Mar 11, 2012

PKRA Schedule 2012!

The PKRA World Tour has released the schedule for the 2012 season and will be travelling around the world once again to the most exotic destinations. It’s promising to be an exciting year with 15 destinations on the calendar giving the opportunity to riders from the farthest corners of the hearth to partake in a PKRA event.

For the first time in the history of the tour, over $500.000 total in prize money will be at stake this year!

All the events will be broadcasted live on the LIVESTREAM page of the PKRA:

Here are the events that have been confirmed to be part of the 2012 season, no less than 11 Freestyle stops, 8 in Course Racing and a wave event:


Recently added to the calendar is Dakhla, Morocco who will be opening the season after last year’s magic success. The riders loved the atmosphere of the Dahkla Attitude camp and the perfect conditions that the lagoon had to offer.

The PKRA and its riders have decided to change the competition judging. There will be a new scoring system (rules to be posted on the PKRA website on February 15th) counting the seven best tricks of the heat and a maximum of 12 tricks attempts in 7 minutes. We expect to see far better performances and more diversity in the tricks, since the riders will have to land only their best tricks, instead of repeating their easy ones.

This will also allow the spectators of the LIVESTREAM ( to follow the action and get the live scores directly from the judging tower.

Course Racing

This will be the biggest Course Racing season ever done on a PKRA, with 8 events on 4 different continents. For the first time in the Racing discipline, there will be a tour purse at the end of the year, like the Freestylers for the past 10 years.


Essaouira, Morocco will be hosting a unique wave event with substantial prize money in one of the greatest wave of Africa. The event being held during the winter we expect an amazing turn out with big waves and strong winds.

Make sure to check the PKRA website for any updates: