Jul 30, 2012

Under The Sun Sardinia

Here is the second part of the Polish movie called “Under the Sun”.
Follow the WGWK crew on their kite trip to Sardinia.

European Slalom champions 2012

The 2012 Slalom European Championships came to an end today in Gizzeria, Italy, with two Italians taking the victory. Lorenzo Giovanelli (Temavento/Slingshot) and Maria Ruth Piscopo (Ozone/Brunotti) are the European Champions 2012 !
The final day of competition kicked of with mirror flat water and boiling temperatures around 40 degree, and there was only little hope for any action on the water. But finally at 14:30 a slight seebreaze kicked in, and the course was adjusted to the arriving wind.
Competition went underway at 15:15 with a half fleet race, and after the womens final the race committee was forced to postpone further starts as the wind shifted to the right and picked up to 20 knots average. Riders came out on smaller kites now to show some amazing action in the mens loosers and winners final.
It came down to the usual fight of the top guys, with Riccardo Nobile (ITA, Ozone/RRD) being black flagged in the mens final causing a general recall. The re-run of the final heat was won by Giovanelli ahead of Bruno Sroka (FRA, Aguera/Cabrinha) and Julien Kerneur (FRA, RRD). In the womens final it was Mathilde Serin (FRA, Naish) taking victory this time ahead of Vanina Puteri (ITA, RRD) and Piscopo.
The final elimination of the event came down to a full fleet race for both men and women, and in howling winds the riders made their way from the outside straight up to the beach crowded with masses of spectators enjoying the sunshine and hot temperatures. It was up to Bruno Sroka to take the last bullet of the competition with Giovanelli in second and Luca Marcis (ITA, RRD) in third.
Over in the womens fleet, it was Piscopo crwoning her European Championship title with a final win ahead of Ariane Imbert (FRA, North) and Serin.
Competition came to a close with a fantastic prize giving directly in front of Gizzeria Lido at the Hang Loose Beach in front of hundreds of enthusastic spectators.
Final Standings after 12 eliminations and 4 discards:
1. Lorenzo Giovanelli (ITA, Temavento/Slingshot) – 9.1 points
2. Julien Kerneur (FRA, RRD) – 14.1 points
3. Bruno Sroka (FRA, Cabrinha/Aguera) – 15.1 points
1. Maria Ruth Piscopo (ITA, Brunotti/Ozone) – 5.6 points
2. Mathilde Serin (FRA, Naish) – 16.7 points
3. Ariane Imbert (FRA, North) – 21.0 points

Jul 29, 2012

Summer surf in Varberg

A nice summer evening session in Varberg, Sweden.

Jul 28, 2012

Dynamics - Sam Light and Aaron Hadlow

Ewan Jaspan training video

Ewan Jaspan travels to Dakhla (Morocco) & Tarifa (Spain) following the PKRA World Tour and with a little training time in Tarifa.

Kite Slalom Europeans 2012: Day 1 Report

The Kite Slalom Europeans 2012 started today with ideal weather conditions. 3 finals were sailed and Bruno Sroka and Maria Ruth Piscopo are leading. See the full action here.

Jul 27, 2012

Ben Wilson’s thoughts about kitesurfing and the KSP tour

Ben Wilson speaks about his vision of kitesurfing, the KSP tour and why he doesn’t compete on the KSP Tour…
I’m constantly getting asked why myself and why none of our BWS team riders are competing on the Kite Surf Pro tour. So here’s my view…
I’m only speaking for myself here, all of our team riders make their own decisions and are not pushed by BWS to do or say anything they don’t want to.
Kite surfing is a very subjective sport. Somebody may completely hate one thing and the next person completely love it, but that doesn’t make either person right or wrong. It’s just a difference of opinion and that goes on with anything you do in life, no matter what – some people will love it and others will hate it.
The best thing about kite surfing is that it doesn’t matter how you ride, as long as you’re having fun, especially when you’re only involved in kiting to enjoy the thrill of it. That being said, companies and athlete’s have a responsibility that goes along with their professional positions to showcase the sport in a certain way.
In terms of the KSP, I applaud them for stepping up and going for what they believe in and like any sport you have to start somewhere. However the place where you start can really affect the outcome of what you’re trying to achieve and I think the KSP is making the wrong call in terms of how they are presenting kitesurfing to the Surf industry.
Right now I believe kitesurfing needs to be nicely packaged in the form of content like we see from the TDZ crew. These guys are at the forefront of the sport and their kiting is at a level where once shown the videos, surfers are automatically blown away in comparison to what we see from the KSP. This is what will get surfers involved and grow our sport.
It guts me to see a live web cast where you can barely see what’s going on, then some guy on a kite being ripped down the line way out on the face of the wave being tweeted to the ASP saying “watch this”. Stuff like this just takes us a step back every time.
It’s not that I’m looking for personal credibility of the surf world so I feel like our vision is in the right direction. It’s that the more surfers we get into kiting, the more the level of riding ability will go up and then we’ll be able to have a really sick tour. Imagine what it would be like to get some of the innovative young surfers on a kite, that’s when kiting will go to the next level.
My vision has always been to bridge the gap between kiting and surfing, as I believe the kite is the ultimate extension to surfing and that has been my driving force ever since the beginning.
I don’t look at kitesurfing as a new sport, I look at the kite as an accessory to surfing and surfers, and this is what I preach to surfers. I get just as excited seeing someone new get into kitesurfing, as what I do when having a session myself. Because kiting makes me feel good and I want other people to know how good it can be, especially if you are already a surfer. We ride the same boards that we surf; it’s the inspiration and vision of BWS.
Look, at the end of the day I don’t care how anyone rides, as long as they are having fun. But I do care about how the athletes and industry are showcasing kitesurfing. As this is paving the way for the future. Not only for the athletes, but for the companies which in return build the products for consumers.
Although I believe competition is an essential part of any sport’s growth I personally feel the KSP is showcasing its competition in the complete opposite way that I believe will capture the interest of surfers. Therefore I’m not involed as it’s not inline with my vision.
Ben Wilson
Text originally publish on BWS website.

