Apr 16, 2012

Italian Racing Championship - First Race

It was not enough bad weather to curb the desire to race the athletes of kiteboarding and the Federal baptism could not be more intense and successful.
The intense disruption that has plagued the entire peninsula, forcing the cancellation of more than just a race, but did not stop the athletes of the class CKI, the president of the Sailing Club "The Dolphins" Scauri Ercole Petraglia and the head judge Federal Babini.
Saturday, April 14, around 14:00, after a heavy rain, the sky has given a respite and entered the West with an intensity greater than 20 knots.The 27 registered athletes have rushed on the competition to kick off in three rounds back to back, with winds increased to nearly 30 knots and has allowed everyone to finish the course within the maximum time.
The races were characterized by a balance between elite athletes with three first places, the Tuscans Vannucci and Santoni and the Roman Beverley, each with different equipment. The result confirms, as was done last year, even as this season continues to surprise.We are beginning to lean out the top ten juniors who are too ready to undermine the dominance of the 2011 champion of the category, the Ancona Calbucci, followed closely by good Tuscan and Neapolitan Chiti Varriale.Only two girls present, an accomplice of the bad weather, the Palermo Piscopo and the ever talented Brunacci which sits in the top ten overall.
The standings after the first rehearsal to first place with Simone Vannucci 6.70 points ahead of Simon and Andrew Beverley Santoni both with 8.70 points, in second and third position.