Sep 17, 2011

Airush Varial X Race 2012

Kite Features

The Varial X and Varial X Race kites introduced by Airush for the 2012 season are two new generation types of flying machines. Both have similar structures, with minor differences. The Varial X is a perfect freestyle and freeride kite for hardcore riders, while the Varial X Race is dedicated to racing enthusiasts. The Airush Varial X Race blends the successful features of the Varial with those of the Vapor X to offer a unique riding experience.
• V3 Bridle System
• C-Kite Structure
• High Aspect Ratio
• One Pump Inflation System
• Excellent Light Wind Performance
• Excellent Upwind Performance
The new kite line introduced by Airush for the 2012 season it intended to shape a new futire for the kiteboarding world. Every kite model has been carefully tuned and tweaked and it is ready to offer the best performance in its class. Especially for hardcore and dedicated racing enthusiasts, the Airush team has designed the Varial X Race. The kite has a similar design as the 2012 Varial X, but it is available in 13 and 17 square meters sizes only and it is a race and lightwind oriented kite.
The Varial X Race can get you running at incredible speeds when all the other riders sit on the beach and wait for the wind to pick up. At the same time it is ready to take you on the first podium position of any racing competition. The kite is engineered suing a high aspect ratio and a refined C-shape structure. It deploys plenty of power and reaches the top speed in no time. The canopy is supported by a V connection for the bridle to assure that the rider can steer the kite even if it is depowered.
The kite uses the innovative V3 bridle system which provides excellent depower and relaunch. The bridle uses a simple pulley system to keep the rider in control at all times. The kite generates massive power and incredible hangtime. It is guaranteed to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding and extreme riders out there. The narrower race profile and thinner struts make the kite extremely aerodynamic and fast. The kite can propel you like a rocket in light winds without a problem.
Although it is powerful and fast, the Airush Varial X Race is easy to operate and very stable. It has an optimal bar pressure and it is very reactive. The rider can perform spectacular tricks without worries. Used with a dedicated racing board, the Airush Varial X Race is ready to win all world class competitions. The kite is available in three color schemes and comes complete with leash, lines, bar, pump and bag.

Control Bar

The Airush Smart Bar was developed to offer high performance kite handling. It is perfect for both beginner and advanced riders, and blends new technology with user friendly features. It offers maximum efficiency and simplicity at the same time.

- BRAIN Quick Release System
- Total Depower Safety
- Pull off depower strap
- 4 or 5 line set up options
- Adjustable length
- OS Handles
- Active removable stopper ball
- Color coded connections
- Center Safety Line
- Auto Orienting QR