Naish Ride: The Next Level of Fun

Another promotional featuring Paul Serin enjoying the new Nash Ride jumping, riding waves and just cruising.

Rider Profile: Salnik Andrey - Team Airush


4 friends and North team riders training together and having fun in Tarifa, soon next episodes with more action, partyes and funny scenes.

ƒun in Summertime

Stephan Figueiredo having some strapless fun in the summertime of Oahu.

LivingTheDream Feat: HOOD KUSH

LTD visited Hood River to capture one of the most progressive and mental shredders out there. Eric Rienstra shows us what the hood life is all about. Sit back and put some ice on your knees.

Jul 24, 2012

New Naish Fly

Its exceptionally light weight is primarily the result of removing the center strut. In doing this, the center section of the canopy performs like a spinnaker and generates incredible power in light wind.
The Fly uses the Park’s proven easy-handling design, which gives it superior turning ability, but it incorporates more overall sweep, which helps the Fly relaunch in marginal wind conditions.
Design Characteristics:
* 15 meter kite with the power of an 18 and the turning of a 12
* Exceptionally lightweight
* Based on the proven Park platform
* Two strut design
* Amazing low-end
* Superior water relaunch in light winds
* Includes 10m extension lines

Cabrinha 2013 - Coming Soon

The 2013 Cabrinha line is coming soon! Our product range evolves year after year and this year our team has outdone themselves providing the highest quality materials and best construction techniques in the industry. Stay tuned for more info coming your way August 1, 2012 at www.cabrinhakites.com. We'll see you on the water!
Staring: Pete Cabrinha, Keahi de Aboitiz, Reo Stevens, Alberto Rondina, Susi Mai, Andre Phillip, Dave Hastilow, Charlie Smith. Filmed by Anders Kruger

Jul 23, 2012

Uncensored in Hawaii...

Camrig GoPro Mounts

The GoPro revolutionized the way we see our sport. These little Pov devices are so portable that they allow us to film from virtually every possible angle. GoPro also released some mounts for the cameras, but Camrig went further and developed and commercialized special kitesurfing mounts.
We would like to present you the Line MountStrut Mount and GoPro Fin mount. We tested all 3 mounts with a GoPro HD camera.
Strut Mount
CAMRIG Strut Mount is fully adjustable Velcro based strut strap setup system. The mount has a universal camera housing, allowing you to fit most cameras sized: 112 x 65 x 25 millimeters.
It fits any kite with a strut area not sewn to the canopy. Best place to mount it would be the kite center strut to keep your kite balanced. Due to the adjustable padded strut strap system you can get multiple setup options. It’s a perfect mount to get helicopter style photos & videos.
Line Mount
This one is definitely our favorite. With a lightweight design, this mount has to be placed on the center lines. Just place it on any 4 or 5 line kite bar and you can start shooting great photos of you while you ride. You can adjust you camera vertically to get the best angle. We used it with the GoPro Floaty Backdoor but you can also utilize it with the GoPro leash to prevent camera loss. This mount only works when lines are stretched. When powerlines lose tension the camara may get tangled with direction lines, to us it happened a few times. This is not a big issue but you just need to pay attention and be aware of that. This mount lets you shoot or film yourself while training new tricks. Very useful when you want to find out what you can improve.
Learn how to setup the CAMRIG GoPro Line Mount for kiteboarding with a GoPro HD, or GoPro HD2.
GoPro Fin mount
The Camrig GoPro Fin mount is the best alternative to the expensive GoPro adhesive mounts. This mount prevents you from losing your GoPro camera. A real plague among fellow kitesurfers. This mount allows to adjust your camera only horizontally. You can check the video below to find out how to assemble it to your kiteboard.
Each one of the mounts has it pros and cons but its best to have them all!!!
Highly recommended!                                                                                         [kitemovemente]

Jul 22, 2012

How To Do: 315 with Alby Rondina

In this trick tips from the Pro’s Alby Rondina gives us the low down on the 315. Grab your gear and get ready to throw down.

