Mar 31, 2012

2012 PKRA Morocco – Day 3

Day three of the Dakhla Kiteboarding World Cup brought the continuation of consistent wind matched with the area’s favorable flat water and wide-open beach. Motivating riders to push the limits at every opportunity, the new judging system provided an interesting day of learning adapted to the fresh way of competing.
Competitors, therefore, attempted and executed their very best tricks and most powered maneuvers. With Robinson Hilario, Liam Whaley, and Stefan Spiessberger initially advancing in the early afternoon’s first heats, others such as Marc Jacobs and Kevin Langeree competed in especially close encounters.
As the day progressed, the competitors continued to execute memorable maneuvers, from a Front 15 and a Double S-1 to a rare Slim 7. On average, riders completed 10 tricks, with the highest single score of the day earned by Pastor, who executed a 315 rated at 9.1. In the day’s final heat, with the sun nearly departed and the wind holding on, Youri Zoon and Alex Pastor battled it out – Pastor attained an impressive average of 7.8 points per trick, which translated into the eventual win. Zoon averaged 7.0 per trick. Marc Jacobs and Alberto Rondina also competed in the loser’s final heat with a difference in scores of only 0.5.

The women finally had their first chance to compete on this day in the later hours of the afternoon. Bruna Kajiya won the final single elimination, while Karolina Winkowska executed the highest scoring women’s trick of the day – an 8.8 Back Mobe. One of the biggest upsets of the Dakhla tour stop so far played out between World Champion Gisela Pulido against newcomer Manuela Jungo. Pulido lost the heat to Jungo, who displayed incredible determination and skill in a challenging 7 minutes of competition. Reflecting on the heat, Manuela commented that she had come well-prepared and made a point to complete the full 7 maneuvers for the best chance of winning.
The first stop of the 2012 PKRA will continue tomorrow with similar conditions expected. Spectators look forward to the highest possible level of skill, with competitors spending the 4th day in Dakhla in full competition mode.