Apr 8, 2012

Airush Monaro V4

Designed for the diehard racer that won’t accept anything less than the fastest board around the course. The Monaro V4 is the result of ongoing development by Rolf van der Vlugt and Katja Roose, to develop the ultimate race weapon for our pro team. The numerous features of the IKA Production Class "Box Rule" approved Monaro V4 makes the board ultra efficient. The construction comprises of a high modulus carbon fiber construction with high-density foam sandwich for stiffness, strength and minimum weight. The subtlest design adjustments on the Monaro V4 result in massive gains on the racecourse. A dual chine rail eliminates the drag produced by spray against the feet. The concave deck in the nose area allows for reduced weight and wind lift on the nose area. At the tail end of the board, the innovated Step Squash Tail increases control off the wind or in high wind condition.

Length 189.8cm
Width 69.5cm
Volume 86L

Fins Included
Front - 42cm Tuttle Pair / 3.5 Deg Cant
Back – 38cm Tuttle Single / Vertical