Dec 23, 2012

Save Ponta Preta

The uniqe world class spot of Ponta Preta is facing threat of destruction by hotels who want to build breakwater for their guest to swim. We need to act fast, and get as much support against this absurd plan.
Ponta preta - Cabo VerdeTo sign the petition follow the link:www.thepetitionsite.comThe goal is to reach 2000 signatures as fast as we can and then more.The Resort Group plans to build a breakwater on Algodoeiro (the west coast of Sal, Cabo Verde), the purpose of which is to improve swimming for tourists at their three hotels. Algodoeiro has a layer of rocks that are uncovered at low tide meaning that once or twice a day, to be able to swim there tourists must walk across the rocks.

The impacts include:
1. An impact on the wave action that may disrupt surfing, windsurfing & kitesurfing in the world famous beach of Ponta Preta.
2. The impact on endangered and protected loggerhead turtles Caretta caretta including disruption of the beach during the nesting season (noise, lights & obstructions) and the walls preventing them exiting the sea to lay their nests.
3. This zone is part of Cape Verde’s network of Protected Areas (PCSAPCV) and this kind of project is not permitted under the management plan.