Dec 27, 2012

Portugal Euro Tour Met Patrick Rebstock

Just in time for the holidays the LivingTheDream crew bring you some action from across the pond.

Portugal marks the first stop for the LivingTheDream Euro Tour and Quiksilver surfer Patrick Rebstock.
When it comes to roadtrips this one takes the cake with over 10,000 kilometers driven, 13 countries visited, a few injuries, and endless good times.
The search for waves begins in Portugal after a stunning drive from Austria. Starting in the Alps in a air cooled Porche Turbo with our friends Hannes and Martin we raced along the gorgeous mountains ending where land meets the Atlantic in a beach truck generously provided by With James Ropner and Alli Pareti as companions Patrick Rebstock explores the beautiful coastline of Portugal.
Life on the road proves to be full of adventure for these three as they cross the European landscape.
The LTD Crew was lucky to meet up with Ricardo Mia, a local Portuguese surfer that showed them the best conditions and spots on the west coast. It was people like Ricardo and the rest of the awesome friends we made that made this trip so special. Thanks Ricardo we wouldn't have caught half as many waves or had nearly as much fun if it wasn't for you.
The Portugal stop is just the first of many and the LivingTheDream Crew will defiantly be back across the pond for some more action in the future.
Thanks for watching happy holidays and stay tuned for Scotland the next LivingTheDream Tour stop. (a wee bit colder)