Mar 17, 2012

Spring time paradise Strapless kitesurfing

"Spring is a haven for all modalities in Hawaii.
It's time of strong winds, high waves and few people on the outside reef.
This  last day was not different, when I woke up and went to the beach, the series broke six feet plus, whales jumping on the outside, strong wind, but gusty.
So I decided to ride in Mokuleia where the wind is more constant, but with smaller waves... Surfer born, I'd rather have waves than wind, even if a maneuver ends layed on the reef by lack of wind
That day I rode alone for three hours with the captain of the lifeguards in Hawaii, John Hoogsteden windsurfer. Sharing series with only one friend is an odd feeling.
Twice I got burned with the kite wrapped around the reef. It was nothing compared to the pleasure I had to catch these waves. Bags are ready to return to Brazil where, God willing, riding conditions will be as good as this year.
I just enjoyed every second as if they were the last."
Sylvio Mancusi
Here's the video with sylvio strapped and strapless at Mokes.