Jun 2, 2012

Clash boards – from riders to riders


As you all know Balance Kiteboarding ended their production. Alvaro Onieva, one of the mentors behind Balance, didn’t stop and started a new company, Clash.
We knew that Alvaro was working on new boards and now we can finally reveal the details about his new project, the new brand and boards. Clash will be sold directly to final consumer and Reincarnation, their kiteboard, will be available in 3 sizes, 134, 136 and 138 cms.
A Complete Reincarnation will cost 499€ with free shipping to Europe. The 138 cms model is already available and other 2 sizes will be available in next 2 weeks.
Forest Bakker and Petr Tyushkevich are the riders that joined Alvaro’s new business adventure.