Feb 27, 2012

South Africa SIX

Arild Kristiansen (Cabrinha,Rip Curl) & Mårten Björnsson (Ozone,Xelerator) searching for waves in the western cape area, South Africa. Here is edit SIX from the trip here with Local Ripper and good friend Dean Faclier and young gun Luke McGillewie riding strapless in Big Bay.

TKB 2012 Freeride Gear Review: Honest Reviews on 25 Kites and 28 Boards!

For this review, we selected seven average kiteboarders to join us in beautiful and windy La Ventana along with a huge pile of brand new 2012 kiteboarding gear.
We trucked 25 different kite models and 28 boards one thousand miles south of the border and spent a week putting it all through its paces. The information here comes straight from our testers’ review forms along with some input from members of the TKB staff.
After struggling for years on the subject of how to come up with a fair and balanced way to review kiteboarding gear, we think we’ve hit upon the most balanced way possible.
This test was opened up to all kiteboarding brands, regardless of their status as an advertiser with The Kiteboarder Magazine and there are no kite or board advertisements from manufacturers in this review guide. Each kite review in the guide includes a link to a review video.

Feb 26, 2012

Slingshot 2012 – Z Series

Slingshot 2012 – Z series http://slingshotsports.com/blog/

Feb 25, 2012

Tom Court Kiteboarding with Miss Reef International crew...

Wave Morocco Session

Patrick Rebstock, Ian Alldredge ripping in West Morocco.

Video by: patrick rebstock, ian alldredge, toby bromwich, tdz, ltd

RRD ADDICTION MKIII kite is available now!

The Addiction MKIII is our new racing Engine. Developed over the last months of 2011, the Addiction MKIII is a simple 5 strut design kite with a hi aspect ratio outline. It delivers great power in any conditions but still allows you to gently use the de-power in the hi-end moments, and keep a constant comfortable pull that will result in the best average board speed. 
Extremely light in weight and manoeuvrable by design, the Addiction MKIII is extremely easy to be looped in the downwind reach, without loosing its constant power delivery. 
On the upwind reach, the Addiction MKIII excels in wind window penetration and wants to constantly pull you forward, so get ready for some incredible speed and angles. 
The stability of the kite even with the worst gusty wind conditions, makes your ride easier and comfortable, allowing you to concentrate on the racing strategy. 
The Addiction MKIII raced on the K Race 70 LTD will be the ticket to ride for the best results of your racing career.
Sizes: 18-16-13-11-9-7
Program: Racing Kite

Feb 24, 2012

North bindings

North will attack the wakestyle market with their new bindings. These bindings were designed in collaboration with Ronix and are probably among the best bindings currently sold. Hope to be able to try them out soon!

Feb 22, 2012

Getting loopy at the LEN10 Megaloop Challange

Catch all the action from the LEN10 Megaloop Challenge which saw 24 international riders compete for the title in this new freestyle kiteboarding event.
In the end it was Brit, Lewis Crathern who looped his way to victory.

How to: Unhooked Frontside Reverse

Ben Wilson explains some different techniques for successfully doing a Un-hooked frontside reverse.

Feb 15, 2012

RRD Product K-Race 70

Racing with a kite is a new challenge for sailing sports. It brings totally new parameters in the equation of functionality and efficiency and puts the stick a little higher especially when the wind is light. Planing with 6 knots of wind and reaching upwind speed of 12-14 knots and downwind speed of 25-27 knots is no longer a dream.

We have worked very closely with the help of French rider Julien Kerneur, the current PKRA Racing ranking world leader, to develop both the K-RACE 70 LTD and the Addiction MKIII kites to have an unbeatable combination of speed and control.
We have used every cm available of the board design to be used for maximizing the performance.
Thick rails on the tail to improve lift on the fins, extreme tucked under edge on the front and mid section of the board to reduce friction over the chops and create an easier to ride shape.
The deck design features a deep double concave on the middle – tail section to allow a higher pressure with your feet on the board when using a central strap to go downwind. http://www.robertoriccidesigns.com/

Changes By Alvaro Onieva!

Feb 8, 2012

BenWilsonSurf: The Drifter surfboard

After spending long months developing and testing a small wave board both surfing and kiting, BenWilsonSurf started the production. The Drifter is 5’9 and is Ben Wilson’s signature board.

5’9” x 18’3/8” x 2’1/4”
2 x 6ox deck, 1 x 6oz bottom, 4oz feet and fin patches
Polyurethane Blank (PU) Standard surfboard density
4mm Stringer 3-hole extruded PVC block inserts (metric thread)
FCS Fusion fin boxes

Feb 3, 2012