Aug 31, 2012

Maui Mini Movie : Uprising

Even though Maui and the Hawaiian islands seem to be a country of their own, sometimes they just go for the "go big or go home" like the rest of the mainland states.
Uprising  is a 'little' video, going for a recap of the winter of 2012 in HAwaii, with all the big names available: Patri McLaughlin, Jesse Richman, Shawn Richman, Cruser Putnam and Ryan Toaspern... should be a good show!
We have to say, it's probably the longest "mini movie" we've seen in kiteboarding...

2013 Airush Surf Series Range

Board designer, Clinton Filen, goes through the 2013 Airush Surf Series range.  Explaining what each board was designed for, unique features in the shapes, and how they compare and contrast from each other!

Aug 28, 2012

KSP Official Launch

The KSP officially launches their Wave World Tour and will supply the world's top with prime events in prime locations to promote the surfing aspect of the sport and kiting as such to mainstream media and the public.

Sanctioned by the IKA the KSP will be giving away the World Championship title in the kite surfing discipline and all riders that are not pre-registered through last years or this years competition results are invited to apply for a wild card at

The Kiteboarder Magazine Volume 9, Number 2

The Volume 9, Number 2 issue of The Kiteboarder Magazine features:

*Great Lakes: North America’s Forgotten Coast
*A Duel in Venezuela
*The Roberto Ricci Interview
*Chicken Bike Adventure
*Kiteboarding Instruction: So…What’s Next?

Nico Raffi @ Guincho

One month in the life of Nico Raffi surfing big waves strapless in the famous spot of Guincho, Portugal.

Aug 26, 2012

Promo video of the new Liquid Force Envy 2013.

Davi Ribeiro: 3 Years Old Kitesurfer

Check out this video from a young kitesurfer. David Ribeiro, 3 years old, is the youngest rider from Caiupe Lagoon and rides a 1m foil kite and his father surfboard.

Aug 23, 2012

World Record English Channel Crossing

Check out Bruno Sroka crossing the English Channel breaking the 100nm record in just 5 hours.

Cynthia “Cynbad” Brown Takes on Waddell in Ripping Conditions

You already know Cynbad has the goods. Look at her take on Waddell Creek with her 4m Ozone. Nice riding to say the least….

Aug 21, 2012

Seal Beach Shuffle 2

Mark Moore and some friend having fun at Seal Beach, California.

Last Minute Trip to Paradise

Here’s a short film of Katie Potter’s last minute trip to Aitutaki, Cook Islands.

Aug 19, 2012

Aug 15, 2012

Naish Kiteboarding TV S02E10

Join Rick Jensen as he takes you on a trip through Maui and meet locals Robby Naish, Kai Lenny, and Shawn and Jesse Richman. Learn how the beauty of Hawai’i compares to life as a kiter in Germany.

Aug 13, 2012

Nobile 2012 website is online!

The new Nobile Website is now live with all the 2013 product on there, be sure to check it out. Highlights for us included the new 50Fifty Wake Edition board, the Breeze lightwind machine and also the new look Wood Skim!
Take a look for yourself HERE

2 Days 1 Clip

Great video from nonAim Pictures team. Featuring Chris Tack, Ian Sleuyter, Alexander Lewis-Hughes, Karolina Winkowska, Sebastien Garat, Victor Hays and Oliver Marciniak after the PKRA Kitesurf world cup competition in the south of Fuerteventura.                                                            


Patrick Rebstock and Ian Alldredge at work.

