Nov 5, 2012

How To Do: Indy Grab Backroll Strapless

1-When you find that nice wave or chop that you going tp use as a ramp, go a little bit down wind to get some speed, especially in light wind. At this point, you can hold the bar with two hands.
2-Just before the jump bend your knees. When you are going across the wave, wedge really hard with your heel side rail and try to go the more vertical as you can. That will help you to keep the board to your feet.
3-Start the rotation : at the same time (really important), send your kite up to 12 and face the board against the wind. Once you take off you have to let go off your back hand really fast to grab the rail.
4-Use your back foot to kick the tail a bit and bring the board with you that will help you in the rotation. Don't miss the grab ! Look over your front shoulder and start to bring the kite back down. Keep your feet on the board and hold on strong the rail : the wind will try to blow the board away from you... a bit off wax on the rail is helpful.
5-Make sure you are still on the deck of the board before you land. Don't let the board be in front of you that is dangerous ! Land with the tail first to absorb the impact, bending your knees.

Keys :

1 Wedge hard before the take off and go vertical.

2 Grab strong in the rail.

3 Be careful when you landing.

Watch the full sequence :