the winner, and two Nobile Kiteboarding softgoods packs (including hoodies, thshirts, lycras and much more) for the second and third place.

The contest is open for professionals and amateurs - there's only one condition - you have to use Nobile Kiteboarding logo and 50Fifty Nobile board shape (to download the files go to http://nobilekiteboarding.com/index_en.php?p=Page&id=764 and then click “Pimp Your Board Downloads”)

To enter the competition send your designs by 31th of May to: pimpyourboard@nobilekiteboarding.com and do your best so other will vote for your artwork.

The competion will be run on Nobilekiteboarding Facebook fanpage
On the 1st of June we will publish all the artworks at our Facebook profile and voting for the best design will start. Voting is open for all our Facebook fans. The rules are simple: the design that gather most “likes” wins – now it is you who decide which design is the best! Voting will end on Sunday, 19th June.

All the artworks will be also published at Nobile Kiteboarding website –www.nobilekiteboarding.com .

Send your work to us till 31th of May
Ask yours friend to vote for your design on Nobile Kiteboarding Facebook profile
Get yourself the new 50Fifty!

And if we will like your design then maybe we will make a special edition of your dream board?

Technical info – we only accept:
files in *.jpg and *.tiff format
no bigger than 5mb
max 2 designs per author

Don't forget to send us all your details.

By sending your submission you are agree for publication of the artwork on the web, magazines galleries, facebook and others. We will not use submited graphics for commercial use without contacting the author.

Good luck and have fun!

Horror session in Western Australia

Lost kites, destroyed jet ski and a dislocated shoulder all at Ryland's secret slab in one session! It's cool how at anyone time the ocean can show you how small you really are!

Starring - Alex Lewis-Hughes, Toby Bromwich, Cam Prest, Ryland Blakeney, Dale Stanton and Keahi De Aboitiz.

Filmed by - Darren McCagh
Edited by - Ollie Jacobsen

Ian Alldredge signs with BenWilsonSurf

BWS announced that it has signed world-class kitesurfer Ian Alldredge to a multi-year endorsement deal. Allredge joins the BWS global athlete program alongside Josh Mulcoy, Ryland Blakeney and Ben Wilson.

“I want to push myself to new levels and feel this is a move which will help me reach my goals” says Alldredge. BWS and I share the same vision for bridging the gap between surfing and kiting, so it’s awesome to have their support”.

Ben Wilson, founder of BWS, says: “We’re stoked to welcome Ian to BWS. Ian is the Dane Reynolds of surf-kiting. His above the lip surfing is crazy and way ahead of its time … Plus he is really humble and approachable, which is a really important element for BWS”.

The partnership will include the production of a pro model surfboard designed by Ian and BWS, to be released later this year. “I’ve been riding the Noise kites for the past few months and making sure I liked the gear was the most important thing for me.

Being able to work on my own board is a really exciting project as I’ve never had the opportunity to have input into board design in the past”. Says Alldredge

PKRA 2011 Thailand TV SHOW - Hua Hin