Sick Kiteloop Crash

The Grind

Aug 12, 2012

Remember This: TopHat & Bernie

Airush 2013: Varial X vs Lithium

2013 Varial X vs Lithium

2013 Varial X vs Lithium

Whats the difference? As we hear this over and over again from riders.  Well, there is a huge difference. Enough so that Airush Kite Designer, breaks it down and explains the two kites feeling and design.
In 2013 the Lithium made some minor changes compared to the 2012, what were they and how does it affect the kite?
[MP] The Lithium 2013 has a new extra light bar pressure setting, Extra construction refinements (ie stronger for the same weight), and some added improvements to the Fast Bladder Inflation valves and fittings.
What type of rider is in mind when you designed the Varial X and Lithium?
[MP] The Lithium is designed for anyone, in any conditions. It works perfectly from first day as a beginner (the proof of this is the kite is EXACTLY the same as our DNA school kite, just with different graphics), up until top pro riders unhooked freestyle and wave riding.
[MP]  However, a rider at the upper end of this performance category, would be slightly more suited to the Varial X as its designed a bit more toward the higher end rider. The Varial X is better for unhooking, powered kite loops, and boosting.  Where as the Lithium works well, but is a bit more designed around ease of use, handling gusty winds, and super easy relaunch.
What type of turning and feeling do the Varial X and Lithium have?
[MP] The Varial X keeps it speed through the turn slightly more than the lithium.  This is great for the advanced rider who wants more power in a kiteloop or enjoys flying their kite around the window.  The Lithium is more suited to “park and ride” with using its better gust response rather than rider skill more so in the Varial X.  Both kites turn about the same speed really, its just a bit of a different feel and speed through the turn.
Do the Lithium and Varial X have the same rigging options ie bridle changes and back line adjustements?
[MP] Yeah, but the new Lithium has one extra “lighter” bar pressure setting on the front section of the bridle. The new Varial X is already pretty light on the bar so it doesn’t need that. They both still have the low, medium, high bar pressure setting on the back lines as well.
Why is the Lithium feel like it has more pull?
[MP]  The Lithium has more pull when you park it compared to the varial X. The varial X you need to fly around in the window a bit more to get the same amount of power. The Lithium also sits a little bit further back in the window which makes it feel like it has a bit more pull.
Some say that the Delta Hybrid design has more power than the SL-C design of the Varial X, Is this true? And Why?
[MP] Not that they actually have more power, but they deliver the power in a different way.  SL-C kites need to be flown (swooped) more to create the power, where as with delta hybrid kites you can just park it and it creates power.
The Delta Hybrid shape is renown for having excellent relaunch – How is the Varial X designed to achieve similar capabilities?
[MP] The Varial X still has good relaunch, but not quite as quick and easy as the Lithium which is more primarily designed around easy relaunch.
The range of the Lithium is immense, does the Varial X have the same range or different?
[MP] The Lithium wind range comes from the ability of the canopy to distort shape in gusty conditions giving a smooth feel even though the kite is parked in the same place. The Varial X can be used in a similar wind range, but needs a bit more skill in the “piloting” of the kite. The wind range works more by keeping the kite moving and generating power in lulls, and the reverse in gusts, ie keeping it more at the edge of the window.
                                                                                                                     [Airush Blog]

Aug 11, 2012

Damien LeRoy – Kiterboarder of the Year

Damien LeRoy’s 2012 AWSI Kiteboarder of the Year Entry.

Aug 9, 2012

Airush 2013 presentation

TDZ crew: small waves in Mex

Another amazing short video from the TDZ crew! Featuring riding by Ian Alldredge, Bear Karry, and Ted Lyons.

Reo Stevens

Aug 8, 2012

New RRD Religion MKIII

Religion MKIII: “oh my god!” | RRD International
The new religion is simply mindblowing performance for any serious wave rider. We all know that for onshore you need a fast turning kite that flies slightly lower in the wind window, allowing you to ride waves without stalling, but the problem happens when you start riding in proper side-sideoff shore winds. The kite has to be stable, powerful and locked in the center of the wind window.
Basically you should not even consider moving the kites while waveriding, or at least as little as possible.
Well , ladies and gentlemen, here is the RELIGION MKIII!!! Exactely the perfect kite for both worlds!
Thanks to a new redesigned profile where the maximum shape has been moved to 40% of the chord, longer leading edge, flatter tips design and slightly longer wider tips, the RELIGION MKIII is now 20% more stable, and with so much more power locked in when you need. However, the same neutrality of the kite swinging in front of you is still there when you release the bar and ask for control and not being blown out of the water! Riding waves with control has never been easier.
Concentrate on reading waves, create your tracks, forget about your kite while there…
Love this sport, a gift from heaven… only who rides waves on a kite knows this feeling!
SIZES: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11.5

Slingshot Launch the 2013 Rally – Movie

Check out the promo for the new Rally, looks pretty special to us, can’t wait to get it tested!

Aug 7, 2012

Keahi de Aboitiz story

Have a look at this documentary picturing Australian rider Keahi de Aboitiz. Keahi loves everything that has to do with water. He started sufing when he was just 5 years old and after catching his first wave he never looked back. Kitesurfer, surfer and stand up paddler, he grew up to be the ultimate waterman. At age of 19 he’s a humble, hard working and talented athlete simply having fun no matter if kiting, surfing or stand up paddling.                             [kitemovement]

Matthias Larsen in South Africa

Aug 5, 2012

Wainman Maui Cruzin 2.0

Summer is here and everybody is cruzin!
The Wainman Hawaii team is cruzin around Europe
so stay tuned for weekly updates of their trip.
Check out the TRAILER of the new movie
And stay tuned for the full version soon!

