Jun 19, 2012

Continent-Island Race Crossing GPS 2012

"How do you combine the high technology and mythology Grega in an extreme event ..."
Sea, air currents, wind, waves to tame, the memories of a past more ancient than that
revived in modern sports look under the eye of the ultra hi-tech from 4 to 8 July in Reggio

Everything revolves around some very fashionable sport, so exclusive as spectacular kite surfing, sailing windsurfing and sailing in offshore waves of the same stretch of water that is found in taming Ulysses, between sea ​​monsters and mythological, between nature and mystery, including adrenaline and fear, between pride and exciting challenge against themselves.
A film this is not just the helicopter which will be coordinated and resumed the race, nor the TV,
This place and the means to take back the sea for 5 days of competitions, training, and simulations show.
Clearly, for organizing this 5 th edition of the Continent-Island Race Crossing GSP 2012, it was still necessary to make the other can share with all the emotions experienced by participants.

For this the team NewKiteZone, the circle of Reggio Kitesurf event organizer, have designed to track athletes in the water thanks to the high technology of Android smartphones and GPS proiettarne SurfVillage position on the video set on the promenade of Reggio Calabria.
And 'so that Crews and men coming not only from all over Italy, will offer a show extraordinary, just driven by the wind, reliving and reviving old feelings in challenging limits that would give to the reasonableness of reach.
And instead of the fast kitesurfing and windsurfing are capable of annihilating the speed of vehicles and other well- find us rooting for one or the other in a war that lasts less than you think to cover 23km well, for those who serve as promenade of Reggio, touching the shores of Sicily in near Tremestieri, south of Messina and Reggio go.
The previous editions of the first brave we have succeeded in just about 34 minutes.
Driven by the one and the pure wind, force of arms, legs and a big dose of courage.
So graceful on the water but missiles, in the silence of the wind whistling of a tougher and more often threatening, through splashes of waves, buffeted by the specter of fatigue, terrible, appearing as a ghost, surely at a time back when the mind is to give the first leg, in a run amok, following a helicopter that will guide and course in the sky.
Of races, but they have seen many like this, so damn extreme and there are spectacular very few in Europe and that's unquestionably attracts and involves so much.
Races / crossings, weather permitting, will be different against kite windsurfing, laser and majestic blue water yachts that will compete for the first time, all followed by the tracking system satellite through which viewers can follow the movements of the athletes live, even when they are away from the coast, and cheer as their favorites.

The Continent-Island Race Crossing GPS, or simply "Crossing", is now a Classic established and prestigious of one of the most exciting challenges of sea and wind Italy, and revives every year interest and curiosity on the part of all, stimulating approach to water sports involved.
Over fifty competitors this year, already booked full, from every part, remain affected by one of the most unique landscapes in the world. During this race the Strait of Messina and Reggio offers the changing scenes of unusual and exciting war of emotions. A modern challenge, addictive and that's high-tech has literally captured the interest of an increasing amount of public that follows from the amphitheater / arena, photographer, fans, admire the performances, the flights and by leaps and breathtaking stunts high in the water. A cross and heterogeneous audience is left willingly engage in first person from the attractions of the fitness or swinging nicely head to the music of surfvillage.

The Kite fresh crowning Olympic will battle until the last breath of wind.
The 2012 edition has many new innovations from the new site, in English and Italian (www.traversata.it) mythology where heroes come alive in modern kites tamers, reviving an ancient link between epic and dream, sports, culture, tradition and reality.
To act as masters of the whole "festival of the sea" will be just the warriors in flight in five days event will color the skies and will be reflected in the waters of Reggio Calabria with their kites together with their sails to windsurf.
During the event the sports performance of athletes will guide the audience with a series of different activities every day and that will be the subject of shooting a contest reserved for a selected pool of photographers, artists, film makers that the viewfinder of their camera, and those equipped with pencils and cameras, will compete in the production of elaborate art that will be voted on and Facebook
careful jury.

In out of the race, every day till night, the animation and music come on the fitness of the surf- village, managed by industry leaders and will integrate perfectly with new wellness area.
But the energy goes as planned in the evenings when the charismatic surfers will find themselves all in a beach nightlife queen, different every night ... will be a surprise until the last out which ...

In short, we have all the ingredients for another successful event which every year sees an increase accessions of participating athletes, sponsors of international prestige and the public.
With this formula the crossing of the Strait, with its immediacy, will revive a vast public battle timeless and a peculiar spectacle that occurs with exciting and compelling.

All that remains is to suggest to all, sailing enthusiasts and not, not to take other commitments from 4 to 8
July and visit the promenade of Reggio Calabria for one of the most anticipated events of the Italian summer and that promise to give away five days of absolute fun.