Mar 19, 2012

KSP: Local Wild Card Application Closes

2012 marked the official close of the application process for local wild cards. This process gave local riders from Portugal, Mauritius, Ireland and Hawaii the opportunity to apply for one of two male and one female local wild card slots, while also giving international riders the chance to apply for a single event entry into a specific KSP event of their preference.

Applications received for individual events, including local and international riders, read as follows:
Cascais Kite Surf Pro:
male riders: Frederick Zamora, Tomaz Vilardebo, Marius Hoelter, Jon Modica, Joao Stopani Santos, Gonzalo Gomes, Ryan Coote, Jan Korycki, Diego Anta, Herve Boure, Rafael Aguado, Nick Ward
female riders: Adriana Harlan

Mauritius One Eye Pro:
male riders: Sebastian Schmitt, Toni Zupanicic, Luis Fernando Padrino Mata, Jan Korycki, Patrick Desvaux, Oswald Smith, Max Bonieux, Nico Kux, Rafael Aguado, Herve Boure
female riders: Elsa Saintville, Adriana Harlan

Ireland Kite Surf Pro:
male riders: Bastien Bollard, Austin Brosnan, Arild Kristiansen, Christian Winkenjohann, Keith McGeown, Oscar Borawski, Ryan Coote, Nick Ward, Diego Anta, Kieran Sammon, Rafael Aguado, Herve Boure
female riders: Adriana Harlan

Ho’okipa Kite Surf Pro:
male riders: Jon McCabe, Christopher Armitage, Juan Ricci, Ryan Oates, Top Hat, Nick Ward, Cruser Putnam, Luis Fernando Padrino Mata, Diego Anta, Rafael Aguado, Herve Boure, Tiago Candelot
female riders: Kalia Aguera, Glennel Warren, Cynthia Brown, Tomoko Okazaki, Adriana Harlan

Riders who have applied for one of the events but do not find their name on the list are asked to
e-mail by March 26, 2012 to state their case. Following this cut-off date the riders lists will be sent to the national and local associations and organizations with whom the KSP will cooperate in order to determine the best possible system to allocate the local wild cards spots. Riders will be notified of the further process via e-mail.