Lou Wainman,
Bertrand Fleury,
Niccolo Porcella,
Hannah Whiteley
& Chris Burke.

Flexifoil Force & Proto Hadlow Pro 2013

Flexifoil Force

Standard Features
Premium Quality Japanese and European Materials: We just won’t compromise on materials and use what we believe to be the best. Teijin T9600 still proves to have the best coating and longevity with excellent UV resistance. Dimensions Polyant Dacron® provides the best combination of fabric stability and stiffness for our Leading Edges whilst a new Kevlar-neoprene reinforcement patch material over every Leading Edge circumferential seam will protect against the harshest beach environments.

Flexifoil is proud to use 110micron TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) bladders (as opposed to the standard 90 micron) giving you the peace of mind of having a more puncture resistant and durable bladder in your FORCE kite.

Our uncompromising Molten Bladders still require frequent production tests to prove endurance of 120degC of heat without failing. Only the best will do!

Regardless of the conditions you like to ride, every FORCE is enduring and dependable due to its solid wingtip construction.

Construction Features
Our rigid strut to leading edge reinforcement is highly successful across our entire range of water kites. This gives each strut a much stronger and stiffer connection to the leading edge, resulting in a smoother profile of the canopy that optimises the performance of the kite.

We have continued to use the Dacron® Leading Edge construction owing to its impressive levels of strength and durability. Past inflation test results have shown a 40% increase in the air pressure required to destroy the test samples and endurance tests carried out in the Sahara were passed successfully.

Still simple and reliable and easy to change should you ever get a puncture. The Single Point Inflation System minimises your setup time and gets you on the water quicker.

The FORCE generates a solid pull that is spread throughout carefully positioned reinforcements to the wingtips and down the lines to your bar, optimising strength and weight. The much-copied Dacron cage retains a strong frame that means if you are unlucky enough to damage your canopy, the repair should be simple and cost effective.

At points susceptible to wear on the leading edge of the FORCE, we have introduced Kevlar scuff pads. This helps protect the leading edge of the kite from damage when it is left pumped up on the beach.

Product Features
New for 2013 we introduce to you the FORCE. Combined with the qualities of the ION but with a brand new shape, the FORCE flies like a true C-Kite but generates a performance similar to that of a hybrid. Its 4-strut design creates a more curved profile whilst its fully supportive bridle produces better perfor- mance, stability and control of the kite.

Outstanding design and build quality have always been at the centre of Flexi- foil’s core values. Our customers can be assured that a Flexifoil kite will give them the best value along with a performance that is second-to-none, whether they change kites annually or prefer to keep them for the long haul.
The FORCE has been created from the ground up using the latest 3D CAD tech- nologies; a completely new series that has taken on manufacturing processes that have evolved over the last few years. This ensures capable and reliable production to guarantee quality you can trust.
A refined leading edge and strut design with improved canopy construction gives the FORCE a more fluid and curved leading edge providing the ultimate in performance. The FORCE will deliver more than just satisfaction to every level of rider.

The FORCE is the first Flexifoil high performance hybrid kite to use a 4-strut design. Not only have we reduced the amount of struts on the FORCE but we have also made these thinner making the kite lighter & faster.

Designing the FORCE required the correct balance between stability, upwind ability and weight of kite. For the FORCE we were able to reduce the size of the leading edge to give it greater speed and to offer a more efficient turning experience.

An important part of kite design is producing a kite that is as close to the original 3D model as possible. Taking a 3D design and translating it into patterns cut by CNC fabric cutters, printed and then assembled by skilled seamstresses takes expertise, which only comes with experience (something we have plenty of!)
The material used to construct the batten is extremely tough and flexible. Combined with Dacron® they eliminate resonant frequency vibrations that can occur as the trailing edge changes shape during a driving turn, avoiding any unnecessary drag or turbulence.

Another addition for 2013 is the FORCE UL 13.5, which offers a completely different profile to the rest of the range whilst still incorporating the key performance characteristics. With a higher Aspect Ratio, thinner profile, and a revised planform unique to this design, the 13.5 has greater relaunch capabilities, speed, and response in lighter winds.

