Feb 28, 2013

Camp with Youri Zoon & Lewis Crathern in Cape Town

Watch the promotional video of the upcoming kite camps that will be held in Cape Town with Youri Zoon & Lewis Crathern.

Matchu @ Home

Matchu Almeida spent the last months trainin for his second season at the KSP world tour. Watch how high the level will be on the upcoming season.

Feb 26, 2013


Craig Cunningham picked up some leftover footage from Brazil 2012 and made this short video.

Kanaha small wave session

Quick onboard strapless edit from Nate Volk’s session in Kanaha, Maui.

Feb 25, 2013

Knots & Lines

Ryland Blakeney and Marty Sneeuwjagt score an epic session in Tasmania.
Clear water, blue sky, insane backdrop, perfect sideoff winds, good waves and not a soul in sight… does it get any better?

Interview With Robert Graham, F-One's New Kite Designer

Robert Graham talks about his history as a sail, paraglider, and kite designer and talks about the design process.

How To Do: Fruit Loop

Tom Court shows us how to make a “Fruit loop” or “toeside front to wrapped/blind) unhooked with some different ways to do it.

Feb 23, 2013


Ian Alldredge and Patrick Rebstock in a powerful footage by  Tony Modugno, TDZ and LTD. Sick maneuvers : Patrick rebstock working on double frontside air reverse !

Feb 22, 2013

Andy Yates & Ozone C4 In New Caledonia

Andy Yates with the Ozone C4 in New Caledonia

"I'm currently in New Caledonia shooting with the new Zephyr before its upcoming worldwide release on March 1st.
Between sessions on the Zephyr, I've had some windy conditions awesome for shooting some clips on the new C4.

I am really liking the new C4. It's one of those things; you know the first moment you fly something if it's a winner. For me it was the first launch on the C4, and I knew right then and there that this kite is going to deliver. And from there it just got better and better, further exceeding my expectations.
It took virtually no time at all to get accustomed to the kite. This is unheard of in a kite. Everything is very intuitive and it's a real testament to the work Ozone does behind the scenes tuning and always developing their kites for the better.

It has unparalleled performance both hooked in and unhooked, as well as an extremely solid feel. I don't have to worry about the kite for I know where it is all the time; a very direct feel. On a side note, did I mention the Ozone kites look freaking amazing!?!? Visually appealing is an understatement; they look insanely good!
Looking forward to seeing where my riding progresses throughout the year. I've only been on the C4 for a few months and already it feels like I've been on it for years. I can't wait to see where the C4 can take me.

Feb 21, 2013

How to film yourself: Move'n see vs Soloshot

Everyone will recognize his/her photographer ... In your dreams ! We all have this problem...find someone to satisfy our narcissistic needs to be caught on video.
Here are 2 devices to film yourself automatically : Move'n see and Soloshot


Move'N'see Description.
 Tracker is supplied with neither a tripod nor a camcorder. It is possible to order these additional items on this website : movensee.com .The Beeper is the special armband worn by the athlete to be filmed.
Content of the Tracker & Beeper pack:
A Tracker with its standard fitting interface for a tripod (3/8’’ UNC thread) and a standard screw (1/4’’ UNC thread) on which to attach a video camcorder.
  1. A Beeper paired with a Tracker, along with its armband
  2. A battery for the Tracker, and its charger
  3. A battery for the Beeper, and its charger
  4. A cable to connect the Tracker and the video camcorder. This cable is vital for the following commands: automatic zoom, start and stop recording controlled by the Beeper, and turning the camcorderon and off as controlled by the Beeper.
Compatible camcorders: SONY PJ260VE, CX740VE, CX250E. On demand: AX-2000E
Automating framing outdoors. PAN and ZOOM; The TILT must be set manually by the user before filming. Anti-theft system with bike lock attach point, keys to protect vital functions (but no alarm system) Portable Thanks to the functions controlled remotely by the Beeper:
  1. Start and stop the recording when you like
  2. Choose between normal and wide zoom.
  3. Monitor system data: state of the camera, batteries.

Here's a little clip with the Move'nsee device.

Some specs of Soloshot (U.S. development).

Soloshot Base
  1. Rugged engineering grade ABS polymer enclosure
  2. Security feature allows for locking camera to SOLOSHOT
  3. Freely spins 360 degrees continuously (Tilt manually set at start up)
  4. Internal rechargeable battery
  5. 5+ hour battery life
  6. Standard camera mount screw (1/4")
  7. Works with most cameras, from camcorders to SLRs
  8. Super bright LED can be seen from the water so you know SOLOSHOT is still pointing at you (only visible in a narrow band)

  1. Up to 2000 foot range
  2. Extremely durable
  3. Extremely waterproof in both saltwater and freshwater (No cases to open or close. No battery to take out and charge. Just legit waterproofing you would expect from electronics designed for the ocean)
  4. Waveproof
  5. Internal rechargeable battery
  6. 5+ hour battery life

  1. Comfortable
  2. Fits most arm sizes
  3. Elastic
  4. Made of non-corrosive nylon

  1. 5 feet tall at full extension
  2. 3 collapsable legs
  3. Collapses down to 2ft
  4. Wide stance option for windy days
  5. SOLOSHOT comes attached but can be removed with special tools if you want to use your own tripod. Please note SOLOSHOT works best with the tripod provided or a similarly sturdy professional tripod with no other pan/tilt head attached. We suggest using SOLOSHOT with the tripod provided.

