Jan 30, 2012

Cabrinha Drifting

"Drifting" the extended Marshall Island edit is now available for all of our friends.

Jan 29, 2012

Enjoy with LF Team :)

2012 Slingshot RPM With Youri Zoon

PKRA World Champion Youri Zoon introduces the 2012 RPM to the world.

The RPM is the original “Open C” kite that started it all. It has evolved to become the kite that took Youri to a world title and has become a riders favorite throughout the world in just a few short years.

Building on it’s dramatic success of the Open-C canopy and Slingshot’s patented Split Strut technology, the RPM pushes kite design to a whole new level. Inspired by Youri’s world dominating performance on the tour, we modified the wing tip attachment points to optimize kite performance and deliver complete tuning customization. These additional features and the new 7m allows complete versatility in all conditions and all riding styles.

The 2012 RPM sets the standards of durability and stability while maintaining it’s legendary flying characteristics and aggressive look.

Big thanks to our friends at EyeForce and of course Youri!

Course Racing and Slalom Championship events 2012

The preliminary dates for the 2012 course racing and slalom world and continental championships have been published.

As contracts are not finalized yet for some of the events, these dates and locations remain pending until final confirmation and publishing of the Notice of Race. We hope that these preliminary schedule already gives everybody the opportunity to make plans for the year.

Course Racing:
Worlds: Rio de Janeiro (BRA), 08.-14.10.2012
Asians: Pranburi (THA), 13.-18.03.2012
Europeans: Cagliari (ITA), 25.-30.09.2012 (note: the dates for the KTE France event will move)
North Americans: San Francisco (USA), 17.-22.07.2012
Oceanians: Melbourne (AUS), dates to be confirmed - December

Worlds: Sylt (GER), 26.06.-01.07.2012
Asians: Phuket (THA), dates to be confirmed - December
Europeans: Gizzeria (ITA), 25.-29.07.2012
North Americans: San Francisco (USA), 17.-22.07.2012


Jan 25, 2012

Jan 6, 2012

2012 LF NRG Good Time!

New for 2012 is the Liquid Force NRG. The design directive was easy: make the most powerful kite Liquid Force has ever produced while remaining efficient through the wind window. A difficult challenge that has been met with the introduction of the NRG.

It took out of the box thinking and countless prototypes to come up with the perfect equation. What was born is a kite that utilizes a flatter profile, unique bridle geometry, and a 4-strut platform to deliver the wanted performance markers.
Combined with the reliability of the Liquid Force Diamond Wing Tip the NRG re-launches automatically and boasts a massive wind range. If you are looking for unsurpassed power with deep low end and lift for huge jumps, the NRG might be your kite!