Jan 31, 2013

Welcome To Gonzalo Alcazar’s World

During the past years, Kiteyes TV & Gonzalo Alcazar had spent lot of time recording for training purposes. This here is the making of the 2012 kiteboarding freestyle Spanish Champion.
Gonzalo is still a junior but invaluable help of Jo Ciastola, Jorge Spinosa, Alvaro Onieva and Javier Ippólito, he was able to win the main Title. Nowadays Gonzalo is studying and training in Tarifa preparing himself to become an elite athlete.


French rider, Herve Boure shredding his home spot on HB-surfkite!

How To Do: Tack a strapless kitesurf board

Russell Farrington, U.K. rider gives tips to tack on a surfboard.

Jan 30, 2013


A new booking site for kite holidays has been released, Kitecampcentral.com. The intention is to offer a service where you easily can find, compare and book stays at different kitecamps around the world, says one of the founders, Hugo. We found it quite hard to get a good overview when we tried to book a kitesurfing holiday ourselves and decided to do something about it.

We have also seen an increasing interest among people to learn to kitesurf and as we see it, the best and most fun way to learn is to go away for a week where you get everything you need and also get the chance to hang out with other people kitesurfing on a nice, windy spot. Kitecampcentral.com offer trips for both beginners and advanced kitesurfers. Egypt, Portugal, Spain, Kenya and South Africa are some of the locations where kitecamps are offered.

Visit the site at: http://www.kitecampcentral.com

Drifting North Shore

With strong ties to the island of Oahu Pete Cabrinha, Twig Baker, Keahi de Aboitiz and Reo Stevens kick it up a notch with some great kitsufing at the birth place of surfing. Sit back and enjoy this extended edit of the boys kicking it on Oahu’s North Shore.

Jan 29, 2013


Thodd Scholte spent recently one month in Brazil as you can probably imagine it was a really awesome experience. Who doesn’t love Brazil after all?

2013 PKRA Schedule update

The 2013 PKRA season will be one of the most exciting in recent years. With over thirteen stops and three disciplines being represented; freestyle, wave and slalom there will be no shortage of action on the PKRA.
The 2012 season finished with an amazing title run for the men and the women. First it was Karolina Winkowska, who upset the two world champions Bruna Kajiya and Gisela Pulido, by claiming her first world title in New Caledonia and then the incredible battle between Youri Zoon and Alex Pastor coming down to the last heat of the season to determine who will be champion. With all these riders returning in 2013 to battle for the world title and many challengers like Mark Jacobs, Alberto Rondina and up and comers like Liam Whaley, Patrick Blanc and Paul Serin, the quest for the 2013 PKRA world freestyle title is bound to be exciting.
2013 PKRA schedule
The 2013 season will be marked by the new discipline of slalom and the return of wave events to the PKRA. The Morocco wave event will be open to all riders, giving the waves riders from all over the world a chance to show off their skills with the kiting world watching. The PKRA will also be holding many slalom events in 2013, this new high-speed slalom format will be very exciting to follow. All the action will be close to the beach, the riders will be close together and the action will be nonstop. The great thing about slalom is that it does not require the strict gear format of the racing and will be much more accessible to everyone.
2013 PKRA schedule
The 2013 season will start off in Morocco, the lagoon and waves of Dakhla will be the perfect location for riders to gauge their progress in the off-season and surf a perfect point break. This event will show the world who the best freestylers and waves riders are at the beginning of 2013. The second stop of the season will be in windy Leucate for the Mondial du Vent. The strong winds of the Tramontane always provide a challenge for the riders and being in the south of France the competition always attracts all the top European riders. The third event will be the new Slalom Mini Kiteboard World Cup in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; this event will be a great format to draw all the North American and South American talent of the racing world. The Fourth stop will be in Turkey for the Burn kite surfing World Cup, the focus of the event will be on the slalom discipline with a freestyle exhibition. The fifth destination will be the new destination of Sicily; the town of Marsala will host an event for the first time since the 2007 World Cup. The strong thermals, flat water and local scene will make this event one of the highlights of the year. Since the PKRA came 6 years ago, the lagoons of Marsala have become a top Italian destination, and will soon be as world famous as the Marsala wine.
2013 PKRA schedule
The summer months will bring back our two staple events; the first one being the Beetles World Cup in Germany and the second the Fuerteventura Grand Slam. The PKRA Germany always has the biggest rider turnout with over a 100 riders registered at the spectacular 9 day event and village on the beach that brings thousands of spectators. Fuerteventura’s strong wind at the midpoint of the season is a good testing ground for the riders. By the end of July we know which riders are contenders for the PKRA world title. The last events of the summer will be in Essaouira, Morocco with its strong side shore wind and waves and historical town and the new event in Egypt on the Red Sea. The Clearwater and perfect wind will make this event a perfect wrap up the summer before moving to the Asian and South Pacific events.
The final events of the season have not been confirmed yet but will be set up in the coming months. We are looking at the return of the Chinese event on the on the island of Hainai on the South China Sea , the perfect conditions of New Caledonia and new events in Australia and South Africa.
We are just two months away from our first event; all the riders are still training and getting ready for the new season. The new and old locations will once again provide the best terrain to crown a freestyle world champion, and show off some amazing wave riding and great slalom racing. Please visit www.prokitetour.com and our Facebook page for the latest updates, news, photos, videos, articles and interviews.

Jan 28, 2013

Heinz Toth in Barra Nova

Old school rider Heinz Toth riding in Barra Nova. If we manage to kite up until Heinz age we have a pretty long career in front of us. The video was shot by and edited by Marc Toth.!

Jan 25, 2013

Mystic 2Face Wave Harness

The 2Face wave harness is co-designed by the Mystic team riders. It is the first harness in the kite market that is a 100% dedicated to wave riding. It is called the '2Face' for its asymmetrical design that has been developed for two types of riders; the 'regular' wave rider and the 'goofy' wave rider. Turn it around a 180 degrees and your 'regular' wave riding harness will be an identical 'goofy' wave riding harness. A lefthander or a righthander, the harness will provide ultimate freedom when taking them. Our new vision on wave riding!

Liam Whaley’s in Tarifa

A small edit from Liam Whaley’s session in Tarifa!


Erik Volpe is a young rider from Corato, Puglia bregion in Italy. Have a look at his latest video picturing him kiteboarding with his new RPM. Nice video and solid kiteboarding skills. Enjoy!

Jan 24, 2013

PKRA 2013 Tour Schedule

Not many surprises in the schedule. Australia is back on the tour again but now on the other side of the continent. Egypt and Italy have been added. Sadly the home of the best kiteboarders in the world, the Netherlands isn't on the tour this year.
Looks like the end of the tour is the gonna be the hardest part, 5 stops in 1 1/2 month.


Marocco - Dakhla / 19 march - 24 march

France - Leucate (Mondial du Vent) / 20 april - 25 april
Italy - Sicilly/Marsala / 25 june - 30 june
Germany - St Peter Ording / 12 july - 21 july
Spain - Fuerteventura / 30 july - 3 august
Egypt - El Gouna / 30 october - 3 november
China - Haikou / 12 november - 17 november
New Caledonie - Noumeau / 20 - 24 november
Australia - Perth / 27 november - 1 december
South-Africa - Capetown/Big Bay / 10 december - 15 december


Marocco - Dakhla / 19 march - 24 march

South-Africa - Capetown/Big Bay / 10 december - 15 december


Turkey - Burc Beach / 19 june - 23 june

Germany - St Peter Ording / 12 july - 21 july
China - Haikou / 12 november - 17 november
Australia - Perth / 27 november - 1 december

For more info check www.prokitetour.com

How To Do: Front Blind Mobe by Alex Pastor

The vice world champion Alex Pastor got together with Toby Bromwich, official PKRA photographer to make a little trick video series, shot in Tarifa. 

Short Perth edit

If you’re planning to visit Australia you should know that Perth is one of the best places to kitesurf. Check out Ewan Jaspan doing his thing in Perth.

Sunset Session in Grado

This is Massimiliano Suppan enjoying his November sessions at the lagoon of Grado in Italy. Check out the best way to heat up those cold, autumn and winter days. Just a few powerful moves and you are all warmed up! Watch it and enjoy!

Jan 22, 2013

KTE 2012 season WrapUp

Watch the highlights of the 2012 KTE season.

Jan 21, 2013

How To Do: G-Spot by Alby

Alberto Rondina is back with more tricks and tips to help us progress. Today he works on something mysterious, almost mythical... the G-spot. Wait... Oh, ok, there's a trick named that way: backroll toeside with a backside wrap handle pass. Doesn't it sound simple?

North Neo 2013 : Product Clip with Airton Cozzolino

North just released their latest Neo, the ultimate weapon for everyone who like to play in the waves. Airton Cozzolino is in charge of introducing us to the kite and it is perfect that way: the Wave World Champion  knows exactly what he needs to destroy some lips and apparently, the new toy fills the needs!

Jan 18, 2013

Andre’s new uke

This short video features Andre Phillip and was shot for the ‘Earth in a day’ project on 12-12-12.

Color Your Life

Load it in HD, plug it in some surround speakers if you have, sit back and emerge your self in this colourful experience.
Ride Clash brings to you this front row accelerating experience emerging from the beauties of the art of kiteboarding.
Enjoy the ride.

Jan 17, 2013

Marcelo Cunha in south Brazil

Marcelo Cunha in a sweet video riding strapless in Santa Catarina - Praia Brava - South Brazil filmed with a Gopro Hero 3.

2 minutes in Barbados by Brando Pacitto

Brando & Pietro Pacitto kitesurfing in a secret spot in barbados.


Surfboard/kiteboard baggage fee comparison

After you choose the best airline, your next worry is whether your boards arrive in one piece. 
Every overseas surf trip usually starts and ends with gripes about surfboard baggage fees. We complain that it’s unfair and outrageous (because it is), but let’s face it, prices are only going up from here, so it’s time we do a little research before we go. Here we’ve provided you with a comprehensive breakdown of fees, so the next time you get slapped with a $400 one-way fee, the only person to blame is yourself. *Be sure to note which airlines charge PER BAG and which charge PER BOARD. (Fees are accurate as of 1/17/13)
Aeromexico$0$0$76/bagMax length: 9′
Air Canada$0-$25$35-$100$50/boardWILL NOT accept bags over 6’6″
Air France$0$75-100$55-150**Depending on destination
Air New Zealand$0$150$0**Free if only checked bag, otherwise $150/bag
Air Pacific$0$0$50/bagMax length: 9’6”
Air Tahiti Nui$0$75$0*If under 6’6″. If over, $150/bag.
American (US or PR)$25$35$150/bagMax weight: 70 lbs.
American (to/from Mexico)$0$40$150/bagMax weight: 70 lbs.
American (to/from Europe)$0$60$150/bagMax weight: 70 lbs.
Alaska Airlines$20$20$50/bag up to 6’6″, $75/bag 6’7″+Max length: 9’6″
British Airways$0$0$0**WILL NOT carry boards over 6’3″
China Airlines$0$0$150/board for under 9′, $225/board for 9′+*Varies slightly by destination
Continental (US, PR, Canada)$25$35$100/bag**$200 if over 70 lbs.; Max length: 9’6″
Continental (International)$0$40$200/bag**$400 if over 70 lbs.; Max length: 9’6″
COPA$0$0$75/bag**Two boards max per bag
Delta Airlines (within US and Canada)$25$35$150/bag**2 boards per bag max; Max size: 9’6″ and 70 lbs.
Delta (to/from Caribbean)$25$40$150/bag**2 boards per bag max; Max size: 9’6″ and 70 lbs.
Delta (to/from Europe, S. and Central America)$040-$100$150/bag**2 boards per bag max; Max size: 9’6″ and 70 lbs.
Delta (to/from Brazil)$0$0$100/bag**2 boards per bag max; Max size: 9’6″ and 70 lbs.
Hawaiian (interisland)$17$17$25/bag*Two boards max. per bag
Hawaiian (to/from North America)$25$35$100/bag**Two boards max. per bag
Hawaiian (International)$0$0$100/bag**Two boards max. per bag
Korean Air$0$0$200/bag(None)
LAN$0$0$0**$50 if exceeds 50 lbs.
Qantas$0$0$0**If included in baggage allowance. Cannot exceed 9′
South African Airways$0$0$0**WILL NOT carry boards over 6’6″
TACA$0$0$125/bag**Three boards max. per bag.
United Airlines (Domestic)$25$35$100/bagMax length: 9’6″
United (to/from Europe)$0$100$200/bagMax length: 9’6″
United (to/from Mexico)$0$40$200/bagMax length: 9’6″
United (to/from other international destinations)$0$0$200/bagMax length: 9’6″
US Airways (Americas)$25$35$200/board(None)
US Airways (Transatlantic)$0$100$200/board(None)
Virgin America$25$25$50/board*Additional charge if more than 50 lbs.
Virgin America (Domestic)$25$25$50/board*Additional charge if more than 50 lbs.
Virgin Atlantic (International)$0$60$0**If included in baggage allowance.
Virgin Australia$0$0$0**If included in baggage allowance.