  1. Fits US outlets
  2. Works with international outlets up to 240V with standard adaptor (adaptor not included)
9V 1.5A
Marc Moore of windydream give us some details about soloshot system :

Perfomance appraisal.
Imagine that you are surfing for more than hour in a shifting line up due to tide, you'll be happy to be well centered on your movie.
Move'nsee has a big advantage on the Soloshot system, because of his ability to rotate vertically, the Tilt that must be set manually before filming on the "classic" model. The "high class" has an automatic TILT, an alarm system, and automatic correction of tripod horizontality misalignments to save time and gain precision.
Nevertheless, if  Soloshot is a less technical product, it can  fit with more cameras than the Move'nsee device and it's less expensive.
In conlusion, two nice toys that will help you to improve your skills with better debriefing because of 100% sessions shot. You should visithttp://www.movensee.com/ and http://soloshot.com/  to find exactly what kind of level of technology you need. Various options are proposed byMove'nsee.
[strapless kitesurfing]

Feb 19, 2013

Karmer // Luke McGillewie

Luke McGillewie having some fun in his home country, South Africa.

First inflatable strutless kite

Just picked up the new Boardriding Maui 13m Cloud kite. took it out for a first session this morning on lake Washington in the seattle area. flew it in marginal winds in the range of mid to upper teens according to the closest wind sensor readings for the time I was on the water. I used a 24 meter line length on a naish control bar with front line flagging system. board used was an oversized skate built by mth boards out of reno, nevada .

Feb 15, 2013

North Fuse 2013

The brand new Fuse is available up from now! Years ago the Fuse started as more or less a Rebel on 5 lines, today it´s an outstanding high performance free ride/wave kite, strictly developed on 4 lines and an intelligent bridle system.

Of course, for maximum security, it can be flown on 5 lines too! The low wind abilities and the
easy handling are easy accessible and convincing. Enjoy watching the Fuse clip and test it yourself soon!


Feb 14, 2013

F-One Trust tested by IKSURFMAG.

F-One have just launched a new freeride kite, the Trust! Aimed at the rider looking for a 100% freeride kite the Trust is the Bandit’s little brother. 

"We were lucky enough to be one of the first people to fly the Trust on a recent trip we went on with the F-One Team. The finished kites had been airfreighted in from the factory in China and we got to ride the 11m in a variety of conditions." Iksurfmag

Read the full test HERE

Feb 13, 2013

Ryland Blakeney and Marty Sneeuwjagt : Knots and Lines Part 1

Strapless session of the day: Ryland Blakeney and Marty Sneeuwjagt in South Australia.
Get ready for some lip smacking and bucket throwing, Ryland and Marty are on the water!


This video features Alex Pastor and Bruna Kajiya on every stop of the PKRA World Tour 2012.

Slowmo Snippers

Feb 8, 2013

Sam Light VS Youri Zoon

The short video shows Youri and Sam directly after each other, jumping off the same wave with a mega loop.The judges' criteria is 70% height of the jump and 30% extreme & technicality.

Feb 6, 2013

Airush launches new online store for North America

AR bannerAirush is proud to announce the launch of its online store for North American customers only. Now, you can check out all the details on Airush products and accessories and if you like what you see, you now have the  option to purchase right on the spot for the quickest service possible. See www.airush.com  for details.


Strapless kitewave action with MaurĂ­cio Pedreira around his home spots in Santa Catarina - Brazil . Nice waves ,good moves mixed  with the classic hip hop beat of the RUN DMC  - Hard Times (1983)

Jesse Richman conquered the Red Bull King of the Air 2013

The 2013 edition of the Red Bull King of the Air was a huge success. Cape Town is the place to be at this time of the year and Red Bull organized a massive event. Jesse Richman won the competition, Nick Jacobsen and Sam Light finish in 2nd and 3rd position. Congrats guys!
Jesse Richman conquered the Red Bull King of the Air 2013
Jesse Richman conquered the Red Bull King of the Air 2013
Final Results:
1. Jesse Richman (USA)
2. Nick Jacobsen (DEN)
3. Sam Light (GBR)
4. Youri Zoon (NED)
5. Andries Fourie (RSA)
5. Lewis Crathern (GBR)
7. Gianni Aragno (ESP)
7. Kevin Langeree (NED)

