Nov 30, 2011

Nov 22, 2011

Bertrand Fleury @ Home

Ozone 2012 Online Brochure

Tom Court Cabarete Freestyle Session 2011

Here is a short, chill cut from a few sessions earlier this year out in the Dominican Republic, Caribbean. A few days into Tom’s trip out there they met up to shoot with the Miss Reef Girls at LaBoca in the DR.

Nov 19, 2011

The Likely Suspects

It’s pretty rare that all the Florida boys get together for a session but when they do it really is special. These guys are best friends and it definitely shows. This is a short documentation of one weekend in the keys with the boys.
These are Florida’s Likely Suspects..
Riders: BP, Aaron Abel, Matthew Sexton, Dave Scott, Sean Reyngoudt, Alex Fox, Stefan Cerf….

Nov 18, 2011

Trick Minute: Hasselhoff

by Tobias Hölter

Nov 12, 2011

The After Party

For the riders in Big Windy, the only thing better than scoring all over the world, is scoring at home. Davey Blair, Reo Stevens, John Amundson, Konrad Bright, Ian Alldredge and Ben Wilson riding.

Naish Alaia Surfboard

Target: A light wind gem in a simple finless, strapless design.

When Captain Cook discovered Hawaii in the 18th century, he and his crew witnessed surfing for the first time. True to its roots, the Alaia takes it back to where surfing began in Hawaii.

The Alaia is shaped out of solid Paulownia wood, with a design that has been refined for modern day surfing. This inspired the Alaia’s transition into kiteboarding.

The Alaia shines in light wind. It has amazing upwind performance and is super fun to ride when the winds aren’t cranking.

Can be used as an Alaia surfboard.

Sizes: 5’9” x 15½”

A Trick in a Minute - S-Bend

Nov 9, 2011

North EVO 2012 video

The EVO is the most universal kite in North Kiteboarding range. Check out how Jaime explains the new Adaptive Tip and see Cesar Portas, Jaime Herraiz, Jan Marcos Riveras rockin´it on the new gear!

Nov 7, 2011


LTD gets on a plane and explores around Indonesia to find surf, wind, pretty girls, awesome food, and a laid back good time. This is from our first stop in LTD's island hopping exploits.
Its pretty sick traveling with surf and kite gear because no matter the conditions you know you are going to have a good time and spend some hours in the water.
Good times.

Patrick Rebstock
Mauricio Abreu

Nov 5, 2011

The 2011 North American Speed Sailing Invitational

The 2011 North American Speed Sailing Invitational comes to a close with 12 races completed racing almost everyday. It was the first ever speed event to have Port Tack races, 2nd event to have speeds greater than 50 Knots, Biggest Prize purse in kite Sailing, and the first National team trophy the “Lynch Cup”. As the best speed sailers in the world share the waters with storm force conditions. Hitting speeds over 50 knots……..


1st: Rob Douglas
2nd: Alex Caizergues
3rd: Jamie Douglas

Nobile 50fifty



50Fifty is our new freestyle kite in the line. It comes as a replacement for a highly appreciated NHP kite, and is even more freestyle & new school focused than its predecessor. The construction is a hybrid C kite featuring advantages of both C-shape and bow types. 50Fifty features new super fast, thin profile designed especially for freestyle. In the middle of the kite you will find the floating strut. Not only it's lightweight, but also absorbs the vibrations caused by sudden gusts of wind and eliminates fluttering of the kite. Additionally, side struts were redesigned. Thanks to aerodynamics – based innovations, the kite is fast (less drag), quickly loose it's power when necessary (you'll appreciate this feature while performing new school tricks) and features excellent depower. Large surface kite wing tips improve kite's agility and secure accurate (not too much) bar pressure.

50Fifty is a powerful kite, that replies with excellent lift and POP combined with constant power while performing tricks. Impressive speed, nice pull during the whole turning process, stability, direct feeling, great unhooked performance and easy relaunch make it the kite of choice for all freestyle and new school riders, like Mike „The Knife” Blomvall.