Apr 10, 2012

The All New SlingShotTurbine

Slingshot’s light wind machine has been tuned. The main gols for 2012 was to make the 2012 Turbine even lighter. To achieve that Slingshot started off with a new bladder material that is 25% lighter, they also reduced the leading edge diameter and introduced a smaller strut size. The wing tips were also improved and Slingy developed a new concept called “free twist tip technology.” Developed to increase the narrow wind range of large kites.
Also new for 2012 is the “forward steering bridle.” Designed for more improved steering, power delivery and adds more support to the wingtips. It’s clean and light to the leading edge to maximize performance and Lightens up the bar pressure. No Pulleys!
Slingshot says it’s the right kite for light winds.