Mar 7, 2012

How to make your wetsuit last longer

The best eco-friendly hanger your wetsuit can have.
Some friends came to us telling us that they found the perfect wetsuit hanger. We asked why was is perfect… the answer was… that it was simple, robust, wetsuit saver and almost an art piece.
We know that a decent wetsuit costs lot of money, so a minimal care is needed to make them last longer.
Our receipt is quite simple, after a session wash it with cold water, hang it and let them dry away from the sun light. This way a wetsuit will last longer.
However we notice that if we hang it when is sopping wet in a shoulder hanger, sooner or later, the shoulders part start to get deformed. It’s actually something that pisses us off but we never even thought how to avoid it.
So why not… let us try that HangGoose hanger. We received a HangGoose hanger and the first impression was that it was really a cool and nice hanger. To us it looks like a swan made of wood.
It’s very practical! HangGoose drapes the wetsuits by its waist and has separated areas to hang your booties (also perfect to hang kitesurf bars) and even gloves.
Another great features are the fact that the hanger it folds down and that you can hang it anywhere.
We highly recommend it! The hanger costs 44USD (around 32€) and it can be shipped worldwide. Order your hanger: