Oct 11, 2012

Corsica Kitesurf Paradise

This film was entirely filmed in Corsica where you can expect to find a little bit of everything just like Charlotte Consorti and Bruno Dubosq found out. There are waves, flat water, lagoons and open sea. Corsica is home to some amazing kitesurfing spots.
Try out Porto Pollo, one hour from Ajaccio, with its narrow but long beach and good steady winds. The dominant wind is Ponente reaching 25 knots but you can also expect a south-west and north-west wind.
You can try Maccinaggio with its perfect sideshore south-east wind. There’s Barcaggio or the magnificent Saleccia with waves when the Mistral blows! If you are looking for waves try Diunkidou. In Portiglioli winds from the west can create really big ones. If they’re too big you can always try kiting on the river. There are too many perfect kite sports in Corsica to mention them all, you should go on a road trip to try them all!