A distinctive feature on the smaller FORCE kites, the 7m & 9m, is a single connection point on the leading edge. The optimum position has been tested thoroughly so the rider benefits from maximum performance, wind range and stability from the kite.

A fully supportive bridle system creates better stability and control of the kite through its entire wind range and angle of attack. Each size has a unique bridle system that has been customised to suit that particular size.

Similar to the HADLOW ID, the FORCE uses Slash Cut technology on its wingtips. The heavily tapered wingtips distribute the load across the entire tube, allowing for a thinner tip and creating sharper, faster turns as well as helping with a quick relaunch.

Each size has its own unique profile. The kites aren’t just scaled up; each size has been designed individually. This gives every kite the ultimate performance in their given wind range.

Hadlow Pro Prototype 2013

PKRA Fuerteventura Super Final men Video!

The final and super final between world leaders Youri Zoon and Alex Pastor!! Check out the amazing battles between the best two riders in the world in Fuerteventura! Alex Pastor took the championship title. Now Alex & Youri are tied for the top world ranking!

Aug 3, 2012

Cabrinha 2013 Presentations videos

2013 Ideas & Innovations
Sometimes the littlest ideas can manifest into the biggest innovations. At Cabrinha we are all about little ideas and big innovations. Our product range has evolved year after year into a model of minimalist design. The innovations are so cleverly concealed inside ergonomic forms that you’d have to look closely to identify the numerous features that are seamlessly baked in.

Take our 2013 QuickLink Control system for example. We have taken the industry’s leading control system and improved it yet again. We’ve done this without adding anything to the exterior. In fact we have even taken something away. The connection of the QuickLink is now much easier to reconnect thanks to a simple little innovation literally etched into the system.

We carry that minimalist philosophy right through our kite design process to deliver a Skeletal Frame construction that strategically places different weight materials into their optimum locations. This delivers a balanced, light weight and highly durable kite.

The Skeletal Frame technology is used in all of our kites including the all-new Chaos competition freestyle kite. The Chaos is a bridled C Kite designed for the core freestyle competitor with the sole intent of getting themselves on the podium.

Our entire range of twin tips has seen an ‘across the board’ upgrade in shapes and construction. We’ve built upon our foundation of solid rides and have added durable bases and rails to the mix.

The Surf range has been widened to provide more freedom of choice. Each and every surfboard design now comes in either our super durable Eco Cork + Bamboo sandwich construction or our light weight Signature series which is a pro level PU construction without footstraps.

At Cabrinha we strive to put the absolute best products in the hands of the rider no matter what their level is. From the touring pro to the first time rider, each Cabrinha customer gets our commitment that the product they are riding is made from the highest quality materials and construction techniques in the industry.

We are purveyors of innovation and inspiration. Our products are designed to deliver an experience as much as they are designed for a specific use.

Thanks for being part of the Cabrinha family. We'll see you on the water.
Pete Cabrinha

Kite Technology 2013

Siren Collection

Inspired by Susi Mai. The Siren Series is the sweet option designed specifically for women.


The Chaos is Cabrinha's all new competition freestyle kite. It won't mow your lawn or leave you dangling. But if you are looking to get on the podium then this is your kite.

QuickLink bar 2013

Meer info:

