Jul 6, 2012

A sneak preview of the 2013 Cabrinha Kitesurf gear

The 2013 Cabrinha kite range includes the new Chaos, the Switchblade, the Vector, the Crossbow and the Drifter.
The 2013 Chaos
The Chaos will replace the Nomad in Cabrinha range. The 2013 is a C- shape kite with a mini bridle and will Cabrinha freestyle machine.
The 2013 Switchblade
An evolution from the 2012 model. The 2013 Switchblade is lighter, faster, stronger and will have a better relaunch than the 2012 model.
The 2013 Vector
The 2013 Vector had some significant changes, especially in the larger sizes. Construction and weight improvements will naturally lend to other performance improvements
The 2013 Crossbow
The Crossbow is classic in Cabrinha kite range. For 2013 the building quality had been improved and the smaller kites are
lighter and more stable.
The 2013 Drifter
Introduced last year, the 2013 Drifter have been upgraded to make all wave riders happier.
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