Sep 17, 2011

Gaastra Hatch 2

Huge power reserves combined with total control make the Hatch2, the most user-friendly package of all time. Quick and easy to assemble, the high quality workmanship and easy relaunch are standards for designer Urs Hungerb├╝hler.

What makes the Hatch2 stand out from the crowd is an uncompromising user experience on the water, coupled with anything but a boring character.The Hatch2 comes to life when you realize the sheer power it has.
Together with the balanced flying characteristics and the absolutely safe handling in any situation, it guarantees quick success. And it does not matter if you are a beginner or pro- the Hatch2 is the best tool for endless fun on the water.

The RNEH (Radial Nose Easy Handling) profile in the center area provides a balanced ratio of power and easy handling. The profile provides medium drag, which makes the kite predictability and keeping it from stalling. It generages big lift and huge hangtime! The medium bar pressure gives you direct feedback from the bar, so you always know exactly where the kite is. Shaping characteristics are made for effortless relaunch capabilities. The Hatch gives a straight steering behavior and follows your commands without fail. The NACA 0018 profiles in the tip area allow for clean and fast steering. A very sportive kite that will boost any skill level!

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