PKRA Freestyle Grand Slam Fuerteventura 2012

Incredible Wins in Fuerteventura
The fourth day at the Fuerteventura World Cup offered up a myriad of exciting heats and nail-biting action as the top competitors of this competition so far battled it out on the water for the ultimate title of world champion. With lighter wind, measuring 22-30 knots at the start of the day, the location provided different challenges for riders who had been battling with huge gusts and strong winds in the days prior.
Beginning with the women’s heat featuring Gisela Pulido (ESP) and Annabel Van Westerop (ARU), Pulido pulled out a nice Blind Judge 3 right away, scoring 5.17. Racking up the points quickly, Pulido obviously had her head in the game, eventually beating out Van Westerop, who did manage to throw a nice Blind Judge 3, among other tricks.
Next up came the match-up between the two strong competitors, Kevin Langeree (NED) and Marc Jacobs (NZ). Kevin started off with an advantage, scoring a 7.02 S3, while Jacobs pulled in some high scores as well with a 7.77 Late Back Mobe. From then on, it was a battle of the biggest, as each rider went huge and fast. Langeree pulled in high scores for his Front Mobe and Back Mobe, but eventually lost out to the slightly higher scores that Jacobs was able to achieve at the end of the heat, such as from his Slim and Front Mobe. With only a few heats left, the men and women continued to exchange turns back and forth, allowing the winner of each previous heat to take a quick break before the next on-water battle.
The wind dropped considerably in the next heat between Pulido and her adversary from the singles, Wiktoria Rosinka (POL), which Pulido won. Jacobs then went head to head with Alberto Rondina (ITA) in Rondina’s first heat of the day. In lighter, yet suitable wind, both riders put up their 9-meters in 20 to 27 knot winds. From the start, this was a very close heat. Jacobs put the highest scores on the board first with a Late Back Mobe and Blind Judge 3, while Rondina came into his high scores at the end with a 6.0 Back Mobe and 5.80 Shifty 5. In the end, Rondina simply executed more tricks with better scoring, which lead to his advancement in this heat.
The familiar female adversaries, Bruna Kajiya and Gisela Pulido also competed in an intense heat. Kajiya however, seemed to go into her tricks a bit faster and with more power, and eventually executed more tricks then Pulido with a KGB, 313, and Blind Judge 3. In the following heat, Bruna continued to advance against Asia Litwin (POL). Many could tell that Kajiya was giving it her all, and her riding certainly reflected her determination and focus as she kept her kite low throughout her tricks and rode very powered. Rondina, on the other hand, did not continue once he was matched up with Pastor. In fact, Pastor put together one of his most solid heats so far, which included a 7.33 Slim. His early lead turned into a sizeable point spread by the end to take the win and continue on against Youri Zoon (NED).
In time, the women’s final commenced with a concentrated Karolina Winkowska (POL) and the already warmed up Kajiya. Both competitors rode extremely well, and this turned out to be the highest scoring women’s heat of the entire event. Bruna opened up with a solid S1, while Karolina also hit a nice S1 (switch) and Blind Judge 3. Karolina in particular seemed to excel in the conditions at hand, and eventually, this won her the heat and the championship title. She proved consistent, strong, and powerful in her riding, putting forth her best moves with amazing execution. For her, this was her very first, first place podium win, and very much deserved considering her amazing heats throughout the event. In accepting her awards and congratulations, Winkowska revealed, “I fought with all my mind and strength to win this heat. Fuerteventura is such a great place, always with blue water and lots of wind, so I am really so happy to have won this event.”
Finally, in the most anticipated heats of the day, Youri Zoon and Alex Pastor fought for the first place title with everything they had. Pastor, having just finished one of the best heats so far was likely amped with adrenaline, yet the single elimination winner, Zoon, needed only to win the first final to win the championship. In this first final, Pastor threw down the biggest score of the entire competition, with a Slim 7, which scored a huge 8.57. And while Youri answered back with many amazing tricks, such as a powered 313, Alex kept his kite low and appeared more comfortable riding in the conditions at hand. Thus, Pastor won this final with the highest score of the day (48.1), prompting the super final where the winner would take all.
This last heat was incredibly close and lacked absolutely nothing in amazement or incredulity. Massive tricks were thrown one after the other from each competitor, and it became quite clear that neither rider was ready to give up any time soon. Alex’s best trick proved to be a Double S1, while Youri’s highest score came from a Late Back Mobe. In the final moments, Pastor edged into the lead and stayed there until the ending horn sounded. Speaking later of his win, Pastor gushed excitement, saying “I didn’t expect to beat Youri the second time around, but he is a great competitor and I had to just try my hardest. This is my first time winning in Fuerteventura and I am really happy. I can’t describe how good I feel.”
The two winners and the second and third podium placers ended their day on stage inside the giant event tent with huge applause and big congratulations. Looking elated over their wins and also relieved to have finished competing in such challenging conditions, the competitors recognized once again the amazing event that has brought them all to this place, year after year – never failing to provide a great time.

Kite Nomads in Thailand

Sam Medysky and David Drinkwater, Best Kiteboarding Team Riders, visit Thailand.

Aug 2, 2012

Rebel 2013 in Video

Watch the brand new Rebel 2013 product clip. Get an insight view into the development by kitedesigner Ken Winner and check out the new features of our latest “High Performance Freeride Wave” kite. See Sky, Patri and Ken in action…

Naish Kiteboarding TV: Welcomes you to 2013

Take a look at the episode 8 of Naish Kiteboarding TV. Naish welcomes you to 2013.