Apr 3, 2012

Speed World Championships announced

The 2012 Kite Speed World Championships will be held from July 5 to 15 in the South of France (near Port St. Louis).
The event is limited to 40 entries, of which 20 have been pre-selected and another 20 are open for qualification. The pre-selected riders have already been contacted by the organizer and have time until April 15 to claim their places, otherwise the slots will be given to the qualification pool.
Qualification is done through GPS speeds over 500m achieved in the past 12 months - June 5 2011 till June 5 2012 which is the qualification deadline.
4 places are reserved for pre-qualified women, and another 4 for women to qualify under the criteria outlined above.
The event will have 5000 Euro prizemoney (TBC) and the Notice of Race as well as the official registration will be published soon.