Feb 5, 2013

Extreme Kiteboarder Ruben Lenten signs with BEST Kiteboarding

As the  first weekend of the 2013 Redbull King Of The Air gets underway in South Africa BEST Kiteboarding is proud to announce the addition of extreme kiteboarder Ruben Lenten to our international team. Famous for throwing huge air, topped with mega loops guaranteed to set the heart of every spectator racing Ruben is acknowledged  as the master of extreme kiting.
CEO at BEST Sebastian Heitmann stated “BEST Kiteboarding is incredibly proud to make this next step for our sport. With Ruben Lenten we will push extreme kiteboarding to the next level and are happy to partner with such a great sports icon who we know will challenge our R&D team to new heights. LEN10 rides with us so stay tuned because the excitement is just about to start!”
We caught up with Ruben this morning before he hit the water and asked him to sum up what this new deal means for him and kiting in general. “All days are good, some are just better. Just like this one. I have found the right partner to push extreme kiteboarding to the next level. Stoked with my new partner in ‘crime’, Best Kiteboarding.
First of all I would like to thank Slingshot for all their support over the past 10 years. It’s been an absolute blast to ride and work with you guys. Thanks for all the experiences that I will never forget and also for helping me explore the limits of kiteboarding.
Now the time has come to move on and continue to follow my vision. My passion for kiteboarding is big, it’s my life and this partnership allows me to raise the bar of extreme kiteboarding even higher.
At the highest level of sports and in the strongest conditions there is a strong demand for high quality products. That’s why LEN10 likes to team up with companies that have a similar vision and want to put the time, effort and money into accomplishing it. Quality is essential to feel safe on the water and in the air. In order to push the limits of your body and sport you need to feel comfortable. This comfort comes from the performance of the kite and all other gear. In my opinion there are very few products that make riders feel comfortable enough to go as big as they would like. Not because  they can’t but simply because the products won’t let them. That’s a shame because I feel extreme kiteboarding is the discipline that keeps our sport hardcore and spectacular.
Best Kiteboarding and LEN10 will be working closely together to create the ‘best’ products for the rider that wants to ride hard with us!
I can’t wait to get started and will keep you updated on the progress and testing of our new products.”
You can stay up to date with the latest projects and developments around extreme kiteboarding supported  by MysticRedBull and BEST Kiteboarding by following Ruben online at len10.com.

Storm Zone

From January 20 to 30, one of the most devastating storms of the decade ravaged the North East coast of Australia, particularly South East Queensland. While this situation was a potential danger for everybody, Andy Yates decided to hit the water and have some fun.

Feb 2, 2013

NOTUS V 2013

Zeeko kites is developed in the South of France by Nicolas Caillou ( ex member of Bic Sports). The boss introduces the Notus 2013.

KSP Releases 2013 World Championship Tour Schedule

June 27 to July 6, 2013  —  Guincho, Cascais/Portugal
  • July 25 to August 2, 2013 — Jinamar, Gran Canaria/Spain
  • October 31 to November 9, 2013 — Shacks/Puerto Rico
  • November 22 to December 1, 2013 — Ho’okipa, Maui/USA
2013 KSP Qualification System Released
Berlin, Germany — February 2, 2013: Long awaited by riders and industry alike, a press releases announcing the application process and further details on the qualification system for the 2013 KSP world tour season was released by the IKA (International Kiteboarding Association) today.
As the governing body of kiteboarding that sanctions the KSP, the IKA continually strives to develop rules and regulations that help further the sport. At the IKA Annual General Meeting on January 20, the KSP qualification and application as well as future pathways for young and upcoming riders were discussed in detail and agreed on by all parties.
Following the release of the 2013 KSP World Championship Tour schedule the IKA published the following release earlier today:

International Kiteboarding Association, February 2, 2013: Striving to create lower level qualifying events on a national and continental level leading up to the KSP World Championship Tour in the future, this years KSP qualification system will be based on applications and include the IKA member national associations, national championship results (where existing) and the IKA wave world ranking once again.
Slots for the 24 riders male fleet are allocated as follows (for the womens fleet, 50 % of the quota each)
  • Top 10 ranked riders from the 2012 KSP ranking
  • 1 wild cards for KSP tour
  • 1 wild card for IKA
  • 2 local wild cards per event (as agreed on with the events Industry Sponsors)
Remaining slots will focus on globalization/the inclusion of more nations – this means except from the slots above, only riders from nations that are not yet represented are accepted. If there are more nations applying then slots are available, places are given in the order of regional strengths until all slots are filled (in the order South America, Europe, North America, Africa, Oceania, Asia, then from the beginning again). The IKA executive committee may deviate from the order of regions and nations in order to ensure highest quality of the selected riders, e.g. require a minimum of competition experience, results and/or performance to be expected.
If there are less nations applying then slots are available, then additional places are given to nations in the order of regional and nation strength.
If more than one rider applies from a nation eligible for a slot, then the national association nominates the rider. If no national association exists, then the IKA executive committee after consultation with the KSP will decide.
If any of the pre-allocated slots are not taken by the riders, these slots go to the pool for the nations.
If slots are not taken shortly before the event, they may be filled with local wild cards or, if possible, alternate riders from the waiting list on a first come-first serve basis.
All applications need to be made through the online application forms until March 1st to be considered.
Online application form for individual events and local wildcards:  http://kspworldtour.com/index.php/riders/2013-one-event-and-lwc-application.html

Feb 1, 2013

Colleen Carroll and Sensi Graves – Highlights video

What more could you ask for, two hot chicks who absolutely rip on the water too! North Kiteboarding’s Colleen Carroll and Liquid Force heroine Sensi Graves throw down the moves in, you’ve guessed it Brazil!