Jul 20, 2012

Angela Peral Profile

Angela Peral is one of our favourite riders, always smiling, happy and loving every minute she gets on the water. She has stopped competing to concentrate on wave riding recently. Check out this profile of here from the team at North Kiteboarding!

2013 Slingshot Rally Video

Patrick Rebstock and Alex Fox get you up to speed on the new 2013 Slingshot Rally. Check it out!

How To Do: Unhooked and Unstrapped Frontside Air

Jeep Kitesurfing Instructional- Ryland explains the unhooked and unstrapped frontside air.

Jul 18, 2012

NAP: 360 Seconds Of Airtime

Almost all the jumps in the afternoon and early evening during the RedBull NAP event from LEN10.
A kitecinema special for all the ridersthat particpated in the event.

Episode 3 WA in Perth

This is the 3rd of 4 episodes from Luke Whiteside’s travels around Western Australia.

Jul 16, 2012

Airush 2013 is online!!

Youri Zoon Trainings Camp 2.0

In 2 weeks i will have my trainings camp again in Maroc, will be staying at the beautiful Ocean vagabond and ride right in front of the door.



Remember This: Guilly @ One Eye

Here's Guilly bein' himself on One Eye at the 2011 Mauritius KSP World Tour during an expression session. Chuckin' and duckin'. 

Jumps from a bridge..

Watch the video of the portuguese rider Gonçalo Gomes jumping from one of the urban bridges in Coimbra, Portugal.

Results & video PKRA Germany - Freestyle

Congratulations to Youri Zoon and Gisela Pulido for their win at the 2012 freestyle competition at the PKRA Germany 2012.
1. Youri Zoon (NED)
2. Kevin Langeree (NED)
3. Alex Pastor (ESP)
1. Gisela Pulido (ESP)
2. Bruna Kajiya (BRA)
3. Karolina Winkowska (POL)

Jul 15, 2012

Kite Surf Iceland by TDZ

BWS Wallpaper

The following images are available as wallpapers for your computer!

Click on an individual image to download it. Once you've saved the image to your computer desktop, you can right click on it and set it to your desktop wallpaper image.

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Jul 14, 2012

Kiting @ Wadi Adventure wave pool

Finally some footage of Keahi de Aboitiz kitting in the Wadi Adventure wave pool in Al Ain, UAE.

Jul 13, 2012

HB Surfkite, it’s On !

« No Majesty, it's not a rebellion, it's a revolution » said the Duke De La Rochefoucaud to Louis XVI the day before French Revolution. July 14, 1789...
At the eve of the French National Day, Herve Boure make his revolution now, launching a new website  to introduce HB Surfkite, a leading brand dedicated to Strapless Surfkite, without a compromise onperformance or quality of its products. All the boards come without insert because they're designed and build specially for strapless riding.
Check out the boards  : three sizes with swallow tail to ride in a huge range conditions.

Bonaparte 5'7''  Break the rules.
The UFO in the range which excels in freestyle and light wind. The low rocker and volume distribution make it a rocket to go upwind and catch up too fast sections. Scoop and optimized outline allow craziest tricks and landing thanks to its stability. Compact and wide, the the reactivity of the Bonaparte allows good fun in small conditions with a slashy and playful feeling.
Lafayette 5'10'' Time to play.
A modern shape which offers the best performance for surfing and freestyle. Boxy rails allow very fluid rides no matter the conditions. Both smooth and radical, the Lafayette is extremely precise and responds instantly thanks to the light weight construction, big backside air for you!
Lafayette 6'10''
A pure surf shape for kite surfing, the board you need to be versatile for travel. Its ideally distributed volume and excellent glide allow you to ride with a smaller kite with bold transitions and low speed landings. Its stability makes it easy to ride without strap. A board for every condition.
Good luck and good winds to Hervé Bouré and HB Surfkite ! Find more at : http://hb-surfkite.com/

Sessions with Susi: a day with Dre

In this episode of Sessions with Susi… Susi takes the backseat and we get a first hand look at a day with Dre while Susi is hanging out in Antigua. Life is good for these two.

PKRA Germany 2012 – Single Elimination video

Wrap up Video of the single eliminations in St Peter Ording, Germany, PKRA 2012.

Jul 12, 2012

This Is Kite Racing

by http://www.internationalkiteboarding.org/

Lost tapes of days to remember

Here is a longer edit of a day to remember a while back the tapes was lost for some time but now its back for you to enjoy.

Jul 11, 2012

Jul 10, 2012

Reo Stevens strapless no grab 360 caught in the wild

Azul – A Waterlust film

A short film by Paula Marinkovic & Alexandra Menk starring Melissa Gil, Diana Salom, and Kalia Aguera. Get a glimpse into the aquatic lifestyle of these amazing women!