Oct 18, 2012

How To Do: Jesus Walk

jesus walk
..is a technically difficult and spectacular trick. It will take while to learn it, but it is worth it!
The best time to do it is, when you are a little overpowered.
1. Get comfortable speed. Kite at one o'clock, back hand close to the middle of the bar, bend your knees and get raedy to pop the board.
2. Pop the board and immediately drag it, while leading kite towards twelve o'clock to get lift.
3. It is important that you don´t try to jump high, but kind of hang in your lines. Try to get just so high, that your feet are able to touch water.
4. Keep the kite moving over twelve. That will provide you with enough lift, to hang/swing over the water. Meanwhile, simulate running/walking to create the illusion of walking on the water.
5. When you feel you are losing lift, kite being on the opposite side of wind window, it´s time to land. Because you are being low above water, pull your legs up, to be able to get the board under your feet.
6. Try to land on board pointing a lot down wind. Looping kite in end of the trick will help you to get some extra power to be able to finish and ride away of the trick.
So good luck practicing