Oct 22, 2011

A Surfboard Bag for Dedicated Beach Bums

Camping on the beach with the sound of the surf is a great way to relax, but when you're a surfer, it's also the easiest way to guarantee you won't miss a great wave when the tide rolls in. So the Wave Cave is kind of like an emergency shelter for a situation that's not really an emergency.

It's primarily designed for use as a padded case, capable of storing up to four surfboards of various sizes. But in a side pocket you'll find a pop-up tent that clips and zippers to the case, which doubles as a padded floor when empty for comfortable sleeping. The Wave Cave is available in three different sizes depending on how many boards you want to carry, and vary in price from about $260 to $315. It looks like each model provides the same amount of sleeping space when setup, and while the tent will protect you from the sun and the rain while you spend your days at the beach, it's not going to do much to keep your critical parents at bay.


Oct 21, 2011

TDZ wave video

Oct 19, 2011

2011 Kiteboarding Championship - Slalom

...and on kite cam

Oct 16, 2011

Kitesurfing Game for iPhone & iPad

Epic Kiteboarding announced a new kiteboarding app game for iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

This game features 20 real world class kitesurfing locations.

More levels and moves will come with each update!

Kiteboard features:

* High resolution OpenGL 3D graphics
* MP3 music player controls – play your own songs while you ride!
* Full kiteboard and kitesurf training levels
* Many different kiteboard jump moves and combinations
* Hidden features and missions!
* Multiple different kite designs

You can get the app for $1.99 HERE

Kitesurfer completes journey round Isle of Wight

Congratulations to Eric Diamond who has kitesurfed round the Isle of Wight.
Starting at Ryde, Eric took 5 hours 2 minutes to complete the journey, which took him past Yarmouth, Ventnor and Appley.

This marathon round the Isle of Wight journey had the goal to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.
Eric, who works at GKN in East Cowes, battled blustery conditions to complete the 55-mile challenge has raised almost £4,000 for the charity.

He said: “Apart from a near wipe-out near The Needles, which ended up with my kite inverted in the sky and wasted about 20 minutes, it went perfectly.

“It was pretty rough though. One of the support crew was thrown from his RIB via the wind shield after hitting a big wave but luckily no serious bodily harm was incurred.

Congrats to Eric Diamond and to the Macmillan Cancer Support

Nobile T5-Koinobori Kite

T5-Koinobori is a freeride machine designed to bring a smile to riders' faces. Fast, direct, responsive and forgiving, this kite delivers striking performance and incredible hangtime. Aerodynamics driven improvements, including a new profile, redesigned leading edge area, flattened wing tips and thinner bridle lines not only broadens the kite's wind range, but also benefits from astonishing low-end power and amazing upwind abilities.
Find out more at: nobilekiteboarding.com

Oct 15, 2011

Meet The Ozone Race Team

Meet the Ozone U.S. Race Team / Team Fluid - Johnny Heineken (2011 Course Racing World Champion), Adam Koch, Andrew Koch and Chip Wasson. Interviews with the team sharing experiences and their thoughts on the future of kite course racing. http://www.flyozone.com