Jan 15, 2013

Slingshot 2013 RPM Story

It's official, the 2013 RPM video is now live!

We all know how good the RPM is but now hear from the creator himself about some of the RPM history and what makes this kite the best kite in the market! So sit back, relax and enjoy! 


Youri Zoon, Gisela Pulido and Sam Medysky riding in Brazil fall 2012.

Moments to Share

10 weeks of kiting and laughing were more than enough to make this short video. Watch Kelly Schouten, Nanette van der Snoek and Annelous Lammerts shedding in Brazil.

Jan 14, 2013

Don´t touch my Vegas

Recovered from a shoulder injury, Cesar Portas flew to Brazil to train. Watch this short video of him riding in Northeast Brazil.

Alex Pastor training in Tarifa

"Sick days in Tarifa, here's a recent backmobe 5" From A.P. Fb page

TDZ – Puerto Rico

TDZ – Puerto Rico
TDZ bring us another great video. 

This one features some surfing and kitesurfing action in the beautiful waves of Puerto Rico.

Jan 12, 2013

Hot Chicks & Cool Tricks

Yet another edit picturing some of the best Kiteboarding Spots in Brazil. No doubt Brazil is a kitesurfing mecca. Some wakestyle action from the Nobile teamrider Carlos Madson and the Austrian Liquid Force Teamrider Rainer Jaeger plus a bonus shots of Flavio Nunes surfing and some typical Brazilian sights.

Jan 10, 2013

Juan Pablo Strapless riding

Juan Pablo Diban ripping Mauritius-Ireland-Chile-Portugal  during 2012 season. Nice video!

Jan 9, 2013

Hydroflex Introduces Carbon Surfboards

If surfing were Bruce Wayne’s thing, this would be his board…

Through continued research and development, Hydroflex is proud to announce that we will do full carbon surfboards starting in Feb 2013.

They are 100% customizable, and can be built in any model from Lost, Roberts, Surf Prescriptions, Bradley or Bufo. The Carbon 3D board will be $1500.00.

Read more HERE

Ruben Lenten Storm Chasing in Ireland and Holland

lentenRed Bull athlete Ruben Lenten is an extreme kiteboarder, always searching for the biggest storms around the world.

After a disappointing trip to Ireland, Ruben heads back to the Netherlands where one of the year’s fiercest storms is about to hit the coast.

Jan 8, 2013

Keahi De Aboitiz & Moona Whyte @ Ho'okipa

Keahi De Aboitiz

Moona Whyte

Reo Stevens :
Coming out of no where, Oahu resident Moona Whyte came all the way from the trials as a wild card entrance into the Ho'okipa Kitesurf Pro on Maui to take the win and shock the world with her smooth style.
Not to mention, Keahi De Aboitiz coming in from the 5th place position, and having everything he needed to happen to win the contest, but also the 2012 KSP World Title..
Congratulations to you both! You killed it!
Filmed and Edited by: Reo Stevens

Jan 7, 2013

Karolina Winkowska 2012 PKRA World Champion

A small tribute to Karolina Winkowska, the 2012 PKRA World Champion.

Rotem Sivan On Xenon Boards

Rotem Sivan 25-year old rider who lives in Tel Aviv, currently holds the title of a 2012 Israeli champion in freestyle. He rocks both in straps and in boots but surely enjoys cable wake as well. All the freestyle youngsters around look up to him as he is already a local legend in freestyle with a lot of radical, super-powered moves.
Welcome to the Xenon boards team Rotem!


Jan 6, 2013

Strapless in Norway

Cato Olsen, Wainman Rabbit Gang in Norway, send us this little vid from cold to wish an happy new year :
"Happy New Year everybody!!
Ok, we start off the New Year with a little wrap up video of the fall season here in Norway. I`ve been shooting some action with the GoPro2, and have put together a little edit with a lot of airs, 360, grabs and more. Strapless airs is a really good way to increase your board control and feel, and it’s just so much fun! Hope you like it."
 Cato Olsen