May 21, 2012

PKRA Holland - Results

Overall the O’Neill Kiteboard World Cup proved to be an amazing event. With all the excitement of big freestyle action coupled with amazing racing performances, the PKRA’s fourth official tour stop of the year finished with great result. In the evening, the top competitors accepted their awards, exuding much appreciation and pride.
Final Results
Men Freestyle:                       Women Freestyle:

1. Alex Pastor                        1. Bruna Kajiya
2. Alberto Rondina                2. Gisela Pulido
            3. Youri Zoon                        3. Karolina Winkowska

Men Race:                            Women Race:

1. Adam Koch                     1. Katja Roose
2. Bryan Lake                      2. Nuria Goma
       3. Riccardo Leccese             3. Jessica Sickinger

mens doubles holland

womens doubles holland

mens race final

womens racing final